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I Rate A Man By His Cock

I Rate A Man By His Cock

One look at Charlie Cooper‘s astonishing body and her stunningly huge, beautifully shaped jugs is all it takes.

Charlie is sexy and energetic at on-camera fucking. She watches XXX videos at home. We love knowing that models like to watch adult action. It deepens the connection. Charlie likes to watch interracial action with girls who have big boobs and big butts.

Asante starts off by creaming Charlie’s knockout 38G knockers with moisturizer in preparation for him sliding his dick between her flesh-mountains. Then it’s blow job and fuck time with Charlie. Lucky guy. Actually, luck had nothing to do with it.

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Chavon Taylor’s Epic Tit-fuck

Chavon Taylor's Epic Tit-fuck

Chavon Taylor‘s boyfriend is trying to watch TV but it’s not working. Dressed to show off her curves and big tits, Chavon walks into the room with the disconnected TV’s cables in her hands and an annoyed look on her face. She’s tired of him not paying any attention to her and spending all his time watching sports.

Chavon is a girl who attracts guys like bees to a flower so she’s not pleased with her man’s indifference. She’s going to fix that problem by giving him an epic tit-fuck and hand job like he’s never had before. His iron grip on his remote control weakens as Chavon works his cock in many different ways.

Like a lot of girls, Chavon likes a challenge, for the most part. “I like guys that don’t need me,” Chavon once said. “The hard-to-get guys. But my guy has to have a banging style, bomb-ass attitude and needs to be real confident. I don’t like people who become way too attached. I love guys who take control, but sometimes a girl’s gotta jump in there and show him what’s up.”

That’s what Chavon’s got to do with this remote control guy. She really just wants a cock to play with.

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T.L.C. Tushy

T.L.C. Tushy

Welcome back, Morgan. It looks like you’re giving that dick T.L.C.
“[Laughs.] I told you guys the last time that I saw you that I fucked a guy on set because I got so horny doing my solo photo shoot. Well, this is the stranger I fucked! It was so hot! I told him that I’d always had this nurse fantasy that I wanted to live out and he was all for it. Fucking him made my fantasy cum true!”

So we see that you told him to put it in your ass, too.
“I had to. Once we started fucking and all these people were watching us, I was so turned on and wild that it just happened. He was fucking me so good and so hard and I just looked at him and told him, “I want you in my ass right now, baby. Pump my asshole full of your cock and cum!” He was so into it that he just slid it out of my pussy and popped it right into my ass. I went into a frenzy! I was grinding my ass on his dick and I was screaming and moaning so loud!”

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The Perfect Wife: Andi Peacock

The Perfect Wife: Andi Peacock

Andi Peacock is dressed for gardening. Everything Andi does is a show and her husband, Mr. Peacock, is enjoying it. She comes over to him and begins sucking him. They go into their bedroom. Andi puts her gardening on hold while they take a hot, steamy sex break.

Andi mouth-worships her man’s dick and balls and licks his butt crack. She loves to make sex sounds and talk dirty while she’s jerking and sucking. Tit-fucking and hard banging follow Andi’s oral pleasuring. The pussy juice flies as they pump each other. All men should have a hot, foxy wife like Andi Peacock at home.

XLGirls: What do you feel was your kinkiest sexual experience?

Andi: Having a threesome with a male porn star and the hubby and us all just enjoying each other. It went on for hours. Squirt and sweat everywhere. It was so hot.

XLGirls: What about sex with other women?

Andi: The best one was at a swingers party and the woman and I just attacked each other with kissing, playing with breasts, eating each other out and finally scissoring each other and me squirting all over her multiple times.

XLGirls: XLGirls member Seth commented “These two nail the vibe so well. She is stunning and beautiful in every curvy dream way. They have great chemistry and their action is super-hot. I love all the cum and squirting they are able to share.” So the intensity of the sex, not just the sex, inspired him to write.

Andi: Well, I really enjoy squirting and giving blow jobs.

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Diana Eisley: Sweet & Sexy Dream Girl

Diana Eisley: Sweet & Sexy Dream Girl

When pretty, wholesome girl-next-door Diana Eisley shows up at Nicky’s place, he knows he’s been handed four aces and won the jackpot. He phoned the dial-a-date agency for a hottie with big tits but never guessed he’d be this lucky.

As a bonus, Diana also has a neatly trimmed furry garden between her legs like the many girls of yore at SCORE. When he lets Diana in, they go straight to the bedroom.

Diana bumps Nicky on the bed and sticks her pale, creamy boobs in his face to suck on. She wastes no time on chatting and goes right for the cock, sucking and tit-fucking him. Nicky has his hands full (of big tits) as he gives Diana the dick-down.

They sixty-nine and fuck in different positions, her young and tight pussy squeezing his cock. When he puts Diana on her back to stick his dick in her cleavage again, he nuts hands-free. She wipes the cum with her hands and rubs it all over her luscious breasts and face.

“My favorite position is doggie or straddling, depending on which role I’m in the mood for,” said Diana, a girl who appreciates her tits. “I like teasing, cosplay and some light bondage. I’m a size queen and a healthy girl.”

