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Enormous Whoppers Need Cum

Heavy Tits Need Cum

Analee Sands. Totally mind blowing love muffins. Hawt, luscious body. Glamorous face. All in all, a juicy piece of eyecandy that we were very happy really to have as a guest in these hallowed halls of scones, at least for a relatively short time.

This scene started with a hot solo brandish that led right into the licking, sucking, throating and bumping without a story or plot. Just pure act and tons of tit play as Analee gave her sex date what each buck needs. Some alone time with the angel before the boy walks into the picture is usually more good than just beginning off with her and the woman chaser.

XL Girls: Do u adore to have sex in public places?

Analee: Not too public. If I can sneak it in, then maybe. But not smth where it is for sure that someone will walk by.

XL Girls: Where is the almost any public place you’ve had sex?

Analee: In a Walmart parking lot. I’ve likewise done it in a park in mid-day, and in a moving truck in the backseat whilst family was driving.

XL Girls: Have u ever been caught?

Analee: Only one time by an mature boyfriend’s aunt. That babe sauntered into the washing room right in the midst of it with me with my legs up.

XL Girls: Did you avoid or keep going?

Analee: We kept going. She traipsed in, looked at me, got her ram and sauntered out. So I figured we’d just finish what we started.

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Once A Mangos Gal…

Once A Bra buddies Cutie...

Rockell used to be a Love melons waitress previous to this babe became a adult model. If she ever wanted to go back to it, that babe could take her pick of places. A lot of recent “breastaurants” have popped up (and out) in recent times. Rockell once talked about working for Billibongs for about a year.

“I worked at Zeppelins, and obviously I filled out the requirements very well and the tips were very nice,” Rockell told us in a SCORELAND video chat called “Rockin’ The Abode.”

“I was really in the restaurant on Christmas Day eating with a friend. I was clothed cute, but my titties weren’t out. I had on a sweater because it was cold. My waitress was a very fetching Milk sacks hotty and that babe was love, ‘Would u like to work here?’ And I was adore, ‘Oh, why not? Certainly.’ So this babe went and got the manager and that ladies man hired me on the spot and I was a Juggs angel.”

Knowing Rockell was a Love bubbles Beauty, our studio did their version of a breasturant waitress.

“I actually adore cosplay,” said Rockell. “I have a nasty maid suit somewhere around the abode. I love to wear it when I clean. Super pleasure and hot play time! My prefered outfit I have is my school angel. Who doesn’t like a super cute virginal blonde in dress-up? Don’t forget the pigtails!”

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DVD Pick of The Month: Thick Babes On Rods 3

DVD Pick of The Month: Thick Hotty's On Dongs 3

Our XL Beauties DVD pick of the month is Thick Women On Ramrods 3, a 2-disc, 10-girl set starring plumper playgirls Amerie Thomas, Anna Beck, Billie Austin, Harley Ann, Jes Craven, Jola, Kitty McPherson, SinFul Celeste, Suzumi Wilder and Vanya Sweetheart in a hardcore humping hooternanny. Facials, creampies, anal, huge-boob face-wrapping and more is the name of the game and those thick honey bunnys deliver the goods with their larger than average meatballs, constricted holes and strong buttocks. The thicker they are, the harder everyone cums.

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The Office, XL Angels Style

The Office, XL Girls Style

Gal DeLuca is one of the sexiest dishes to appear at XL Gals. This babe has that mysterious X magic that comes naturally. A sex appeal can not be faked. Her hardcore scenes always have that extra touch of sexy lava to jack up the heat level.

The business world is a nine-to-five grind and it chews people up. This scene disrobes stripped the inner-workings of the archetypical human resources department. We can see why Hotty made the most of her abundant assets and became a livecam girl and a glamour model instead of working for evil, corporate motherfuckers.

In all fairness, this HR director couldn’t control himself and gets a little likewise hands-on. Unfortunately, it ends in advance of we inspect if Beauty got the job or not. We can tell you damned straight we’d hire her the second this babe strided through the doorway.

XL Girls: So, Gal, what makes you cum the absolute hardest?

Angel: When my adore button is being licked just right, getting worked up and leaking wet, then getting tongue rogered.

XL Girls: Knob size. Important or not?

Angel: Not also important. I’m actually more concerned if the lad can use it correctly. In other words, make me cum previous to this chab does so this chab can feel my bawdy cleft tighten on his wang. That receives me off more!

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Kara Will Work Your Kane

Kara Will Work Your Kane

Kara Kane is one of those honies who has a bubble gazoo that bears a resemblance to it’s practically begging for ramrod. With her round cheeks and wide haunches, Kara could put a hurting on any wang that came her way. And tons of rods come her way, believe us. ‘coz this dominatrix-bitch is a accomplished. This babe knows how to engulf a cock, getting it precious and luscious. She knows how to ride a pecker, thrilling and slapping it with her ass cheeks. That babe makes these mocha ass cheeks pop, shake and jiggle while this babe takes that cock doggystyle. That babe even makes it clap once this fellow sprays her trunk down with his sauce. If u are not fucking Kara Kane, u haven’t had one of the unsurpassable, yet. This power wazoo deserves an award.

