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XL Hotty Worships Darksome Rod

XL Cutie Worships Dark Cock

Holly Jayde says this babe loves lads who appreciate her and who compliment her cutie. That’s the kind of philosophy that is all valuable.

Holly saddles up with a buck who highly appreciates a girl with large milk sacks, a large arse and big belly, and unveils that appreciation with the gift of a inflexible pecker and a greater than typical load of guy-cream.

Mr. Asante Stone loves ’em hot, squeezable and nice-looking. Fat Holly more than punches that ticket.

So we’re sure this sexy bonk scene with Holly Jayde, an interracial with a cream-pie finale, will rev up everyone’s man-motor. Please expose Holly Jayde some bigger than typical like with a comment…because it’s the gentlemanly XL thing to do.

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Alice85JJ & Her Treasure Chest

Alice85JJ & Her Treasure Chest

Alice85JJ has a couple of the king-size mellons anyone has ever watched. There are solely a handful of women with this much chest flesh who have bared their fun bags on-camera.

Alice85JJ began her breast growth odyssey when very youthful. Now, they easily dwarf any man’s head and could knock a man out with one swing. Her swinging and bouncing in the episode is eye-popping.

Alice85JJ can’t live without to trip and explore new places. “I love to visit new countries and meet the people there. I adore to explore.” She doesn’t have to wear sexy tops to attract attention to her enormous bosoms. A effortless T-shirt does that.

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Ass-Crammed Blonde

Ass-Crammed Blonde

When Jordan Pryce 1st came to SCORELAND, she told, “You have never met a gal who can’t live out of cum as much as I do. I like when men view my pictures and videos and tell me how they played with their jocks and shot their loads while looking at me. I love thinking about all that cum, and it is all coz of me!”

Jordan followed that up with, “My problem is, many times when I am with a smooth operator, they don’t even copulate my vagina. I’m very good at giving blow jobs, even with larger than run of the mill weenies, and sometimes they cum in my mouth or on my mounds before they have had a chance to fuck my muff. Jordan the shag doll!”

Leaving Jordan dry doesn’t happen here. She does have to implore Max to come to bed and moans, “Fuck my immense milk sacks and my ass” in her throaty voice. This babe keeps up the pleas until he gives Jordan his penis and balls to lick, suck and choke on. When Jordan gives a buck a BJ, this babe loudly gags, chokes and makes popping noises in high-fidelity audio. A very dynamic sucker.

Jordan truly wishes her large juggs screwed likewise and begs for that once more. Max gives the curvy golden-haired sexbomb what that babe urges because it is all about keeping ’em pleased and contented.

Jordan is not done with her want-list. She wants her fur pie taken care of and wants the anal intercourse sticking in her wazoo replaced with his beef-salami. And one time she’s glad with the love tunnel and anal job, that babe craves tons of cum spurted on her. Max is her fuck-tool. Her sex cream dispenser.

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Oiled Swimsuit Sweetheart

Oiled Bathing dress Babe

It is pool time with Mahogany Masters, so bring your duck float and swimmin’ trunks. Mahogany’s got a recent pink swimsuit to expose off, and by a miracle of textile engineering, the top doesn’t rip from the weight of her now-famous bosoms.

What’s a pool party with a swim dress sweet heart out of a bottle of greasy oil? Mahogany is a generous baby oil consumer, and she needs to be to completely douse her gigantic hangers and juicy ass cheeks one time she tosses her bathing costume to the wind. “As u can watch, I savour plenty of breast play and I like clitoral stimulation,” Mahogany said.

“I don’t must emphasize my mangos with clothing but I definitely don’t hide ’em. I have a 42K bust that’s a little difficult to hide, no matter what.”

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Tit Chat, Measuring & Brassiere Show

Tit Chat, Measuring & Brassiere Show

The charming Alice85JJ chats with the photographer about her interests and hobbies. They switch to a self-measuring, 1st over her undergarment and reservoir top, then topless. After that, Alice tries on some bras. The brassiere she wears before she tries on the others is a flawless fit.

