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Fudgepackin’ With Claire Dames

Fudgepackin' With Claire Dames

Claire Dames isn’t exactly a brainiac, but she does have some fairly good ideas about how she should deal with having her application for college denied by the admissions office. You see, a girl like Claire isn’t what you would call book smart, but she has a hell of a street education and she is savvy enough to hustle her way past most of her obstacles. So what does this busty cutie do when she gets denied admission? She goes right down to the admissions office and admits the director of admissions into her tight pussy, of course. She knows she didn’t win him over on paper, but she tries her hardest to win him over on his desk. And with all the pussy-popping, dick-riding and blow job-giving that she does in just a few minutes, chesty Claire proves herself and gets accepted. Or should we say, Ass-cepted? Proof positive that it isn’t who you know that will get you somewhere, but rather, who you do.

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Office Hottie Alert

Office Hottie Alert

Every company should have a front office hottie like Elle Flynn. The problem with this suggestion would be the endless parade of salesmen, delivery guys and repairmen, not to mention co-workers, all hanging out by her desk waiting for her to bend over or adjust her bra.

You’ve seen Elle shake ’em up real good when she talked about her job back home. And check out that spankable ass and her shapely legs. Having them wrapped around your neck would be a nice way to spend an afternoon. This knock-out photo set shows every inch of her hotness.

It was a happy hooter day when 36DDD-cupper Elle decided to accept an offer from SCORELAND and join The Big Show. Most don’t start off with a bang like Elle did. “I love my tits,” Elle said in a comment that brought tears to our eyes. “They’re mine. I made them. I didn’t buy them. I just love my tits and I want to spread the joy around.”

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P.O.V. Bathroom Sex

P.O.V. Bathroom Sex

Cassandra Calogera mainly loves the cock but says she can really get into girls when she’s had a few drinks.

Cassandra quickly established herself as one of the nastiest girls in big-tit porn. She has a girl-next-door personality–the slutty, dirty girl-next-door. Cassandra didn’t have a stripper’s background. She has a naturally slim and stacked body. As far as boob and body comparisons, porn stars Whitney Stevens, Brianna Bragg and Sara Stone have similar physiques to Cassandra.

Cassandra gets her t-shirt nice and wet, then proceeds to fuck your virtual cock in point-of-view camerawork, for many the best way to enjoy seeing a busty babe bang her little heart out. Douse her with cum!

Cassandra left Los Angeles, retiring from the west coast porn scene to return to her home state of Connecticut and get married. She now plays with her bod in webcam shows, those modern-day electronic equivalents of the peep-show booths.

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Home Alone & Horny

Home Alone & Horny

Sometimes a gal needs a little time to herself. You know, a little time to unwind and get away from it all. And if the girl is as busty as Trinity Michaels, it’s time that can be used for tit play and pussy stroking. If you ask us, that is time well spent.

“I’m a little bit of an addict when it comes to masturbating,” Trinity told us. “I do it entirely way too much. I’ll sometimes stroke my pussy absent-mindedly while I’m at home alone watching TV. I’ll have no intention of masturbating when I start, but next thing I know I’m sliding two of my fingers in and out of my wet pussy. Then I start pinching and sucking on my nipples, and it becomes a whole session unexpectedly.”

We can’t blame Trinity for being a little touchy with herself. Her body is glorious, and if she were our girlfriend, we wouldn’t be able to keep our hands off her. That’s something she’s accustomed to, though.

“Oh yeah, my boyfriends play with my tits all the time,” she said. “I like it most of the time, but sometimes I’m like, ‘Hey. I’m up here.’ I usually say that jokingly, though.”

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No Sex? Bullshit.

No Sex? Bullshit.

“People will tell you that there is no sex in the Champagne Room. Well, that’s some bullshit,” says Atlanta ass-clapper Cheetah Blige. “Plenty of girls fuck in the VIP room. Especially when the man has a big cock and a big wallet like this guy did. Once I start grinding on that cock when I’m giving a lap dance, I can tell whether or not I am going to give a guy the VIP exxxperience.

When I was grinding my snatch and my big booty on his lap, I could feel how big his thang was and it made me horny. He told me he was going to give me a big tip. That’s when I told him that I preferred the tip of his cock all up in me. Money comes and goes, but a good dick-down is a memory that lasts forever. And let me tell you that when he came all over my ass, well, let’s just say I won’t be forgetting how amazing it felt anytime soon.”

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Takin’ A Ride In The RV

Takin' A Ride In The RV

Redheaded, nipple-pierced, girl-next-door and Army vet Jolie Rain gets fucked in a motor home.

“My sex fantasies always involve wheels, usually outdoors…I think about having sex on the hood of a muscle car at a race track or inside a HUMMV. Doing it in a motor home for SCORE got me very hot. I was wet before we even began fooling around. There’s just something about sucking a man’s cock in a car that is so hot and sexy that I feel like there’s electricity flowing through my pussy.”

Jolie was working as a bartender in a “sleazy place” and one of the guys playing in the band that day bugged out when he saw the tank top-wearing redhead. He was a SCORE magazine reader and practically begged her to apply for modeling assignments.

“I hadn’t really thought about myself too much as being able to do this,” said Jolie. “I thought it had to be girls with so much going on, and I felt that I’m this little college girl trying to have fun. But he told me, ‘No, I have a friend who loves it, and you are so beautiful that I would die just to see you.’ I thought that if he’s just a guy in a band who would love to see me in it, that would give me the confidence to do it. So I went online to SCORELAND, and I loved the site. I was turned on the minute I saw it.”

