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Natasha Sweet: Big Juicy Breasts After Breakfast

Natasha Sweet: Big Juicy Breasts After Breakfast

Natasha Sweet and Michael Fly have finished their breakfast and coffee. Now they sit at the table in no rush to get up. They look at each other and silently contemplate what to have for dessert. Natasha’s great, big breasts are close to spilling out of her halter top and bra. She sits close to Michael and sensuously licks a lollypop, teasing him with her lips and tongue.

Michael takes the lollypop from Natasha and brings it to her mouth. She licks it erotically like it’s his dick. This sexy game gives them pleasure. He rubs the sticky lolly over her nipple and lifts it up for Natasha to taste. Natasha opens her top so her boobs can dangle. She wants her nipples sucked and licked.

Natasha opens Michael’s fly and takes his cock out for her to suck on and wedge between her enormous tits while he stands near the table. He feeds Miss Sweet his rock-hard dick and fucks her soft boobs. She holds her tits tightly together as he pumps her cleavage, her fingers sinking into her breast-flesh.

He turns Natasha around to face the table so he can take off her denim skirt and move her pink thong panties aside. She moves the dishes and cups to make room. This is where they’re going to fuck. Natasha leans over the table as Michael fucks her from behind with deep thrusts, hips grinding.

Next, Natasha lies back, her head over the edge of the table while Michael puts his balls in her mouth and fucks her tits in a reverse of the usual tit-fucking position. She licks and sucks his balls while she squeezes her fleshy boobs together to trap his dick. Michael helps his sexy partner get up and spin around so she can get on her back. Now she can face him and her pussy can be near the edge of the table. He can gaze at her beautiful face as they fuck. They want to continue their after-breakfast sex, this time with Natasha’s panties pulled off. Her massive breasts shake and jiggle as he plunges into her pussy and the room fills with her horny moaning.

Natasha Sweet is as sweet as they cum.

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Bikini Sex With Victoria Vale

Bikini Sex With Victoria Vale

Bikini wonder-woman Victoria Vale is waiting at poolside for Nicky Rebel to reach out and touch her huge tits. She wants them sucked, fondled and oiled. She wants his head buried between her legs, his tongue exploring her wet pussy. She wants to taste his dick and balls. She wants to ride his stiff pole. She wants his cum load.

The comments about Victoria Vale by SCORELAND members poured in after her first boy-girl scene with Brick Danger. “Victoria is fucking hot. I hope she models for a long time!” wrote “Boobhound.” Another member commented, “She is gorgeous, more of her, much more please.” Several mentioned that Victoria reminds them of the SCORE Girls of the big ’90s who were showgirls and dancers, the kind of women with racks you don’t see every day of the week.

“I was both nervous and excited before the shoot,” Victoria said after that first scene. “I’m a pretty sexual person, but putting that sexuality out there on video is a big step. You never know how well that will translate.”

It translated very well, as in smoking-hot well. So does this one.

Other members wrote about wanting to see more of Victoria in solo shoots. No worries. Solos are coming, but first, this poolside XXX scene with Nicky Rebel.

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Mabel Moore’s National Treasures

Mabel Moore's National Treasures

Mabel Moore has it all plus eyes that light up when the camera is turned on and pointing in her direction. “Her stunning curves are what XLGirls is all about,” wrote Seth, who knows a top-rated girl when he sees her.

Mabel does justice to her workout shorts and tank top but they don’t stay on her plush curves for long. After her bouncing and clapping boob play and some cheeky ass spanking, it’s off to the shower and her showerhead. Then to bed with her pink penetrating buzzer that makes her cry out from the tingling sensations.

Although Mabel is a quiet girl, you can see she’s fun and confident. It’s always hot when a girl is uninhibited about showing off her body and masturbating, especially if she’s into doing that on-camera.

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“I was voted most-athletic in high school,” Kirra Lynn says. “I played soccer, softball, ran track, and I was a cheerleader, too. I’ve always been an active chick. I like to stay fit.”

Kirra’s got the type of ass we call, “Fit-N-Tight.” Her ass and thighs are firm, full and built to go all night. Her commitment to fitness obviously comes in very handy in the sack.

“I can never get enough,” she said. “I’m not too picky, but I do tend to prefer guys who are in shape. They can keep up with me in bed. I never get tired.”

Take note, fellas. If you want to bang Kirra’s brains out, it’s a good idea to hit the gym a few times per week.

