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Peeping Tom Spies On Angel

Peeping Tom Spies On Hottie

Aspen‘s on the phone making a call, her back to the window. If this was a Hollywood episode or TV, Aspen would turn around and discharge the peeper, but here, they have sexy, wild sex instead ‘cuz we’re into big-tit sex, not violence.

Sex is an activity that Aspen can’t live with out dearly. This babe treats sex love it’s fun, the way it should be treated. She loves the penis and masculine fellows.

“I live for oral-stimulation, one as well as the other giving and receiving,” Aspen told. “I also enjoy some light flogging and hair pulling. I desire plenty of foreplay. I adore to be really worked up to the point of begging to acquire banged. It just seems to be so much more intensive the longer it takes. I love most of all a seven-to-eight-inch rigid penis that when I wrap my fingers around it, the tips just barely touch. I adore lots of oral pleasure and playing with my zeppelins. Giving a kiss is too a astronomical turn-on for me. I adore sex five days a week when I’m involved with someone.”

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The Bride Busts Out

The Bride Busts Out

Do not panic yet. Milly Marks is not getting married as far as we know. She’s just wearing specialty bridal lingerie made for a hot honeymoon week in this fantasy pictorial.

Milly, who resembles a youthful Elizabeth Taylor, makes studs freeze with her mesmerizing powers.

“I walk around and I do not notice that people are staring at my bazookas, but I’ll be with my friend and she’ll say, ‘You don’t see that?’ and I’ll say, ‘What?’ and she’ll say, ‘That guy was just licking with tongue his lips and staring at your breasts and rogering u with his eyes.’ I just don’t notice.

“Sometimes it is valuable and sometimes it is a little likewise much, but it is nifty. As long as it isn’t also creepy or inappropriate. Being called out on the street is kinda unusual. I do not adore that.

“I lived in Philly for a little bit, so I’d be walking down the street and studs would yell creepy things at me adore, ‘Let’s watch your breasts!’ See, that isn’t nifty to me, but if I see anybody in public and they’re staring at me, I guess, ‘That’s adore a compliment. They’re into me. That’s good.’ But I am kind of short, so people look down at me when they’re talking to me, anyway, so they’re looking down right into my cleavage.”

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Creamy Whoppers

Creamy Boobs

One of Britain’s prettiest and sexiest full-figured foxes, Georgina Gee is not dressed for a walk around Hull, her hometown. This babe is wearing a little number meant for indoor activities of the excited kind.

While playing with her great, bigger in size than typical, mellow mounds and hairless vagina, Georgina turns out to be a cupcake masher in the obscene tradition of British sploshing and splodging. She does have some very tasty cakes.

XL Girls: Do you have any peculiar talents apart from these king-size bra buddies of yours?

Georgina: I can make my fun bags do the helicopter.

XL Girls: Do you’ve any raunchy fantasies you can tell us about?

Georgina: I adore to do stuff in public. I like to be watched. I guess that’s what gets me off about doing this and the webcams.

XL Girls: Are you sexually assertive?

Georgina: No. I’m passive. I’ll usually let a smooth operator have his way with me.

XL Girls: Favourite position?

Georgina: Doggy, definitely. Mangos drooping down, lad penetrating me unfathomable doggy style. So valuable!

XL Girls: U told u like to be fingered.

Georgina: I adore it a lot. You can acquire me off just by fingering my pussy for a while.

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Sam Makes Another Conquest

Sam Makes One more Conquest

Nick drops by to visit a ally and instead finds his friend’s houseguest Samantha Sanders curled up in couch reading a magazine. He is about to make an exit but Sam desires him to stay. Eyeing him up and down love a piece of meat, Sam gives a decision that babe wants some sausage right now.

Nick is the bashful type who doesn’t hit on hotties. Sam is a mature, assured lady who can’t live without to acquire boys subrigid as a board and screw their brains out. She tells Nick to sit on the sofa and chill out. She puts a hand on his leg, then takes his hand and puts it on her larger than typical, enormous jugs. Nick’s not at all gotten this close to bouncy bosoms this humongous so this is his fortunate day, especially since Sam craves to shag him. She loves to tempt coy lads and have a precious roll on the daybed.

