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Slick for a spankin’!

Slick for a spankin'!

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Saisha. In the October ’08 issue, you wanted to be bent over and spanked unbending…
“Yup, and I have been getting that butt loving ever since! Being in BootyLicious really helped to boost my confidence and was a great way for me to connect with boys who adore to worship booties like mine. Now, I acquire spanked all the time.”

And what other kinds of wazoo play are you into? Just flogging or is there more?
“Spanking is by far my beloved ‘cuz I am very resigned and wanna be trained by bucks. But I do not mind sitting on my lover’s face and grinding my a-hole all over his tongue and nose until I cum. That was a 1st for me, but
now that I’ve endevoured it, I am into it.”

Is there a right way to spank anybody, Saisha?
“Yes there is. You receive to cup your hand a little and then bring it down indeed fast on the ass cheek. If you leave your hand flat, it will hurt. And by cupping the hand a little, you receive this actually loud slapping noise and a little bit of pain. It feels priceless. And the loud noise is what makes it really gripping.”

What about anal? Are u into that, also?
“Actually, I’ve been experimenting with vibrators whilst I have sex. So far, I kind of love having a jock in my snatch and a toy in my ass. The orgasms are very intense!”

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