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Amber Lynn Bach Is Hooked On Hooking

Amber Lynn Bach Is Hooked On Hooking

Greed has become more prevalent than ever. Not since the days of the Roman Empire has the unchecked greed and selfishness of the few so disrupted the lives of the many. Modern technology has made things worse. Everyone has to work harder and longer for less just to receive by and that includes Amber Lynn Bach, housewife and part-time bimbo.

Shag your fella citizen is the creed of this fresh society and Amber is literally following that philosophy. That babe indeed embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of USA. She’s had to detect recent territory with less competition to pick up fresh business. There are likewise many housewife-hookers in her supermarket parking lot. Her local pub is packed with suburban bitches trying to make a not many studs. Since she is not about to solicit fresh accounts in a dumpster-filled alley or at bus stops, Amber has shoved deeper into rural territory in follow of horndogs avid to pay previous to they pump.

Risking encounters with alligators and demented hillbillies with chainsaws, Amber has made this section of the woods her fresh location. Luck is with her when that babe meets a motorist. At first, he plays cheapskate with payment options but seeing Amber’s bigger in size than run of the mill titties does the trick. A inflexible 10-Pounder does not think rationally. She entices him with what she calls her “tight wench cookie.” The goober resolves to pick her up and take her to his place to copulate the shit with out her and give her spunk for dinner. Amber Lynn Bach: hooked on hooking and doing it all for you.

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Ample Amiee

Ample Amiee

“I like to give a lad a admirable back rub with my mounds and I’d love for him to rub-down me in advance of we move to some other kind of fondelling,” says Amiee Roberts. Amiee is back for more joy and games at XL Angels including her very 1st XXX scene.

Amiee has a fantasy that is gonna be hard to pull off no matter how much the French like “l’amour, toujours l’amour,” to quote Pepe Le Pew. “I would love to go to Paris with someone special and have sex in the Eiffel Tower.” Tough one!

Amiee’s top 3 sexual experiences are “having sex on a pool table, having sex on the beach and a really hot 3some with my two topmost gent friends.” Maybe the 4th will be her 1st sex date at XL Gals.

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Utmost Dawn

Ultimate Dawn

Topmost Dawn Stone is a SCORE Classic scene of a great name in SCORE and big-bust history. It is part of the “Ultimate” DVD series that includes Summer Sinn, Julia Miles and Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

This is the end of the DVD, after solos and a toy-sharing girl-on-girl with brickhouse bra-buster Nikki Diamond. Dawn’s date with Sean ends with a a team fuck and a load of ball batter squirted all over her astronomical bumpers. Dawn merely made a pair of hardcore scenes and this was the merely one that has her with super-sized fun bags. (The ravishing blonde from North Carolina started adult modeling as a natural.)

Dawn went on two Boob Cruises, her first in 1998 and afresh in 2000. Her southern charisma and gregarious, affable nature made her a large beloved with the lads. You know these southern gals.

The boys loved photographing Dawn during the week, especially during her night-time and beach-side brassiere exposed modeling session. Her trademark poses showed off her pliant, flexible positions. She is close to a contortionist or a yoga teacher, putting her ankles behind her head for sensational fuck-me poses.

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Precious & Thick

Nice & Thick

“I grew up in a very religious, very strict household,” Porsche Dali recalled. “I had always been told not to have sex untill marriage but I didn’t listen to my parents. Eventually I started go out with this boy from the next city over and this ladies man was known to be a bad woman chaser. One thing led to one more and we ended up down at this lake. The moon was greater than average and bright and shining down on us. And he rogered me until I could not ignore sex anymore. The fellow I lost my virginity to was hot also, so that definitely didn’t hurt!”

Porsche remembered her 1st time with another gal.

“It was during college. I was living in a abode with three other girls. We were all gonna a party one night, and one of the other girl’s sister came by. She was actually hot and I suppose she’s bi, also. We hung out all night and we were getting along really well. And of course we wound up drunk that night and this babe ended up in my bed instead of her sister’s room.”

Porsche is definitely a well-rounded angel when it comes to sex…and pretty much everything else!

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Abella Danger Abella Danger
Abella Danger @
Abella Danger might be one of the high-reaching Cuckoldresses this web site has ever viewed. If u do not make almost certainly of us now, u will by the end of this Cuckold Session. Her minion, Jay Wimp, has been a bad petticoat chaser. Abella’s warned him — on more than one occasion — that if this chab touches his little, white weiner, that there would be consequences. Sure sufficient, after walking him around adore a puppy dog, Abella locks him up…for a 3 month sentence! Imagine your blue balls after 90 full days of no beating your meat!! After Abella locks Jay’s petite white ween up, it is a weenie engulfing lesson with one of Abella’s much loved darksome dildos. Which is about the time Abella’s Dark Bull enters. His name? Jax Slayher. His game? Putting white men in their place. At a chiseled 6’5" and 250 pounds, you’d more awesome not look at his wang also long! Unless, certainly, u want a mighty beat-down! After Jax uses all 3 of Abella’s holes, this chab unloads a 3-day back-up. What’s that mean for Jay Wimp? The almost all humiliating thing a white guy could be coercive to do: clean her up!

Abella Danger Abella Danger

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