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Tokyo Pick-Up

Tokyo Pick-Up

U don’t need a degree in light science to know what has the higher-powered, more dazzling highbeams. Your car’s lights or Hitomi‘s twin highbeams. You pull up to the address your Japanese connection in Tokyo gave you. There you will see one of the most impressive cuties in all of Japan contemplating out side at 8PM. Donot be late or this babe will disappear. When you acquire to this building, she’s waiting outdoors and illuminated in the glow of your headlights. She walks over to you when u park and leans into the window, her hot, bulging breast valley preceding her. That babe looks at u with a quizzical expression. Hitomi is one of these gals whose face always signals the promise of a connection. Her eyes signal interest one time this babe has sized u up. The finger brought up to her lips is a good sign. And as that babe walks away mysteriously heading to a dark staircase, she crooks her finger, beckoning u to pursue her. Where is she going? Where is this babe taking you? It is now or not at all. Pursue her wherever that babe wishes to take u. Hitomi is a beauty of many mysteries that you will not at all solve.

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