The next one is ridiculously diminutive. The one after that is an improvement but not by much. See how this babe puts on those bras. She has a different approach to putting ’em on.

Alice85JJ doesn’t go to the beach because that babe can’t live with out to keep her skin pale white. As far as swimsuits, this babe prefers the run of the mill one-piece.

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Whole Lotta Sexin’ Goin’ On

Whole Lotta Sexin' Goin' On

SCORE editor Dave renowned that playful Holly Brooks is the kind of lady a boy can pick up and have his way with. That made Holly snicker. She’s 109 pounds and when she goes to the Fitness Centre, the boyz tell her they should just bench-press her instead of weights.

Getting picked up and banged in a standing position is exactly what happens in Holly’s movie scene scene. She’s riding Carlos in a cowgirl when this chab gets out of couch in one motion, Holly still hooked on his knob, and he fucks her whilst that man is standing. We don’t know what this position is called by sexologists but it ain’t facile. But that’s not the only position Holly is pro at.

Holly was a financial analyst in advance of this babe decided to move her figures to the kind of spreadsheet where that babe is much more fantastic appreciated, proving that larger than standard love bubbles “account” for something. The numbers added up, especially when it came to her bra size.

Fuck-toy Holly has a slender-and-stacked bod and a baby-doll personality. Holly, Lolly Ink and Danielle Derek have the same ribald angel vibe, large billibongs, petite butt and naughty, “fuck-me-daddy” throat.

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Twilight’s Gazoo Dom

Twilight's Gazoo Master

Some studs view football. Some dudes observe TV. Tony watches wicked beauties shake and swing their huge jugs in his face. Twilight Starr is very good at this. In fact, her skills are bizarre. This babe has a dark thong in boob-fu.

Twilight is wearing a taut, tank-style top with a zippered front. She asks her boyfriend-for-the-day to move in closer and takes her gals out so this babe can rub his face in ’em. Her warm, soft breast flesh is intoxicating. A lad could spend an hour in them but they need to press on to examine other sections of Twilight’s damp anatomy. There’re areas that must be tapped by the flesh-hammer.

Twilight gets on her knees and asks him to slide off her pink ass shorts. It is time for him to bury his face in her a-hole crack. Twilight thinks this lady-killer is a bawdy buck for doing that…but it makes her sexy. If this babe thought that was nasty, she’ll detect that his finger fucking her anal opening is even hotter.

Twilight’s a-hole looks so admirable, it should stay propped up during the time that that babe hovers over sprawled-out Tony and sucks his 10-Pounder beautifully. This way he can play with that big pillow of an wazoo whilst she deep-throats him to the balls.

Fingering Twilight’s gazoo is only preparation prior to drilling her butt. 1st though, Tony will bonk her chubby bra-busters and ram her pink clam. That wazoo have to be filled. It is an epic butt-banger that gets Twilight screaming so loudly, the editors could hear her through the wall.

We knew Twilight’s culo would be in valuable hands with the wazoo taskmaster.

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Pepper Hart Pepper Hart
Pepper Hart @
Pepper Hart is a cheater, and her Hubby knows it. Partner knows his place in Pepper’s life: he’s the sole wage-earner and a priceless, priceless friend. That lady-killer is not her carnal husband, per se. You’re about to observe a standard day in Pepper’s life: Spouse comes home early from work in hopes of walking in to the kitchen to identify Pepper prepping his dinner. Instead, that dude finds his wife disheveled, sat on a messed up couch with her lipstick smeared across her pale, freckled face. Pepper’s barely dressed, and Partner very clearly hears dudes trying to suppress their laughter in the bedroom closet. Sure sufficient, Hubby’s caught Pepper in the act…again. This time it is three Bulls, and one time they realize Spouse is a cuck, they push him aside and continue laughing as they take all three of Pepper’s holes. They make joy of Hubby’s slight, white pee-pee; they tell Boyfriend of pimping Pepper and keeping the money; they make the couple kiss after rogering Pepper’s crazy mouth. They even do smth Pepper’s not ever skillful in advance of — they "DP" her, making Pepper "air tight" as they fuck all three of her holes at the same time. They give Pepper gushing, squirting orgasms before all 3 Bulls dump their large loads into Pepper’s humiliated cunt. You know what’s next: cuck boi clean up!!

