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Sharon’s Three-For-All

Sharon's Three-For-All

Wherever Sharon Pink goes, this babe leaves a trail of boners in her wake. That’s just her mojo. Soever amount of mojo the average woman has, Sharon has enough for three or more chicks. This time, Sharon raises the heat levels at SCORELAND with her first two-man bonk party. ‘cuz one man just ain’t enough to handle Prague’s #1 slim-n-stacked sex kitten.

It’s a day at the spa for Sharon. The place is empty. So much the more priceless. She disrobes down in the locker room, checking her handsome bod out in the mirror as she does so and giving us a display. Licking with tongue her fingers, this babe gives herself a tingle by caressing her clitoris and playing with her bigger than run of the mill pantoons. But then she catches herself and stops. That babe will not be needing to jill off this day. Not with the duo this babe sees drooping out at the spa likewise.

Sharon leaves the locker room to work up a sweat in the sauna. That babe passes Neeo and Steve who have a a blond alert system in their brains. Sharon gives them the eye. There goes the towel as that babe drops it on the floor and enters the sauna. The boobhounds get up to spy on her throughout the glass door. Sharon is getting hornier by the second and plays with her bawdy cleft on the sauna bench as they view.

They race back to their recliners when she leaves the sauna and retrieves her towel. You might think that she’s gonna act love a stuck-up bitch out of a glance like majority honey bunnys would and leave ’em high and dry but this is Sharon Pink, not your archetypal lady. That babe comes over to them and when they greet her, she drops the towel afresh and makes that, “Oh, I dropped the towel” expression. Miss Pink didn’t have a handkerchief so the towel will do.

The two nutty guys rush to help Sharon who rewards Steve with her tongue jammed in his mouth whilst Neeo begins to slobber all over one of her big knockers. A ramrodding is in Sharon’s immediate future. That babe won’t need a horoscope to discover that out! Let the sport-sex initiate because it is breasty tent-pitching time!

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