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Fuck & Spunk

Shag & Spunk

Carol Brown is a particular personality in the Voluptuous and XL Cuties universe. Voted V-Mag Glamour model of the year 1998, Carol dropped out of the public eye for numerous years. When a SCORE staffer located her, she’d added some poundage as well as boobage. Now she’s fuller, bustier and juicier.

“My bazookas got bigger after having children,” Carol told us. “My bra size in the 1990s was 34G, sometimes H, but now it is a whopping 34K. Lots of weight went to my mammaries.” Carol had done only a scarcely any XXX scenes back in the 1990s. “I adore sex. I love engulfing dong. That is one of my beloved things to do. Seeing tons of jizz come with out my man’s ramrod makes me glad. I’ve always missed the modeling so why not combine the two afresh? I had plenty of pleasure making these photos. It was a dunky room and it got very warm.”

One could call Carol a MILF now…a fat, curvy Mother I’d like to fuck with a stupendous pair of plush zeppelins and a overweight rump admirable of the topmost attention. “I’m told by others that I’m a meaty, sexy, ardent mistress. That is the nicest compliment I have ever heard. I am just me.”

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South American Ravisher

South American Beauty

A natural dish with meaty sex appeal, Katy Shavon is from Medellin, Colombia, home too to Shara Lopez, one more seductive South American with an eye-popping body and hooters. One as well as the other angels are showstoppers.

SCORE has filmed cuties in Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Colombia is a new location and if there are more love Katy and Shara, it looks to be as rich in mellow racks as Romania and the Czech Republic.

Katy wears a bathing costume and heels to this photo discharge. That babe reveals off every soaked centimeter after this babe takes it off, goes for a slim dip in the pool and oils up. Who couldn’t take a shine to this baby?

“I acquire to buy an extra-large undergarment that is not normally sold everywhere,” said Katy. “I always wear one to keep my scoops up. I donot wear one when I go on the cam.”

Katy doesn’t speak English but that is no problem since many SCORE staff members speak Spanish. No matter, the language of bigger than average billibongs knows no borders or barriers.

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Gettin’ Glazed

Gettin' Glazed

Ms. Moist has had lots of good times here at BootyLicious. That babe made her claim to fame as one of the 3 G-string-wearing super heroines in the Belt Team. And she has banged her way to the top and gone down on tons of larger than typical dongs. This babe ends her XXX trip by inviting a man into her bedroom and screwing in an private setting. No frills, no plot-lines. Just Ms. Damp nude down and taking a raw pounding in the comfort of her own home. That babe sucks pecker adore it’s going out of style and then that babe parks that mega booty on this stud’s face for a taste. When she’s set to go, this babe hops on his meat-thermometer and rides until he’s ready to coat her caboose. He creams her can and this babe happily makes that bulky a-hole clap.

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Babe Holly

Hottie Holly

As we open the Holly Jayde reveal, the digi camera locks in on her beautiful face. “Oh, baby, I am so pleased you are here this day. I wanna suck on your schlong,” Holly says. Pointing a finger at her open mouth, Holly says, “It’s gonna go right here. I crave all of your cum in my face hole right here.” Holly widens her seductive throat wide for emphasis.

Now plenty of cameramen would have dropped their gear all over themselves but our bucks are made of sterner ram. Too much is riding on them. Holly’s wearing a low-cut blue top that unveils her sexy and squashy 38DDD flesh juggs. She kneads and squeezes her sweater cannons and is very chatty as she does it. You can tell that this moist morsel is proud of her large knockers.

Holly’s stunt shlong arrives and this babe begins kneading his junk and asking him if that gent is intend to cum in her face hole. They play with her hooters and, still clothed, with her exposed milk cans spilling over her top, Holly leans forward sat on the bed and begins sucking his rock hard cock with loving licks. Then she gets on her back, her head at the edge of the ottoman, to have her throat screwed and her nipps pulled and pinched. And that is just for starters.

Holly Jayde did say that this babe likes as much sex as possible, and with her kind of talent and looks, this babe have to get all the cum that babe desires.

