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Whip It

Whip It

Juliana Simms is looking for a whipping boy. U game to get maimed? We’d rather just play motorboat with Juliana than receive a beat-down. If Juliana really decided to become a fetish femdom-goddess, she’d probably be also worthwhile and nurturing to crack your back on a rack.

SCORELAND: Juliana: Are u a morning person or a night person?

Juliana: I’m a night person.

SCORELAND: Are u an outdoor or an indoor person?

Juliana: Out side when the weather is alluring.

SCORELAND: What is smth about you that surprises people the majority when you tell ’em?

Juliana: I’ve two higher education degrees and my specialty is electrical science.

SCORELAND: What makes u giggle?

Juliana: Looking at laughable dogs.

SCORELAND: What’s the funniest comment you’ve ever heard?

Juliana: That I have greater than typical eyes.

SCORELAND: Actually you do.

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Bodacious Bathing suit Cutie

Bodacious Swimsuit Girl

It is swimsuit time at a pool for XL Goddess Mya Blair. Mya’s a Carolina girl who webcams and has a cheery, fun personality. And great, bigger in size than run of the mill melons and a great gazoo. Mya has a theatrical background likewise and discussed her stage experiences.

Mya: I’ve been in many musical productions throughout my school career. I actually performed in Spring Awaking a not many years back. That is my beloved musical. I have been in Into The Woods, Thoroughly Modern Millie, plenty of reveals.

XL Girls: Who did you play in Into The Woods?

Mya: Rapunzel. I was one of the slight in number people in the cast who could sing actually well, so they told, “This is the hardest singing part. Here u go!” I was in Hello, Dolly! I was in Fiddler On The Roof. And I was in The Great American Trailer Park Musical.

XL Girls: We urge u had done some singing in this pool movie. What is this Trailer Park Musical?

Mya: It is exactly what u probably think it is. It is a musical that is put in a trailer park. It is batty, but I was the main character. I was a gogo dancer who came into town and destroyed everyone’s life.

XL Girls: Did you disrobe on-stage?

Mya: It was implied. I did not get in nature’s garb, but it was implied that I was topless. I had a hat–a truly large hat–covering my bazookas.

XL Girls: Too bad for the audience.

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Shots! Shots! Shots!

Shots! Shots! Shots!

There is nothing adore having a cold swallow after a long day. Especially if Tia Sweets is your bartender on that special night. You’d kick off off by knockin’ back a not many cold brews, and then take things a bit farther with a not many shots.

We aren’t talkin’ about shots of Patron or Grey Goose, though. We’re talkin’ about ass shots from a hawt mulatta bartender. U won’t need a chaser ‘cuz these shots go down smooth, and you won’t blame any decisions u make on the alcohol ‘cuz the merely hangover you’ll suffer from is TNA overdose.

“I have a high sex drive,” Tia said. “I like going all night, and when we wake up, I wanna do it once more. There’s no more awesome alarm than waking up with your lady-killer going down on u.”

Right now, she’s going down on our ladies man Bigger than standard Pike’s knob previous to that woman chaser flips her over and bonks her on her side, and then doggystyle.

We forgot to mention that Tia loves being served shots, too. Not a-hole shots, though. She can’t live out of cum shots on her milk cans, mouth and ass. Pike, being the generous customer he’s, serves up a thick cum discharged all over her a-hole as a phat arse tip.

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Underwater Floaters

Underwater Floaters

There is always a pool handy in Miami, and for our purposes, it’s got to be a intimate pool so the girls can take off or move aside their bikinis and we can shoot some underwater action of the submerged-boobs kind. That was the game plan with Laddie Lynn on this admirable day. The weather was sunny and sexy. Laddie was sunny and sexy. The flawless combo.

Laddie (pronounced “Lady”) talked about blow jobs. “I love sucking rod. It turns me on to know I’m turning on my partner. I usually stand up to detect a pool of my juices between my knees. You bet I swallow. I worked so rock hard to empty these balls and I am going to savor every drop.”

What about getting down with a charmer outside of the bedroom or living room?

“I once had a not many too many drinks and ended up making like in the front seat of a car with a near-stranger. It was fantastic.”

Threesomes? Fingering?

“Partner swapping is my much loved and I totally love being fingered until I squirt.”

It’s always sunny in Miami when Laddie’s visiting XL Angels.

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Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy

Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy

Is there a hotter ally with benefits than Carmen Hayes? No, sir! We call Carmen a supple flyer coz of the man-pleasing way this babe can flex her legs in the almost any fuckable positions with the high-reaching of ease.

Carmen stars in the DVDs Big boobed Hookers, Big boobed Working Sistas, The Breast Of SCORELAND and has appeared in many more slutty SCORE episodes since that babe began modeling. In “Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy,” Carmen is being hit on at a bar but that babe is not receptive. In fact, this babe is annoyed. “You cant even handle me,” she tells one wanna-be horndog trying to receive into Carmen’s knickers. Carmen tells him that he has no chance. This woman chaser persists. This babe snubs him. This chab urges her bad.

Carmen says that this woman chaser could not at any time get past her astronomical melons and that he’ll blow his load way in advance of this chab ever got around to sticking it in. The bar customer makes a deal with Carmen. If this chab loses his man-goo in advance of he can screw her, he’ll buy her a diamond necklace!

