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She Knows How To Use It

She Knows How To Use It

5’5” with brown eyes, a smile like the sunshine and an ass so phat you can’t believe your eyes. Our girl Sapphira is a chick who has it all. And we think she knows it, too.

“I guess I’m kind of used to the attention from guys,” she told us. “It’s been happening since I was in high school. I’m into regular Joes, though. You know, guys who are down-to-earth and can make me laugh.”

We like to think of ourselves as funny and down-to-earth, so we had to ask Sapphira what kind of dates she likes to go on in case we were lucky enough to take her out.

“I like dinner dates,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but it should be nice. Just make sure I’m having a good time, and you may get lucky.”

As we take in every angle of her near-perfect body in these photos, it’s easy to fall into a daydream (or wet dream). Sapphira’s waist is wafer-thin, but she has a perfect, plump ass. Her pussy looks tight, too. She has to be the No. 1 fuck for many guys.

“Oh yeah, I think almost every guy I’ve been with said I was the best,” she said. “They say I have the best pussy. I think it’s just that I know how to use my ass and my pussy to get you off.”

And we’d love to find out how she uses her ass and pussy.

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