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Checkin’ your vitals

Checkin' your vitals

When you feel ill and have the chills, candy striper Cummings will get you going again. You see, she isn’t the nurse who makes you feel worse. She is the candy girl of your dreams that can make it oh, so much better. How, you ask? Well, first she tests all your vitals and senses by rubbing her ass all over you to raise your heart rate and check your pulse. Then she takes your temperature by sliding your hard meat in her mouth while you manhandle her rump. Then, she makes sure that you are getting enough exercise by sliding up and down on your cock. Then she gets the hot beef injection from behind. (You get to inject her, because she likes shots.) Then she takes your load and cleans you up, because that’s what good medical personnel do. Ah, with care from hotties like candy striper Cummings, you kind of want to be sick all the time, right?

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Texas Patti Texas Patti
Texas Patti @
Recently widowed, Patti decides it is time to let her stepson know what she wants to be doing with the rest of her life. She wants to get back to doing what she did before she married Anthony’s dad – getting as much cock as possible. Patti wants her son to see how happy this big cock makes her so she demands he watch her as her new stud Jax walks in. Pulling out his huge cock she gulps it down right in front of her son’s shocked eyes. He cannot believe what a slut his mother is. What son could? How could young Anthony ever really know how much women go gonzo over massive meat. In horror he watches his mom get her pussy blasted out and left hanging open as she gets fucked all over the bed right in front of him. She even takes it up the ass. Balls deep!!!!! Damn mom. She ends it by swallowing a stiff load of cum and smiling all the way. Welcome to your new reality Anthony.
Texas Patti Texas Patti
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Oxana Minsk: The Girl With 42G-cups

Oxana Minsk: The Girl With 42G-cups

Oxana Minsk looks out her kitchen window and sees that the weather is crummy. Now what’s a girl to do if she has to change her outdoor plans for the day?

For XL Girl Oxana who has 42G-cups, it means peeling out of her bodysuit and playing with those bra-busters and making her pussy happy.

“I used to play volleyball and was on the swim team,” Oxana told us. We can just picture Oxana playing volleyball and coming out of the pool dripping-wet.

XLGirls: What is your favorite sex position?

Oxana: Doggie is my favorite.

XLGirls: What kind of foreplay do you like best?

Oxana: I’ve never thought about it.

XLGirls: What was your kinkiest sex experience?

Oxana: I’ve never really had one.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex with a girl?

Oxana: Only in a three-way. I never did anything with just a girl.

XLGirls: When you give a blow job, do you spit or swallow?

Oxana: I prefer not to swallow or spit. I don’t like to have cum in my mouth.

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A Diamond In The Buff

A Diamond In The Buff

When the SCORE staff originally saw Roxanne Diamond‘s test shots, we thought we were looking at Mandy Pearl, a British SCORE Girl. They could be kissing cousins. These days, Mandy is a television model on game shows such as “Take Me Out.”

Big, natural tits, a pretty face, a nice rack, a meaty, shaved pussy and a laid-back personality. We call that 100% girlfriend material.

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Lilly James Lilly James
Lilly James @
Lilly loves abusing her husband by fucking other men in front of him. He’s just a hustling well to do businessman who is always recruiting commission only sales men to sell his insulation product. They call it the "drill and fill". Well that is exactly what his wife Lilly likes getting done to her. Right in the middle of his sales pitch she has the nerve to start hitting on all the hot men he has over. One thing leads to another and she is sucking their cocks right in front of her husband. Exasperated and spineless the poor little cuckold must endure the punishment of watching his slut of a wife gag on one big steaming beef steak after another. covered in saliva and panting the little piglet is shoving cocks faster in her hole than a nympho playing squat tag at an asparagus patch. They all take turns training her little pussy one after another in a variety of positions and soon somebody breaks the anal barrier and the party really begins. Balls deep and slamming her asshole is an open highway to paradise as she is coming over and over again. Soon Lilly has a cock pounding each hole at the same time and one in her mouth and she is airtight and roasting on cock like a pig on spit. Creampied and facially blasted the slut of a wife is left happy and dripping as her husband can only watch and whine.
Lilly James Lilly James

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Maxximum Tits

Maxximum Tits

We asked Conan The Barbarian, “Conan! What is breast in life?”

And Conan replies in his Austrian accent: “To see Kelli Maxx walk and bounce around outside in the Florida sun.’

“To see Kelli Maxx jiggle her big tits in her bra.”

“To see Kelli Maxx get into bed and rub her big tits and pussy without a cock blocking that heavenly sight.”

So that’s what’s breast in life. Bostonian Kelli seems to like Florida, except for the bugs. We suspect she’s too sweet and that’s why Florida bugs especially like her.

That’s why Miss Maxx and the XL Girls cameraman didn’t spend much time outside. They retreat indoors where a nice soft bed is there for Kelli.

Kelli squeezes her fleshy tits and spanks her pussy good and deep, putting her fingers in her mouth to taste her girl-juice. This New Englander knows how to share a good time.

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