Sam teaches Nick all about her meatballs and how to suck and play with ’em. Mouthing his strapon in her throat, Sam blows his pants clean off. Her next move is to receive banged and Nick proves to be a willing and kooky Big-Boob groupie to this celebrated British bust-star.

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Anal Three-way

Anal Three-way

So does Danielle Derek observe her own scenes?

“No, but I’ll view other girls’ scenes,” Danielle replied in her always-arousing, come-fuck-me voice. Even in regular conversations, this babe sounds adore a phone-sex operator. “I urge the lad I am banging to stay focused on me, my milk sacks and my bawdy cleft. This chab doesn’t get to watch me in a video when he is got me in his arms.”

We have mentioned several times that most SCORELAND Beauties do not do DP in trios. Danielle Derek is not almost all gals. That babe prides herself on being a golden-haired, sexbomb fuck-toy. It is been a during the time that since Danielle did a SCORE DOUBLE PENETRATION. This babe outdoes herself in this scene as two X-Men pound the one and the other her tight holes in a filthy double-penetration.

It is a brand recent day and Danielle wakes up, gets without sofa and spreads her blinds. Outdoors, her 2 yardmen are already working. She slips into her knickers and then tries to fit her bumpers into her under garment. It’s a super-snug, taut fit and Danielle cant acquire those mammoth tits into the cups.

The yardmen stop working and begin watching. She sees ’em and tells them to come inside. Nothing could stop ’em from lending helping hands and boners. With their assistance, Danielle literally bounces into her brassiere but that is quickly forgotten as this babe slurps and sucks their ramrods to receive them damp for her wet crack and rectal hole. Morning coffee can await.

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Gee, What A Big busted Angel U Are

Gee, What A Big busted Angel You Are

Georgina Gee and our photographer have a tit chat in the countryside in this bonus episode. Georgina is seriously wreaking havoc on that constricted tank-top, something all busty angels should own by the dozen. The English rose is wearing glasses (that babe wore ’em in her interview with Jem Stone) and that gives Georgina a different kind of hawt appearance.

XL Girls: When you give blow jobs, do u spit or swallow?

Georgina: I gulp or I spit on my meatballs and rub it in.

XL Girls: You told you’ve had sex with other angels.

Georgina: Yes. Multiple times.

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Nipple Queen

Nipple Queen

Magnificently delectable pointer sisters and prominent pointy teats adore Alana Anderson‘s appear to be destined to receive lots of cum washroom, but alas, that’s not the case. Her boyfriends were not into tit-fucking. That appears to be incorrect.

Alana does acquire tons of attention. “The final time I was in the airport, security guards flagged me and questioned me about ‘why I was plan to Miami’ but I do not think it had everything to do with my pointer sisters. Blondes with fair skin always receive flagged as terrorists, right?” This babe is fortunate that babe was not patted down. Many stacked girls acquire that treatment.

Alana describes her personality as “85% neutral, 10% controlling and 5% tractable. I am a pretty casual person in general and in sofa I do not consider myself to be a slaver but I’m not resigned at all.”

What makes her nipps rock hard?

“Everything. They are very sensitive. My much loved is worthwhile, warm lips and being handled gently. Too water. Any temperature when I wash my hands, eat food, or touch anything that’s not room temperature (warmer or cooler). I adore breast and areola play, deep kisses and neck kisses.”

What mistakes do bucks make with girls?

“Don’t bite my nipps. That hurts. I guess some lads make the mistake of assuming almost any beauties adore anal when they don’t. I believe most gals donot love it but do not tell them, since it is on so many porn vids. Do not call hotties bimbo, doxy or whore during sex. She doesn’t call u chocolate hole. Porn movies give some boys the wrong idea, or so I believe. Porn vids should be done more priceless. I am not against porn. I just think most porn vids are not done well and the ideas are also archetypal and lack imagination.

“There is a precious line betwixt medical documentaries and some porn videos. Although I have watched some porn, I do not love ’em because they are so overly scripted and honestly they aren’t done right. But maybe that’s coz the ones I saw weren’t made from a woman’s point of view. If I were to make a porn movie it would be cushioned porn like a sexy dream and leave some imagination instead of screwing, banging and more fucking. That is what might turn me on as far as porn goes, more of a hawt movie scene than a porn movie.”