“Fucking me is unforgettable,” Kirra added. “Every guy I’ve ever fucked said I was the best.”

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Submit To Your Mistress

Submit To Your Mistress

“I’ve been a bad girl,” Trinity says as her scene opens.

Trinity is wearing a sexy and revealing fetish outfit, more for Saturday nights than Sunday mornings. Even calling it an outfit is a bit much. She’s wearing a black cage dress (which covers very little of her sexy curves) and some red boots. In short, Trinity looks ready for a good fuckin’ time. Well, ready for a good fuck. When a DDD-cup XL Girl is dressed like this, there’s only one thing you can do: fuck her brains out. It’s a shame we aren’t there with her, but we don’t mind watching. Especially because Trinity is the type of girl who loves exploring fetishes.

“I have a few fetishes,” Trinity said. “I like foot play and I like smoking, too. It’s sexy. I’ve dabbled in BDSM a few times with guys and girls, and that’s always so much fun. It’s so hot. I’ve never done it with a girl and a guy at the same time, though. That’s one I’m going to have to do soon. I’d like to be eaten out by a girl who is being dominated by a guy at the same time. I’d love to cum in her mouth while he rips her booty.”

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The Stacked Student

The Stacked Student

“I’m Irish and Sicilian,” said Kate Marie. “I mostly got the Irish side. I naturally have freckles. But I have brown eyes with dark hair. You don’t see a lot of women these days who are very pale, and it used to be a very proper thing beauty-wise. If you were a noble, you were pale. If you were a worker, you were tanned. I know a lot of Sicilian women who have big boobs or big butts. I think my chest is from my Sicilian side.”

Kate said her boobs weighed 12 pounds total when she was 18.

“The doctor had a boob scale, and you put one on there and you weigh it and then you put the other one on and you weigh it and you add the total and that’s the total on your chest.” Kate buys her bras from Tina’s Closet in Illinois and other shops catering to large-breasted women.

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That Busty, Lusty Spanish Teacher

That Busty, Lusty Spanish Teacher

Who better to teach Spanish than this sexy damsel? Miss Daylene Rio, SCORE Girl and part-time Spanish language instructor in an adult education class, is trying to tutor a guy who has other things on his mind. These things include Miss Rio’s whopping blouse mountains, her jutting bubble butt and her cock-sucking lips, plus her beautiful face and shapely legs. Who the fuck can concentrate on any subject with an instructor like this?

During a private Spanish lesson, student Johnny loses his mind and makes a grab for her ass cheeks and her big boobs. Miss Rio is shocked at his delinquent behavior but not so shocked that she doesn’t cave in to her own horny desires. Before she can say, “Class dismissed,” her thick nipples are being sucked and her heavy tits fucked right there by her desk.

Throwing caution (and her skirt, low-cut top, bra, heels and panties) to the wind, Miss Rio finds her hot hole getting finger-banged. There goes the Spanish lesson out the window. Daylene drops to her knees and, her massive, naked tits dangling and hanging free, feasts on Johnny’s extra-large enchilada, trying to stuff as much as she can into her hungry mouth. She squeezes her heavy pillows together–with his cock in the middle–one of her favorite things to do for a guy. If his cock were a tube of toothpaste, every speck would have been squeezed out.

Daylene gets on her desk for her first dose of hard wood in her pussy, and by the time her boob-shaking fuck class ends with a splash, they’ll have fucked on the floor, fucked standing up and fucked on a chair. He even picks Miss Rio up and carry-fucks her. Looks like he’s getting an A and a gold star from Miss Rio. When the teacher is stacked and hot Daylene, who would not want to be her #1 pupil? This student has taught the teacher a few tricks!

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Caught In The Act By Lola Paradise!

Caught In The Act By Lola Paradise!

The idea for this Lola Paradise scene was one of several suggested by Lola.

“He is seated and reading Voluptuous magazine. He turns the pages and sees my pictures. He starts to masturbate. I come into the room and say, ‘What are you doing? You are a bad boy!’ I start to undress and help him….”

XLGirls: This was a horny scene, Lola. What did you think of your photos being published in Voluptuous magazine (Volume 27 Number 3)?

Lola Paradise: They are amazing! I love working with the SCORE Group team in Prague. They are doing a great job. My biggest dream is to be on the cover of Voluptuous magazine. That would be awesome!