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Chanel Preston Chanel Preston
Chanel Preston @
Chanel Preston has a real douche bag for a Boyfriend, but things are about to change. That babe married a wealthy PC "coder", even though this chab is not the "hottest" stud around. What he lacks in looks (and in the bedroom), he more than makes up in his bank account, 401 (K), and other investments. Still, Chanel’s had it with Hubby’s berating behavior: talking down to her; insulting her; making stupid jokes at Chanel’s expense. In fact, as he’s doing it in front of his "homies" (I said u he’s a douche!) Chanel puts her foot down and calls him into the kitchen for a "talk". Await until you see the results of her "talk"! Or, in other words, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"! Chanel establishes dominance, marches out to the front room, and then had the Bulls run a educate on the one and the other her twat and butthole…while Boyfriend watches! Everybody shit talks the cuckold, in advance of this chap is compulsory to do one of the majority humiliating things a straight male can imagine. If and u think Chanel was all done after "clean up on aisle ass", expect til the very end of this Cuckold Session! Warning: what you’re about to witness may disturb you for weeks — or even months!!
Chanel Preston Chanel Preston

Visit – Small Ding-dong Cuckolds And Their Darksome Cock Wives @ Cuckold Sesssions | Chanel Preston

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Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Lucy Lenore has been expecting patiently in the kitchen, all dolled-up in her happy-homemaker-with-huge-hooters dress. Now that babe can pull out her enjoyable treats and flaunt what this babe is made of: sugar, spice and everything admirable. It is a shame that every kitchen doesn’t come with a Lucy Lenore, but at least Lucy Lenore cums in this kitchen!

“I live a fairly active lifestyle,” told Lucy, who 1st learned about XL Cuties when that babe worked in an adults store and checked out all the latest SCORE Group magazines when they arrived. “I spend a priceless amount of time outside hiking, kayaking, camping and enjoyment ram adore that. I’m at no time going to be competent to dedicate myself to a Fitness Centre or everything. I am not that self-disciplined. I’m likewise used to doing soever I wish.”

Lucy draws male eyes wherever that babe goes. “At this point I’m used to it. I used to receive a lot of attention from way aged studs when I was really juvenile ‘cuz of it. It drove my dad mad!”

Lucy told she’s low-key. “I adore intend to the episodes and old bookstores on dates. I just love spending time with someone and getting to know ’em. I read a lot. I am a larger than run of the mill fan of youth sci-fi and I’m a biggest Harry Potter fan.”

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Sharon’s Three-For-All

Sharon's Three-For-All

It’s always the bust of many worlds at SCORELAND. From the angels who solely go topless to the superstars of sex who can demolish any dude with their large pointer sisters and vise-grip cunts, it’s a smorgasboob of chesty women. The right bomber cuties are always welcome to join the top-heavy tent of The Large Unveil.

Sharon Pink brings her stacked rack over for a greater than run of the mill tit attack and acquires manhandled by 2 fellows at a spa. Can Sharon handle ’em back? The answer is obvious. The pleasure is in seeing how this babe does it. Cuz one chap is not sufficient for this cock-sucking Czech breast valley queen who can’t live with out to drink, not spit. This is a very wild scene. Sharon outdoes herself.

“I have sex daily,” Sharon told us. “I am very assured and active. I adore kissing and tongueing for the foreplay. I am satisfied by very rock hard screwing in missionary and doggie. Sex with cuties is great, too, but it’s so different than with a stud. Steve and Neeo banged me rock hard with very unfathomable strokes and did not prevent. They are love machines. I stuck my tongue out for their cum when it was time.”

Sharon Pink: the sex force is with her!

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Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Beach

“I commence sex,” Arianna Sinn told. “I love to be in dictate. But once it begins, I love the lady-killer to be a little more aggressive. I can make sex happen, but then I like him to tell me what this charmer wants and do what this chab craves with me. But sometimes, I will take control. I adore to shake my scones in a man’s face and watch his reaction.”