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Cornfed Redhead

Cornfed Redhead

For a hawt redhead with a great rack, look no farther than Destiny Rose. The cornfed Ohio hotty dances and has a web site.

“When I an on stage, I like to squeeze my fullsome funbags together and lick both my nipps at the same time. It feels precious. The males love it. I am sure that if I endevoured, I could probably stick one as well as the other my teats in my throat at the same time and engulf them and hold ’em there for a whilst.”

Destiny told she’s a fat-boy follower.

“I adore to go after obese and fat lads,” Destiny told. “I like to chase chubbies. It’s what I am into. I just like that there’s more to hold onto. I adore that. They are cuddly and they are cute. I adore it when a dude has a larger than typical abdomen. I like to rub it and call him Buddha. I love ’em larger so that I do not hurt ’em ‘coz I love to be wild. No boy has ever turned me down when I hit on him.”

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Karlee’s Obese Urges

Karlee's Bulky Desires

Huge-chested Karlee Adams told this babe can be both passive and assertive in sex. This babe has sex about 3 times a week.

“Most of the time, I’ll expect for a boy to make the 1st move,” Karlee told. “Sometimes I need to feel a gent out. Not each boy is aggressive or they are leery about showing the beauty that they’re randy because they are afraid they’ll scare her off. I’m talking about regular lads, not porn fellows.

“Porn lads receive a special kind of no-strings sex since that is their job to service adult models. They know that they are gonna shag the gal they are coupled up with and she expects him to drill her precious. It is purely a physical thing and when it’s over, they at not time see every other afresh, unless they are both doing this for a living, which I’m not. I have a job and these are peculiar experiences for me.

“Like I know that I’m by no means gonna watch JR afresh after our pleasure is over. But in a real date or free and elementary situation, a stud can not completely know that he is plan to acquire some sex unless he knows the cutie truly well, if they are go out with or in a relationship. Or if she’s the town bimbo who will a gang bang any woman chaser. I am intend to let a ladies man know in different ways if I wanna engulf his meat-thermometer.”

So what was there to learn about Karlee? When Karlee wants the fuckfurter, that babe doesn’t play head games about it. She goes right for the meat and doesn’t crave her wazoo call to be stingy with the mustard.

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Mahogany Has a Masters Degree In Breasts

Mahogany Has a Masters Degree In Boobs

Mahogany Masters has 42K-cup love muffins. Super-huge! In a peculiar league. One of the bustiest cuties to ever pose at XL Angels. Born in Guyana, South America, a country betwixt Venezuela and Suriname, Mahogany lives in Tampa, Florida.

Mahogany likes the beach and sports. After seeing an classified advert for XL Angels, Mahogany emailed her images. A balcony this bigger in size than average on a babe adore Mahogany merited to be immortalized in pix and vids. She’s finishing her BA in Public Administration and earned a Masters degree in big breasted glamour modeling after one day at XL Gals. We do not know how much her twin peaks weigh but they’re pliable and tuggable, and her teats are pancake-sized.

“I have a 42K bust,” Mahogany said. “I don’t indeed need to emphasize ’em but I definitely don’t hide them.” Mahogany definitely does not leave anything to the imagination in her photo set and vids.

Watch More of Mahogany Masters at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Maya Whips It Fine

Maya Whips It Good

Maya Milano at not time struck us as the sort to wear a perverted dress and play around with a cat o’ nine tails. We’d rather be struck in the face by her very large bouncy bosoms than a whip any day. Maya acquires to play against her worthwhile beauty image but in reality she’s also fine to be bad.

SCORELAND: U have pleasure photography.

Maya: Yeah, very much. I take pics every day. It’s most-convenient to do selfies.

SCORELAND: Do u have any favorite books or magazines?

Maya: I dont have favourite books. I’ve prefered writers.

SCORELAND: Do you look at television?

Maya: I donot view TV.

SCORELAND: Do u have any pets?

Maya: No, but I’d adore to have a little dog or cat.

SCORELAND: Do you’ve any friends with big mambos in your town?

Maya: No, I’m the solely one such Big-Boob dish.

SCORELAND: If u ever meet anyone who impresses you, tell her about us.

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