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Trollin’ For Booty

Trollin' For Booty

We’ve all been there. It’s a little while since you’ve fucked a nice piece of ass, so you hop in the car and drive around town hoping to see something that catches your eye. You don’t have any particular destination in mind and you’re just looking to see what you find. You’re just trollin’ for some booty. Our boy Commando is doing that today. And it’s his lucky day because he stumbles upon Lana Sky.

“How you doin’ with your sexy self?” Commando asks as Lana walks over to his car.

We know that she looks very good right now. Lana’s rockin’ a fishnet dress and bikini top that would kill most of the girls walking down runways. She’s a killer.

Lana and Commando head back to his place, and that’s where the fun begins.

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Laura Tithapia: Top Buster

Laura Tithapia: Top Buster

Laura Tithapia brought a fraction of the tops and bras she owns so she can try them on for us before she gets busy, hands-on and fingers-in. We get to see how Laura hooks on her bras, does her jiggle-wiggle test for her tight tops, creams her big tits and finger-bangs her pussy. Laura was new when she decided to show off her juicy jugs and ass on-camera. She was a fast learner.

“One of your questions asks if I will consider having sex on the first date,” Laura said. “My answer was, ‘Yes, absolutely. We are adults.'”

We also asked if Laura checks out her XLGirls videos and photos.

“I’ve watched them alone and with someone else. They are absolutely perfect. I was happy. Great work! I had sex watching some of them. I am so proud I could be in your movies. Thank you!”

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Ashlyn Peaks: Hot As Fuck

Ashlyn Peaks: Hot As Fuck

Ashlyn Peaks is a busty, bewitching spellcaster and Milan Ponjevic is eager to suck on her big tits, fuck ’em, squeeze ’em and wrap ’em around his face, and then enjoy every inch of her luscious bod.

He does a quickie interview with Ashlyn as she sits on the bed before he gets to really know her, from her pretty head to her big, pretty naturals to her pretty toes. Ashlyn chats about where she’s from, what she likes to do in bed, her favorite positions and doing porn.

Breast play comes first. Then licking Ashlyn’s pink pussy. She releases the python and her big smile and bright eyes signal her approval. She opens her mouth ready to go down deep.

Swallowing the dick down and sucking on the balls, Ashlyn shows off her advanced oral talents. She lies on her back to get her tits fucked, and once her dugs have been dicked, Ashlyn climbs on top of the pole for a bouncing cowgirl ride, the first of several pounding positions. Ashlyn and Milan have a smashing time and the proof is in the pictures. She’s hot as fuck.

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Andi Ray: Butt Plugs & Anal Sex

Andi Ray: Butt Plugs & Anal Sex

This is a reunion for Andi Ray and Milan, and that means sticky time once more.

Andi, who’s a blonde now, is eager to show off her figure to Milan. She’s wearing a pink dress that’s too tight, too short and just right. Milan is eager to see what’s under her dress and get his hands on her curves, for starters.

Andi spins around and lifts up her dress to show Milan the butt plug sticking inside her asshole. Her butthole is getting ready to welcome the big boy. Milan fingers Andi’s tight pussy and sticks his wet fingers in Andi’s mouth so she can suck her juices.

When Andi gives a blow job, she really smokes that pole. She sucks his dick and nuts with a drooling mouth, bulging cheeks and bright, worshipful eyes. Andi is more than ready to get her pussy and ass stretched by Milan. She’s a wildcat and a screamer when she’s fucked and her passion and horny facial expressions make Milan want to fuck both holes even deeper, harder and faster.

So what makes Andi feel sexy?

“Feeling desired. The sexiest I ever felt was on your set in February 2021. My hair was curled and hand-styled by your staff, and my lips were over-lined so they were luscious. I felt like a million bucks. Shooting at your studio showed me that I am sexy, valuable and wanted. I used to really doubt myself but you guys were my dream company for years. Finally being accepted on my third try through a fan referral gave me a whole new level of confidence in myself and my work.”

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LA Booty

LA Booty

The City of Angels is known for its dime pieces. You can find a bad little honey on nearly every corner of that town. Lana Sky is one of those dime pieces. She’s got a phat ass, thick thighs and cock-hardening, Coke-bottle curves. When we see a girl like this, we’re instantly in need of a thirst quencher.

“I know guys like what they see,” Lana says. “That’s why I dress the way I do. There are a lot of sexy girls in Los Angeles, so I always make sure I’m wearing something tight, revealing and sexy.”

Lana deserves a job well done. We don’t think she could be wearing less than the black fishnet outfit she’s wearing when our boy Commando rolls up alongside her in his car. He likes what he sees, and he’s ready for some LA booty.

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An Unforgettable Rack

An Unforgettable Rack

There’s a very clear, tangible Russian-Ukrainian connection to that rare super-slim, beautifully built, naturally-busty SCORE Girl that we all love. Merilyn Sakova was one of the first to emerge in 2005. We even trekked to the Ukraine to photograph her many times. Valory Irene was spotted by chance in a Ukrainian city. And there is Sha Rizel. All three are different, yet all three share that amazing slim and stacked physique.

Sha’s breasts developed in her late teens. “I was about 17 or 18 years old. It happened very suddenly. Then they seemed to get bigger every two months, and they’re still growing. Every time I buy a bra, it quickly becomes too small on me.” Still growing? The mind works overtime processing this announcement.