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Taste A Ginger

Taste A Ginger

When we asked Addison Bound if she was the dominant or submissive type, she gave us arguably the best answer to that question we ever received.

“Well, it depends on who wins the wrestling match that night,” Addison said. “I’m a little firecracker, so you’ve got to be ready to go for a tumble with me.”

We’re sure every guy reading this right now is up for a good ole wrestling match with Addison. Especially with her tits hanging out of her top right now.

“I caught you looking,” Addison says as her latest scene opens. “Do you like my big tits?”

Well, we couldn’t be expected to look anywhere else, now could we?

“You know you want to be with a girl like me,” Addison adds. “Soft skin, white as snow and big natural titties.”

Addison’s speaking our language. She knew exactly how to talk to us and what we like to see. She’s the type of girl who talks dirty and can back it up, too. She stares into the camera as she fingers her clit, and her gaze only grows stronger when she pulls out her favorite toy and fucks herself. That dildo sliding in and out of her might as well be our cocks.

“Oh, that’s the cock I’ve been waiting for,” Addison says. “That’s the cock I need.”

Addison’s is the pussy we need. And we can almost feel her juices dripping all over our throbbing members when she pushes herself to an orgasm. Girls this sizzling-hot don’t come around too often.

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Ask Avalon Fey

Ask Avalon Fey

We sent the gorgeous and vivacious Australian Avalon “Xfaeryprincessx” Fey several questions that she answered before she started her nude yoga workout. Inquiring minds needed to know more about this charmer.

The questions included: What does she like do when she goes out? Is there a local models community in Brisbane that gets together in normal (no pandemic) times? Have any models been an inspiration? What’s her favorite cosplay persona or costume?

What do her fans ask her to wear and do the most on-camera? How often does she dance in strip clubs? What does she do on stage? What are Australian strip clubs like?

So many questions, so little time. Thank you, Avalon Fey.

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Lola Paradise: Topless Ironing & Other Activities

Lola Paradise: Topless Ironing & Other Activities

When you’ve got a babe like Lola Paradise, even routine household chores like ironing is something to feast the eyes on. Not that anything XL Girls models like Lola do could be called routine. Halfway through her ironing, Lola takes off her tank top and finishes her chore with her naked boobs dangling.

Ironing is serious work, and all work and no play is not good for Lola, so she takes a boob break to enjoy her big, juicy breasts and pleasure her sweet, shaved pussy.

“I don’t masturbate that often but I like to do it when I make videos knowing guys will watch and get horny,” Lola said. “I prefer to be fucked by dick! I’m not really interested in girls. I like big dicks. I love long, hard sex almost every day and I am more passive than assertive when I have sex, but not always. I like to play the slut.”

Lola was excited to have a pictorial published in Voluptuous magazine Vol. 27 No. 3 and sent us some pictures of her holding that issue.

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Hire A Hooker When The Wife’s Away

Hire A Hooker When The Wife's Away

This man is horny and he does not want to jack. He wants pussy. He wants sex with no strings. No dinner dates, no gifts, no dating. Fuck that shit. He wants a chick who has a tight and talented cunt and big tits that swing around when he’s screwing her. A chick who will come over after a phone call and will take his cock and make him cum and then leave quietly with some cash in her purse for a job well done.

This man, who happens to be a cheating husband, needs a professional who will do what he says and fuck and suck his cock the way he wants it. The way he wants it, when he wants it. Someone who will not give him any lip except the lips over his stiff dick. A stacked and great looking girl. Young and fresh with a tight body. He needs a hooker with hooters. A call-a-slut who will spank her ass when you fuck her from behind.

He needs Chavon Taylor. Cuckolding wives, beware. This is the girl husbands want to fuck when they are “visiting their sister” or are “out of town on business.” This is the girl husbands think of when they shoot their loads fucking their wives.

The cheating bastard is already in bed and waiting when Chavon enters the house. She is wearing what looks like a swimsuit and clear stripper heels. Chavon peels out of her suit, leaving her whore shoes on. The sight of her sucking on her trick’s cock while in a doggie pose is tremendous, like a dirty mens’ magazine centerfold come to life. What a mouth on this girl. She goes down deep and holds. She gags. She drools. Other girls should study Chavon’s playbook.

And then she takes his dick deep inside her honey trap for an epic fuck. Time and money well spent for this dirty, rotten cheating husband. He’ll be banging Chavon again one afternoon unless his wife notices the bank statements are funny-looking.

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Get Yo Dollas Ready

Get Yo Dollas Ready

Cheetah works at a strip club in Atlanta and from time to time, dudes will come in and be mesmerized by her booty-poppin’ and fall in love with her. Which is understandable because once you see how this lady works that ass, you will fall in love, too.

“There are a lot of guys who have never heard a girl make her booty clap, and once they hear and see mine they lose it!” says Cheetah. “I call it ass applause. Especially if I am giving a dance and I can feel a guy’s rock-hard cock through his pants. I like to make my ass applaud that hard dick.”

You can watch Cheetah applaud for, handle and suck that hard dick right here in this video. And when she rides it, you will blow your load right then and there. She makes that caboose and your dick go POP!

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