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The Sexy Store Clerk

The Hawt Store Clerk

Welcome to Sarah Rae’s Big Titty Boutique. You’ll discover the world’s greatest customer service in this store. The clerks led by owner Sarah Rae will take the shirts off their backs to serve you and make a sale. Whatever u need for that special anybody with humongous milk sacks is here from supportive bras to cleavage-revealing sweaters. Carefully view Sarah’s able sales technique in this stiffening photo widen and movie scene. Her sexy girl-next-door pizzazz could sell ice makers at the North Pole.

What kind of questions do boys ask Sarah? Do they tend to ask pretty much the same questions?

“I do acquire asked a lot of the same questions. Love, ‘How larger than average are they?’ ‘Are they real?’ ‘Does my back hurt?’ ‘Do I like sucking my teats?’ etc. etc. I’m a 34JJ and I say yes to everything except my back hurting. I’ve no idea why everyone thinks it’s such a struggle for me to have biggest bumpers, I adore them and cant say one bad thing about them!”

There’s no thing bad anyone can say about bigger in size than standard whoppers. Out of Them, there is no paradise. Sarah Rae proves this yet anew.

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Kerry Marie Time Traveler

Kerry Marie Time Traveler

SCORELAND hits the bigger in size than average tit time machine and warps back to the days of Kerry Marie past with three Kerry Marie vids made at the SCORE Studio. First up, we go back in time to visit Kerry’s distant ancestor, a cavegirl with a body that made cavemen paint her pics on their cave walls. Kerry even paints her larger than standard melons with prehistoric darksome light paint! She was a true pioneer of nudie naked modeling.

Moving forward to the 21st century, we pursue Kerry as this babe hitches a ride to SCORELAND (holding a sign that reads, “SCORELAND or Bust”). The driver who picks her up thought he was intend to acquire a blowjob but Kerry ain’t that kinda beauty. That babe is saving herself for marriage. But this gent agrees to take Kerry over in any case. During the ride, that babe changes out of her clothes, masturbating and torturing the poor lad while he watches in the rear view mirror. This babe gets dressed in advance of they arrive at SCORELAND. It was a ride that ladies man at no time forgot.

Lastly, warped to the 22nd century, Kerry is a star pilot exploring a derelict space ship in seek of the orgasmatron, a device that all huge-boobed gals would adore to acquire their snatches baked with. Kerry beams aboard the ship and starts using all of the tech this babe finds to pleasurize her priceless scoops and taut coochie, breaking the breast pump along the way.

Excellent Kerry Marie, voted #7 in the Almost all mind boggling Models of SCORELAND 1992-2012.

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Hershey’s Treat

Hershey's Treat

If you’ve got a taste for Hershey’s Kisses, we have got just the angel for you, fellas. Hershey Bryant is a thick piece of chocolate wazoo that’s brawny to smash.

“Do you like what u watch?” Hershey asks with a tanalise in her much-too-small-for-her-phat-ass jean shorts. “I think u do.”

This babe is right, and we’d love no thing more than to taste a bit of this black chocolate-skinned hottie. But we’re gonna need to settle for watching her play today.

After Hershey undresses down to her pleasant birthday dress, she pulls out her prefered toy. That babe slides and slides her much loved playmate in and with out her luscious bawdy cleft, and it is not long previous to that babe lets out a rapturous larger than standard O.

“Oh, you adore that wet slit?” Hershey asks.

We do. It is Hershey’s treat.

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Recent Discovery

New Discovery

Isabella Grazzi makes her XLGirls launch and is a bit nervous since she has never modeled before but she does precious in our book and receives good and relaxed. Isabella said that the most joy job that babe is ever had was working at Starbucks but now that this babe is at Starboobs, that babe may like hawt adult modeling even more. It’s hotter than an espresso.

In her spare time, Isabella is a musician. “I can sing and play the piano and I can juggle,” says Isabella. This babe is likewise got a little bit of a kinky side and is into S&M (although she doesn’t look it at all).

Isabella has some wild sexual dreams that she talks about in the clip portion of her launch. She watches porn and owns a Hitachi Wand that that babe uses a couple of times a day. Girls didn’t use to observe porn but the times, they are a’changin’ and 21-year-old angels are as lewd to watch sex videos as boyz are.

Cute, perky, bubbly and amiable. You’ll like Isabella Grazzi.

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Bodacious & Vivacious

Bodacious & Vivacious

Alana Lace is a fresh Voluptuous SCORELAND Beauty but we wanted XLGirls to have a photo spread and video so u can check her out if you are not getting one as well as the other websites in the Loyalty Program. Alana is not new to bare modeling but that babe got much more voluptuous over the past pair of years and now her ripened breasts and booty are traffic-stoppers.

Alana has a girl-next-door wifey quality about her (she’s only 21 years mature) and reminded the photographers and editors of some of the stand-out V-mag models from the ’90s and early ’00s adore Lisa Miller and Chaz plus more fresh beauties like Elaina Gregory.

Alana doesn’t view or play sports and doesn’t work-out. This babe does like to sing and dance, something that would be a wonderful sight to watch. On-video, Alana has no inhibitions and has a fresh throat which this babe uses in the clip version of this widen. Filthy talkers with actually large billibongs are always welcome, especially when they look like Alana Lace. This babe has the potential to make it large in more ways than one. See more of Alana at SCORELAND in the months ahead.

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Micky’s Magic

Micky's Magic

Micky Bells’ new look takes her with out XLGirls and V-mag and now places her 100% in SCORE magazine. That babe appears in September ’14 SCORE, the annual all-natural edition. It’s a extraordinary transformation and a uncommon one. Usually it’s the reverse with the model gaining boobage and buttage via added poundage.