Relaxing on the beach enjoying a cocktail, Arianna soaks up the sun. This beach is remote and empty. There is no one around for miles. Arianna lifts up her bottle of sun gel. Sitting behind her is her boy toy, her private assistant. That babe keeps him close by to satisfy her each need, and we do mean each need.

Arianna prefers a greater than typical lady-killer with a large shlong coz she’s a whole lot of domme. After giving her a breast rub-down in the sun, his next task is to give his busty boss a hot bonk on her beach blanket and give her total joy. This babe of course deserves it.

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XL Girls Classics

XL Gals Classics

We’ve met few ladies who took such an intensive interest in–and derived so much fun from–modeling for XL Beauties as Donna did.

For some girls, it is a job, a livelihood, a career. There’s no thing not right with that, certainly. But not for Donna. Contented to be included with big boobed girls that ranged from one-shot wonders to the superstars, when that babe first started stripped modeling, Donna began to regularly email us ribald jokes and stories this babe had conjured with out her carnal imagination. This babe enjoyed writing erotic fiction. She wrote one story about a Super Bowl party at her place that was indeed messy.

“I came out wearing a skimpy bathing costume that merely overspread my areolas. This got the boys so concupiscent that they started stroking themselves. I wanted to indeed receive them hot and willing to discharge all that hot cum out on me, so I sitting down on the floor and started pulling and stroking my long pink flaps and getting myself indeed succulent. My rock-hard nipps were throbbing from the thought of all these boyz getting turned on by me. I did that for about ten minutes when the first hardly any boys came up and shot a few loads in my mouth and on my pantoons. It felt and tasted so worthwhile that I begged ’em to give me more. It did not take lengthy after that and the rest of them lined up on either side of me and were giving me what I wanted. At times, I had 2 boys shooting loads of hot, gooey cum into my throat. When that cum squirted out and splattered all over my face and knockers, my twat had its own eruptions out of me even touching it. After it was all over, I was literally overspread in cum, from my face to my knees and they wouldn’t let me wipe it off.”

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Her Larger than average Bazookas Open All Doors

Her Large Fullsome funbags Open All Doors

It is a fact that Summer Sinn‘s breathtaking chest can clear a path to her destination. In other words, her big juggs open all doors. Her tits are her ID. She is welcomed warmly by bouncers, airport security (full body pursue on aisle THREE, please), traffic cops, doormen, headwaiters, cab drivers…you name Them.

Let’s reveal an sample of how Miss Sinn’s fun bags are her ID in this reenactment. Summer was scheduled for a fuck scene. At the front desk, our receptionist asked for her photo identification, which almost any of u know is a legal requirement in the adult world. Summer didn’t have it. She’d forgotten it at her hotel. But no problem. She simply lifted up her blouse, showed her bouncy mangos and the office worker let her pass.

On her way to the studio, Summer avoided a shipping department employee and asked for directions. This charmer needed evidence that that babe was who she told that babe was and not an imposter. Anew, her love muffins got her a pass. Once in the studio, another workers member needed her ID but…you guessed it…Summer’s mammaries were her identification.

Finally, Summer met her co-star on the set. Her thrusting jugs served afresh as her pass and they gotta the tit-fucking, deep-throating and banging this babe earned after this babe was avoided at more checkpoints than in an eastern European police state in 1975. Large tits: more amazing for opening doors than a twenty dollar bill folded in a girl’s palm.

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Creaming For Ice Semen

Creaming For Ice Cream

Nixie Night is dressed to thrill in her girl-next-door way, pig-tails and all.

Love any hot girl-next-door, Nixie is tongueing an ice man-juice cone. And playing with it. You will not see this kind of romping at your local ice sex cream shop.

“I read a lot!” says Nixie. “I own 15 different books about human sexuality from ancient Greece to now.” This babe came to the right place to further those studies in sexology.

“I adore to brandish off my bra-busters! I adore to wear taut, low-cut tops that actually show ’em off.” These words touch our hearts. Thank’s for being u, Nixie Night.

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