Carmen tries to get rid of him but the barfly is persistent. Carmen resolves to take the bet. That babe knows the things she can do to a shlong guarantee her to win the bet. Coz this babe has a more valuable clutch on reality than that Lothario does and ‘coz she’s a very handy goddess with a worthy backhand and a strong jerk off! When Carmen Hayes says u won’t keep your load past her big jugs, make no doubt of it. A fool and his specie, and his load, are soon parted.

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Ivy’s Beneath garment Brandish

Ivy's Bra Show

Ivy Darmon has 36E-cups, a stacked-to-the-brim figure and a completely pretty face. “I thought about stripped modeling,” said Ivy with the assist of a translator. “And then for a during the time that I was likewise busy. But then I thought about it some more. I talked to my friends and they–both cuties and boys–said I should try it. I’m very liberated so the nudity didn’t turn me away.”

Our photographer said that Ivy was a fun to snap. That babe has the magic. The kind of magic that makes your head spin if you saw her in the car alongside yours, or, even better, walking in the street so u could watch her ta-tas bounce. Yes, we’re shallow and satisfied of it.

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U Can Always Lick it

You Can Always Take up with the tongue it

Candace, u told us years ago that your booty was off restrictions, right?

“Yes, I did, and it’s still off limits. But that doesn’t mean that I do not wish it played with a little! [Laughs.] I have a newfound appreciation for gazoo play. I never knew that so many lads were into enjoyable ass, but I am cheerful that I discovered out because I like sat on a man’s face and taking a ride on his wet tongue!”

U like it when they toss that salad?

“Yes! But solely if I can plant my wazoo cheeks on his face. It’s rogering sexy and empowering to tell a charmer to eat your wazoo out and then smother his face with your arse. It is nasty and slutty. I’ll ride a man’s face and play with my clitoris until I cum. And when I cum, I grind my a-hole on his tongue and I screech, ‘Taste all that brown sugar, baby!'”

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Act Sex Plumper

Action Sex Plumper

XL Gals super-fan J.T. waxed poetic about Kelly Shibari. “I’ve at no time been so attracted to an Asian lady previous to. I adore big honeys and usually Oriental babes are dunky. She’s so gorgeous I’d adore to take her out on a date and just stare at her ravishing face. And when that babe was not looking, I would absolutely discover out her hot body, also. The BBWs that I’ve been with were all sexually assertive, but I always felt that Asian sweethearts were passive. I’d be more than pleased to bone her, whether she urges to make my knob her own personal copulate stick or if that babe urges to be my sex bondman.”

The word “shibari” is a Japanese term for a specialized form of raunchy rope bondage in which male rope masters tie up hotty’s in all sorts of picturesque ways so that is a clue to her erotic, exotic, hyper-sexual nature. They do not copulate ’em, they just tie Them up. To every, his own.

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Jennifer White Jennifer White
Jennifer White @
Nicky’s a fortunate guy. Just ask Isiah Maxwell. They’re buddies, and Nicky’s just got done telling Isiah a batty story about his wife, Jennifer White. They’re were out clubbing the night previous to, and the next thing you know, Jennifer’s flirting on the dancefloor, grabbing and grinding on rod. Soon, that babe is in the parking lot, engulfing off strangers as Husband watches with approval. Isiah cant make almost certainly of his ears, but he’ll be a believer in a short time enough. That chap meets Jennifer in the kitchen, and within minutes this babe is clothed in lingerie and on her knees in the front room. Nicky watches it all go down, from Jennifer’s superb fellatio skills to Isiah stretching out both her holes. This babe even cleans Isiah’s weenie right after it comes out of her tight, constricted a-hole! Isiah then fills her white cookie full of his cream, and that’s when Boyfriend awards his pleasured wife! What a relationship!!
Jennifer White Jennifer White

Visit – Tiny Rod Cuckolds And Their Darksome Rod Wives @ Cuckold Sesssions | Jennifer White

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Glad Chubette

Cheerful Chubette

“I wear a 34M bra–M for massive–and that is a UK size,” says the aptly named Smiley Emma because she smiles all the time. Emma even smiled holding up a current newspaper for the photographer’s paperwork.

If Emma can’t live out of u, she’ll smile at you but she’ll wait for u to approach her. “I like a valuable cheesy joke or comment. That makes me giggle the almost any. The best compliment I can hear is that I’m a real down-to-earth female whilst still being hawt.” This initial appearance glamour photoshoot and Emma’s clip plus her meet & greet clip chat with her photographer prove she’s got hot written all over her.

“How do I make a ladies man feel special? I’ve a rule that each time my billibongs are out this guy has to rub his face in ’em and if his penis is out, I must put it in my mouth. This means numerous times a day.”

This is an outstanding rule. It’s Emma’s rule. ‘coz Emma rules.

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Fantasy Doll

Dream Doll

One thousand times more gracious (with a more captivating body) than any Hollywood actress, Katie Thornton would be tough competition in any accustomed stunner contest but she chose big-bust modeling of the bare kind and we’re grateful. If there was an act figure doll of her, we’d buy it.

The hotty from Colne, Lancashire England and owner of a looker salon says this babe has the soul of a gypsy and the heart of a hippie and calls herself a passport stamp collector. This babe is always travelling and whenever she’s heading to Miami, that babe at not time fails to let SCORE know she is on her way.

This time, Katie gets lacey in a swanky Miami house and as always, Katie rules. A celebrity in the United Realm, SCORE‘s doing its part to make Katie more worthwhile known in the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. She merits a lot more attention.

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