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Shower Time

Shower Time

“I enjoyed singing today,” Hitomi says after walking into the washroom. This babe is got on a slight swimsuit and high heels. “Let’s take a shower.” Hitomi turns on the tap and stands below the cascading water. Looking at the digi camera with a demure expression, the living Tokyo toy-girl slips off her bathing dress top to disclose her enchanting J-cups. You don’t watch many cuties showering in their heels but Hitomi is not your ordinary angel in any way, shape or form. In Japan, most people shower in advance of taking a washroom. Kicking off her shoes, Hitomi moves over to the bathtub to soap up, showerhead in hand, J-cup squeezed in the other. After that babe dries off, this babe dresses in a mini-skirt and SCORE tank-top but in advance of that babe ends this movie scene, that babe wishes to do smth else. Stay tuned for SCORELAND News about that blue bathing costume top.

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