Pepper Hart Pepper Hart

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Bigger than average Boobed Tool Time Gal

Big Boobed Tool Time Girl

Chicago cutie Alix Lakehurst said that growing up, she “wasn’t very nice at sports because of my mammaries. They bounced around also much. I tried gymnastics and ice skating until I got too topheavy.

“I have to wear a brassiere in public or even the almost all conservative top looks pornographic on me,” Alix says. “When I am with my sweetie and crave to give him a litttle flaunt, I will go out of a bra underneath a tight tank top.

“I am so big that I really have to wear a under garment. My fullsome funbags are very sensitive and the slightest stimulation makes my nipps rock hard and my fur pie succulent. So for practical purposes, I wear a brassiere. Even though it is worthy to be turned on all the time, I must be realistic. I do not dress adore a slut but with my body, it is hard not to look sexy!”

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Skylar Snow Skylar Snow
Skylar Snow @
Skylar Snow is a mastix, and she is an expensive one. Why? Lady Skylar merely delivers the supreme in torment and humiliation. She has a specialty, too: cuckolding! Bitch goddess Skylar likes wimpy white studs with diminutive, ineffectual penises. That babe can’t live out of laughing at her "cucks", humiliating ’em and making ’em fully realize their place in this world. More than anything, this babe likes her Larger than typical, Black Bulls. She’s got 2 astronomical, built Bulls this day. They’re real dudes! Their over-sized biceps and pecs match their over-sized ramrods, and even her cuckold this day can’t believe how bigger in size than standard and meaty they are! Nor can the cuckold believe how unbending they can pound his Woman! They shag her until this babe has a gushing climax, making a mess all over herself! Of course Lady Skylar’s cuck is there to clean her, whether it’s her ejaculate — or the Bulls! One of the Bulls paints Woman Skylar’s nifty booty with a colossal load; the other Bulls dumps his jism so unfathomable into her taut, white muff, her cuckold has to stick his tongue up as far as he can to clean her out. What a enchanting treat for him! Now, you can watch why Woman Skylar is so damn expensive…and she’s worth every penny!
Skylar Snow Skylar Snow

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Valentine’s Day Doll

Valentine's Day Doll

Milly Marks has a busy Valentine’s Day ahead of her. In advance of Milly receives into the shower, that babe sucks on her Valentine lollipop, acquires hands-on with her award-winning milk cans and opens her pretty cunt. Milly has a nicely trimmed bush here, a gift for the males who execrate the shaved-slick look.

“I love watching my allies have sex in front of me,” Milly told. “Sometimes I masturbate while I lay next to ’em. The way it started was that my roommate at the sexy dancer house I used to live in and I were in bed with some smooth operator, and we were watching TV, and I got bored. So I said to him, ‘Eat her snatch. Now!’

“And so that skirt chaser did, then I started to suck on my roommate’s zeppelins and make out with her. This chab started fingering me, and they wanted me to join, but I said him all I wanted to do was see. So there they were having mad sex right next to me in my own sofa. I’m laying down next to ’em just watching and masturbating. And that was admirable. I coercive him to cum. He had been fucking my roommate for a lengthy time, and I had cum, so I was willing to be finished. We refer to that night as the two-and-a-halfsome.”

Wrote SCORELAND member Carny, “I’ll at not time tire of her enchanting face, her huge body, her enthusiastic sexuality. Please promise that you’ll bring her back another time and one time more, for as long as that babe urges to pose!”

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