XLGirls: Have you ever masturbated to your own videos?

Lola Paradise: No but I had sex watching my videos.

XLGirls: Does looking at your videos and photos with your man usually lead to sex?

Lola Paradise: Yes, it does, as I mentioned.

XLGirls: Have you ever seen another woman hit or yell at her husband or boyfriend for staring at you?

Lola Paradise: One or two times.

XLGirls: Do other women ever comment about your big breasts or ask you questions?

Lola Paradise: Yes, of course. It happens all the time and all my life, to be honest. They say “Oh, my god, your boobs are so big!” They ask, “Does your back hurt because of them?” or “Are they real?” or “Can I touch them?”

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Busty Casca Akashova Makes A New Friend At The Pool

Busty Casca Akashova Makes A New Friend At The Pool

It’s a man’s dream to be hanging out at the pool when a bikini-killing dish like Casca Akashova parades by in search of someone to be her oil man. Normally, there would be a scuffle, if not a full-on movie-style brawl, if a bunch of guys were at the pool and Casca asked for a volunteer. But Berry is the only one there.

When Casca asks him to come out of the pool and oil her luscious body, he tries to get out of her request but Casca persists. When Berry exits the pool, Casca sees he’s not wearing a swimsuit and has a boner. A boner that she gave him by catwalking around the pool in high heels and a bikini that shows lots of tits and ass. When a guy gets a boner in Casca’s presence, she takes that as a compliment.

Knowing he could get into trouble with the apartment management for skinny-dipping against pool regulations, Berry comes along quietly when Casca forgets about getting greased and takes his cock in her hand. Berry’s cock is now doing the thinking anyway. She walks him inside to her living room, away from prying eyes, so she can suck on his meat hammer before they fuck their brains out. What Casca wants, Casca gets. From Casca’s potential oil boy to Casca’s fuck boy. Only in America.

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XLGirl Kitty Cute Puts On Her Birthday Suit

XLGirl Kitty Cute Puts On Her Birthday Suit

Any time big-hearted and generously blessed Kitty Cute puts on her birthday suit at XLGirls is a great time. Kitty redefines the word busty. She sets the bar so high in the world of big-breasted girls that other girls who may be considered busty by mainstream standards can’t come close to matching Kitty’s bodacious balcony of boobage.

Kitty comes to the big show well-equipped with a water bottle, breast oil, a lollypop, a mini trampoline, a big workout ball to sit on and bounce, and a dong for her pretty kitty. Plus Kitty wears the perfect outfit to show off her spectacular bod and start the ball rolling.

“In my neighborhood, I was the girl who got a lot of guys asking me out and wanting to do things for me,” Kitty told us. “As I got older, I learned that I had more power than other girls. That made them jealous of me. That is how girls can be and I have no control of that. I am what nature gave me and I like it.”

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The Sex Bomb Power of Karen Fisher

The Sex Bomb Power of Karen Fisher

Busty cum-slut Karen Fisher lives, breathes and eats sex, cock and porn. Karen started off as an exotic dancer and private lactator. She tried naked modeling, encouraged by a now-retired SCORE Girl named Corina Curves and, finally, fucking, building up a following over the years. In fact, she was a shy girl growing up. Now she’s one of the nastiest women in porn and performs salad tossing and interracial group sex. She is usually cast these days as a dirty mommy, a MILF seducing a young guy or in interracial scenes.

“I emailed Corina, asking how she got her start and what her experiences were and who I should and shouldn’t work with,” Karen told us. Corina sent us several test shots of Karen and that was all it took.

“I just felt like I wanted to change the way I was,” said Karen about her shyness. “I think when I first started dancing, it was my way of rebelling, because I was pretty good in high school. I didn’t drink or do drugs. I just think it was my time to do something crazy and wild after not having done anything wild and crazy at all. And I was starting to like my body, which took a while.”

Karen’s big tits always attracted attention but she didn’t accept it when she was young. “You know, it’s not easy to be young and big-busted, and I got so much attention. I’d sit in the back of the room, but all that happened then was the boys in the back started staring at me and doing all kinds of stupid kid things.”

Even though Karen has been fucked a lot since then, she claims a big cock will still make her wince. Look at her face as Mr. Wang sticks his bone in her from behind, and he’s not even ramming her. She gets a good fucking for the rest of the video. When he’s about to drop his load, Karen tells him to give her all his cum.

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