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Winner in the large titty lottery, short and stacked Daniella Grey starts off BoobQuake! with a jug-jiggling, bosom-bouncing go-go dance. The sonic booms from Daniella’s juggs in motion will blow your pants clean off.

We skip any kind of plot, dialogue or script requiring mental labor lest it divert vital blood flow from our dongs to our brains.

Daniella simply says after her wild dance that she needs anybody to come in and shag her. A smooth operator who keeps his face hole shut and his weenie subrigid arrives.

Boob play and lap dancing. Amorous mouthing and fucking. Cum-covered bouncy bosoms. We’ll at not time forget you, Daniella Grey.

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Bells Rings Our Bells

Bells Rings Our Bells

Micky Bells wasn’t in Voluptuous mag during 2015 ‘cuz she had slimmed down and was a covergirl for SCORE instead (July 2015). That was the reason Micky was in the SCORE contest for Pornstar of the year instead of V-mag’s contest. Had Micky been in Voluptuous final year looking like this, that babe probably would have won Sex star of the year. Like anything else in life, milk sacks have their ups and downs.

Micky has consistently been in the Top 20-rated list at SCORELAND for years and her new series of pregnant discharges (this babe thought her zeppelins had grown to 36L-cups) have breastnotized everyone with the sheer size and shape of her love muffins. That babe even said in a chat that she has a hard time self-sucking her areolas, one of her uniquely mammarable talents when she is on-camera.

In this movie scene, the last in her pregnant series, Micky checks herself out in a mirror, examining how her monumental super-knockers look in a constricted cocktail suit. Lowering the thongs, Micky studies her bod, then walks over to the sofa to give us a tit brandish. That babe is still accustomed to engulf each nipp. Her hands trip south to shove her pink pussy–sticking 2 fingers in–and receives herself cumming with a circular clitoris caressing.

In a Bonus 2nd movie scene, Micky tries on constricted tops and gets busy with a tape measure!

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Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

A hotel guest has trouble with a ceiling light so that guy calls the front desk for a maintenance charmer. Showing up is no maintenance gent. Dominno wears a tank-top, denim short-shorts cut above her butt-cheeks and clear platform shoes. Great maintenance uniform! Whoever picked that outfit knows what males wish to watch a angel wear.

Dominno brings in a beat-up ladder that looks willing to collapse. Please Dominno, don’t receive a concussion before the guest can copulate you. This babe asks him to assist her down so this chab grabs her body, already drooling as this smooth operator touches her soft, creamy skin. They initiate French-kissing. She squats and pulls out his penis. Where is this hotel in any case? Well, it is located in SCORELAND. That explains everything.

The boy may be dimmer than the bulb Dominno is there to change but his schlong is more unbending than her tools. Dominno slurps on his meat and offers her bra buddies for him to copulate. Doggystyle, one leg on a rung of the ladder, Dominno takes strapon in her slit standing up. She squats over his pole as this buck lies on the floor. This babe at no time does fix the light. This babe gets on her knees once more so this chab can bust a nut on her gracious breasts.

This scene is likewise on DVD in Stacked & Serviced.

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Sexy Cutie

Hot Angel

Charlotte Goddess begins her 1st XL Angels boy-girl with a amorous chat with TSG editor Dave to learn a little bit about what that babe is love in bed. Is that babe an Hotty during sex? What do u think? U guessed right.

Their chat turns to butt slapping and drubbing. A spanker is needed, ‘cuz act speaks louder than mere words, so Dave calls in JMac to lend a hand. Specifically, a palm. JMac spanks her bigger than average a-hole from cushioned to unbending and Charlotte lets us know her rating for every spank. This babe can definitely handle a precious smacking on her ass and like it. JMac exits for the time being so the interview can continue but leaves his red hand print for Charlotte to remember him by until that babe meets his stiffy in a not many minutes. “The noise is the utmost part about it,” says Charlotte.

So what does Charlotte crave from a boy in ottoman? That babe desires rough, unbending, strong, lusty rogering and handling but not fetish, SADOMASOCHISM, whips and all that kinky-weirdo stuff. She’s gonna acquire it now but priceless.

Dave leaves our happy blind daters to get to know every other in what some might call an intimate collision (we call it getting your cock sucked…for starters) while Charlotte gets busy in an epic boning session.

Go for it, Charlotte Gal!

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Pleasing & Yummy

 Sweet & Tasty

G-cup fantasy angel Allie Pearson is in a very bouncy mood and when Allie bounces, it’s magic time. By the time Allie’s creamed her comely, bare body and finger-banged her young slit, her nipps are rigid sufficient to cut glass!

“I used to get tons of attention from lads in school. I developed at a juvenile age, so my breasts, my gazoo, all that precious stuff, got their attention. I was about 13, maybe even a little bit younger, when I started to develop. That is when I remember indeed standing out and having larger assets than the other gals.

“A lot of the other beauties would view me and say, ‘Oh my gosh! U have big tits! I urge I had large titties.’ At that age, every hotty wants bazookas, but as far as participating in plenty of activities, it was uncomfortable at that age ‘cuz whatsoever you do you’re flopping around.”

This day they’re still envious of Allie.

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Blazin’ Pantoons

Blazin' Boobs

“I always wear taut hawt raiment,” says Demmy Blaze, a new SCORE Girl (August ’16 SCORE mag) with a fantastic, captivating body. Her fluency in English is gorgeous valuable. This babe is quiet in this movie scene but gets chatty in the Bonus video when that babe measures herself and tries on bras. “I adore to reveal my figure. I don’t like baggy garments. I have a tiny waist and large pantoons and I like to look my best.”