What have SCORELAND members renowned?

“I 1st saw Micky on some other (now defunct) web site with mostly eastern European glamour models when that babe was probably just starting out (18/19?) and that babe was this same size. I loved her then, I loved her as an XL goddess, and I like her now that she’s back to SCORE/Voluptuous size. Plenty of angels can look somewhat deflated after losing weight, but not Micky. That babe looks just adore that babe did back when I first saw her.”- Soulstroker

“Micky Bells is one of my favs. She’s still one of my faves. Adore the new look.”-Donald

“OMFG! She’s diminutive now! not an XL Cutie anymore, but still she looks great! Congratulations, Micky! I know how stiff it is to lose weight, but at the end you feel great.”-Roberto

Watch More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!

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Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Here at BootyLicious, we’re generally not the types to go on nature walks. But if the view includes a girl love Hershey Bryant, then we’d acquire to reconsider. Especially when she’s poppin’ her cool booty love this.

“I like to be outdoors,” that babe said. “I feel at home when I am going out on walks and all that.”

We would not mind making ourselves at home inside her pink cooch, but we do not mind watching her play with it herself. Hershey has such a big carnal appetite that watching her screw herself with her favourite toy is just as hot as seeing a real schlong slip in and out of her.

“I have sex about 3 or four times per week,” Hershey told. “Which isn’t enough. But that is why I masturbate a pair times a day, too. A girl’s gotta get off as much as possible.”

You merit it, Hershey. We’ll just sit back and have enjoyment the view.

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Miss Craven Desires Sperm

Miss Craven Desires Cream

36H-cupper Jes Craven has a butt call with a big-dicked XL chap assigned to send her to outer space and deposit a load inside her pierced, pink bawdy cleft. That lady-killer is up for it and Jes is down for it. She is got the magic touch. Jes’ large 48-inch marangos make big dongs disappear. That is magic in our playbook.

What’s next on Jes’ dream to-do list now that she is done hardcore at XLGirls? “I wish to have an all-girl slumber party that turns into an orgy. When I was a dancer, I had sex in the champagne room with one more dancer,” says Jes, who can’t live without gals as much as she likes unyielding fellows and says her kinkiest experience was a trio with two sisters. “I too urge to try the pile-driver position,” adds Jes.

Jes gets a entire work-out in this initial debut XXX scene. Please give her a greater than typical hand. Because her biggest mangos need a large hand to lift them up.

Watch More of Jes Craven at XLGIRLS.COM!

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Big-Boobed Cum Lover

Big-Boobed Cum Lover

Olarita’s back from a hiatus from porn and insane to get back into the swing of schlong in a brand-new scene, “Big-Boobed Cum Lover.” Olarita has lost none of her man-pleasuring skills.

If u have an jaw-dropping memory for big-boobed European porn cuties, you may remember Olarita from 2007, a dark brown who fucked for Voluptuous in the sensitively-titled SCOREVideo, “Massage Parlor Whore” and Jilled-off with a marital-device in two other clips.

The darksome brown Czech’s a woman-next-door type with a larger than standard ass and larger than standard milk sacks and no visible tats or piercings like so many newer cuties this day. The kind you’d watch at the market or working at an run of the mill job, not at any time suspecting that babe screws strangers in porn episodes. The merely difference between then and now is that Olarita has gained some weight and she’s shaven off the grand muff this babe sported back then.

Olarita’s coupled off with Bruce in her comeback. That babe swallows and licks his shaft and balls, takes a dicking between her bigger than standard natural scoops and spreads her shaved love tunnel for his tongue. (European porn dudes always go down on their shag fellas with scarcely any exceptions.)

After finger-banging Olarita and fucking her face and big, floppy fun bags again, Bruce plants Olarita face down arse up and drives her home in doggie and reverse cowgirl. That babe widens her face hole again for his hard-on and sucks it some more. They resume fucking, this time in missionary, one leg on his shoulder for deeper penetration. This chab busts a nut on her greater than standard jugs and sticks his cum-dripping shlong back in her throat ‘coz Olarita hasn’t had any lunch since they got together for this date and he’s a considerate woman chaser.

Watch More of Olarita at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

The Big Terrace of Miss Fantasy

The Large Terrace of Miss Dream

Lavina Dream claims she was a late bloomer in the bust department. She flaunts her love muffins did not begin to grow until she was 16. “I was so quiet when I was a kid,” said Lavina. “I would only go to school and come back home. I would have not at all thought I could brandish my body bare. And with sex-aids.”

Lavina’s future plans are to become a professional masseuse and modeling has helped her in that goal. It’s helped T&A chaps a lot likewise since Lavina launched. Looking at her mellow, big zeppelins and sexy girl-bits is very invigorating and healthy.

Lavina traveled to northwestern Dominican Republic with TSG and spent the week in a swanky mansion bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the mountains. Wonderful but not as glamourous as Lavina and her companions Jennica Lynn, Roxanne Miller and Vanessa Y. The special DVD XLGirls On Location will take u along for their tour to paradise.

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Burlesque Star

Burlesque Star

Feature dancer and SCORE porn star Stephanie Stalls is a disciple of burlesque and puts on one of her burlesque-style flaunts in the movie match of this photo widen. She dances regularly at Jill’s in West Virginia and does road trips around America shaking and bouncing her greater than standard mounds. Stephanie’s mentioned burlesque in her interviews and chats but we at no time saw any examples of her moves during her visits to SCORE. “I have feather fans and a champagne ball that I acquire into,” Stephanie said. “Burlesque is tons of kicking your legs out and teasing.”

See More of Stephanie Stalls at SCORELAND.COM!