A trained dancer, Sha has grace and style. Check out her talent in this video as she shows you her moves.

America is lagging badly behind in the naturally slim and stacked tank-missiles race, sad to say. Where are the USA challengers? We know they’re out there. We urge them to come forward and visit

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Plumper Playtime

Plumper Playtime

“I’m a sweet country girl with a naughty side,” says ever-smiling CJ Woods. CJ gets to express that naughty side at XL Girls, sucking and fucking cock or spanking her country cuzzy and making her nipples hard.

“This has to be the most-fun thing I’ve ever done. I can come here and always have a great time. I don’t have all that much time for sex back home and the guys here are great at it.”

When CJ first saw her photos and videos, “I really couldn’t believe that was me. I’ve always been very reserved and kind of shy. I see these photos and it seems surreal that it’s me I’m looking at.”

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Kamille Amora Wanted Cock

Kamille Amora Wanted Cock

Kamille Amora is hot to ride the pole. The world must not be deprived of this girl, her big boobs and her many skills that produce major boners.

Kamille opens the show with a dance. The bodaciously buxom brunette is a popular stripper in Seattle and has her moves down. Tony watches and savors Kamille’s tantalizing undulations, her quivering 36I-cup mountains and her rotating rear. Burying his face between Kamille’s warm, soft hooters is a must. She pummels and grinds his face with her heavy knockers, the best punishment a man can get. Who wouldn’t want some of that action!?

Pulling down Miss Amora’s bra to expose her flesh cannons, he sucks on Kamille’s tawny nipples. They grow erect in his mouth. Kamille pushes him back on the couch. He waits for Kamille to unzip him and pull his pussy-pleaser out so she can give him a class-A blow job and tit-fucking before she mounts his saddle and rides him hard in cowgirl. Their first pole-position is only the beginning. Kamille is going to get every inch inside her, and once this hottie makes up her mind to get fucked, she owns you! Another pussy-smash and tit-mash from this brash XL Girl out to make a splash.

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Good Golly, Miss Holly Garner

Good Golly, Miss Holly Garner

Voluptuous magazine editor Dave was about to send Volume 28 Number 3 off to the printers. Then he found out Holly Garner was being photographed. It was a real “Stop the presses!” moment because he wanted to get Holly into the issue. We haven’t had one of those STP events in a while.

SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go on?

Holly Garner: I am very romantic. I like cute walks through city streets, and coffee and croissants in a cozy cafe. But even more, I like it when we spend enough time on a passionate date and then rush home burning with passion.

SCORELAND: Are you into any kinky stuff?

Holly Garner: Nothing special. But let’s just say I like to feel defenseless.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate?

Holly Garner: Yes, I have fantasies, like all bad girls.

SCORELAND: What are those fantasies?

Holly Garner: They are about domination and passion. I’ve always liked being weaker.

SCORELAND: Do you have any special talents we should know about?

Holly Garner: I used to write heartfelt poems.

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Gia Costello: Mommy Boobs & Thickalicious Body

Gia Costello: Mommy Boobs & Thickalicious Body

Gia Costello brings her anal plug, a vibrator and a big dildo to bed. But first, some jerk-off encouragement and tit-play.

XLGirls: Are you sexually assertive or passive?

Gia Costello: Both. I initiate sex a lot but in the act of it I am passive.

XLGirls: What sexually satisfies you the best?

Gia Costello: A hard, rough, sweaty, long sex session!

XLGirls: Do you get a lot of attention because of your chest?

Gia Costello: I have always got attention. When I was younger I hated it, but I learned to work it and use it to my advantage, so now I embrace the attention!

XLGirls: Your boobs are bigger now than when you first came here. Do you always wear a bra?

Gia Costello: I usually can’t get away with no bra, but in rare cases, if I find a shirt or dress with one built-in I might get by!

XLGirls: Have you ever fucked in a place where you might get caught or seen?

Gia Costello: In high school in the car but that was usually no fun! Now I’d like to do it at a restaurant, in the coat room or someplace exciting where you could get caught!

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U Bang Dominno

U Bang Dominno

Opinions differ on this, but it seems like Czech chicks live on the wild side more than any other nationality. Here, Dominno worships the faceless SCORE Man with her tongue, big tits and slit in P.O.V. She gives him a sweet smile and a sexy look and knows she’s in for it.

What is it about these Czech girls that makes them so sexed-up? There are many theories. The proof is in their near-obsessive worship of cock on-camera. Most Czech models that do adult do XXX porn. Few do nudity alone. In fact, we have filmed them. But most have few limits, unlike Brits and Americans who vary in their boundaries and limits on-camera.

Her friend hands Dominno a tiny top so he can savor how her jugs look in it before he fucks the shit out of her. She expects a pounding or she’ll be dissatisfied. These girls crave male power, domination and control. That’s why they are doing this in the first place, not to mention that SCORE pays well and treats them like princesses.

After modeling numerous times for SCORE in Hungary and the Czech Republic, Dominno retired from porn and got married. Her wedding was filmed for a reality show in the Czech Republic. All of the guests arrived on motorcycles because the newlyweds are riders. But ya know, there really is no such thing anymore as retirement for a model. They can make a comeback whenever they want.

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