Demmy started busting out when she was 15 and her treasures just kept growing. This babe loves intend to the Fitness Centre and working out. There could be no greater distraction for a woman chaser lifting weights in a Health Undress club than Demmy bouncing on a treadmill. “I love to expose off my boobies,” told Demmy. “I adore to get nice compliments about my figure. I don’t adore to get…what do u call it, cat-calls…from lads.”

“My prefered way to chill out is by intend to a spa and to a gal salon. I feel very hot when my hair and make-up is nice and I wear raiment that’s complimentary to my figure. I enjoyed my SCORE photo discharges. It’s a fine experience for me.” And a admirable experience for breast-men, for sure, Demmy.

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Bounce Baby, Bounce!

Bounce Baby, Bounce!

“Most lads wish me to have sex with ’em when I tell them I’m a sex researcher,” Sabina Leigh said us when she was at SCORE for the 1st time shooting for Voluptuous magazine. “They say I can use them for research.”

Sabina came here (and came inflexible) a few times, and did interracial and a threesome on her most-recent visit. That babe is researched and designed dildos made of glass, produced by a ally who’s a adept glass blower. This babe knows a lot about anatomy and what acquires a lady cumming. I think her kind of toy could be called ergonomic–designed for maximum ease, usage and efficiency.

“The G-spot is right inside the pussy at the top, so u want the hook to go up and to the front, like right behind the love button. So the finest way to use it is not to put it unfathomable into the twat, but focus more on just the first couple of inches inside. That is where the G-spot and all those sensitive nerve endings will be discovered.”

Videos that display the lady love melons in motion, love a cutie doing sports, and everything out side tend to stick to the memory of the boob guy. In this scene, Sabina Leigh enjoyed a one-on-one game of hoops and that babe is wearing the consummate clothing: constricted shorts and a constricted reservoir top over a under garment. It’s sexy and clammy outside so Sabina pulls off her tank. Those bra-covered, jiggling flesh-melons acquire Ashley even more heated. This ladies man interrupts everything by grabbing Sabina and having a go at her nipps. This babe spreads her face hole and this game is over. They throw a towel on the grass and this buck shags her. Kneeling, she gives him that look that says “Come on my mambos.” This babe juggles her big boobs and this chab jacks on them for a glad ending.

Many times, a reader or a web resource member offers that a hotty that Lothario knows give us a call. That happened to Sabina. “A ally of mine suggested that I investigate your magazines and look into doing adult modeling, so I looked at your site and did some research. Then I took some fotos and sent ’em in. You lads called and offered me the chance to come down.”

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Playgirl Angel

Honey Girl

Playgirl goddess Monica Adore adds a little honey bunny to her cuppa tea and, as the cheery, sexy girl-next-door receives naked for our enjoyment, this babe adds some sweetheart to her bigger in size than standard, enormous love muffins.

Monica has a demureness about her but that babe is now very comfortable on-camera. As that babe got increasingly assertive, that babe became self-assured sufficient to try her first XXX scene “First SeXXX.”

“My favorite position is doggie-style and I so savour rug munch. I loved it when Steve put me on the daybed and put his tongue inside me. I adore it when a ladies man licks my wet crack. I pulled and caressed my teats and the sensations were so admirable I thought I’d cum right away. I love to play with my fullsome funbags and my teats. I will do that often before I go to sleep.”

“Modeling has made me more aware of my sexuality and how important it is to me,” said Monica. “I always adore sex a lot and now it’s like an awakening inside me. I feel more seductive and appreciated.”

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Showering Milk sacks 2

Showering Tits 2

Showering always gets a high rating and our 3 washroom girls in part two of “Showering Bra-Busters” take good, long showers. Sophie Mae presses her body against the glass shower door and when that babe steps out, our photographer caught some marangos in motion act from a low angle as Sophie swung them from side to side. Newly inducted Hall of Famer Merilyn Sakova (June 2016 SCORE) mainly showered her bawdy cleft during shaving and cumming in this scene. Tigerr Benson, the dirtiest of our clean angels in this movie scene, soaps up her beautiful bod and rubs her large mammaries against the glass likewise. Dudes takes about five minutes to shower. Gals take about 20 minutes and more and it’s worth each second especially when they’re angels like these three.

Watch More of Merilyn Sakova at SCORELAND.COM!

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Milky Meatballs

Milky Knockers

We believe a bare girl’s place is the bedroom. And the washroom. And the kitchen. And any other part of the abode this babe craves to shake her stupendous titties in.

Madison Lee was a web-cam angel and not ever posed for magazines, websites or DVD producers until we introduced ourselves.

For this scene, Madison chose the kitchen. And near the end, this babe pleaded with the cameraman to pour a bigger in size than average glass of milk all over her chest during the time that that babe toyed her hawt cunt. That dude was competent to do it whilst still manning the digi camera. How many boys receive to pour a glass of milk over milk sacks upon request with out their hands shaking?

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Walk With Roxee, Talk With Roxee

Walk With Roxee, Talk With Roxee

During a break from her photo-shoot in Prague, Roxee wanted a cup of coffee so this babe put on her coat and went for a walk to the local coffee shop. This babe is overspread up well from the cold except for the rounded bouncy bosoms of her immense twins. The photographer offered to walk her there cuz A) he’s a buck B) this chab wanted to film Roxee walking. The cobblestoned street was a little tricky to walk on in high heels. “But it is absolutely worth it. I love the attention I get,” Roxee mentions to him.

“I read the comments that the lads post and I like reading what fans are saying and what they can’t live with out,” Roxee tells us. “I love all my fans and appreciate them.”

Roxee enjoyed her trips to the Czechia. Our photographer has driven her around city to brandish her a scarcely any places. That babe enjoys the flavor and style of Prague and its historic architecture and art. Next time, that babe desires to visit the celebrated Prague Castle.

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