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Perfect 10

Perfect 10

Our boys Johnny Rod and Colton Jag have seen a lot of ass in their day. And we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill booties, mind you. They’ve seen and sampled some of the thickest, roundest ‘donks you’ll ever find in Miami. So they’re certainly knowledgeable to rate Eva Gomez‘s lightly-tanned rump. Eva struts into the room expecting to score a perfect 10, but these guys are tough. Johnny and Colton raise their cards and both rate her rump a nine.

Eva’s going to have to put in a little work to get that perfect 10, which she has no problem doing, of course. Eva hops onto the nearby bed, oils up her booty and pops it for them. Needless to say, Johnny and Colton are impressed. So impressed that their cocks are now, understandably, fully-erect.

The boys hop over to the bed and decide to thoroughly inspect Eva’s body and booty.

“That’s nice, huh?” Johnny says to Colton as he smacks her ass.

The guys are ready to work on Eva. Johnny pulls out his cock and slides it into her mouth while Colton smacks Eva’s ass and fingers her cunt. The dudes switch sides for a bit until Colton lies down on the bed and tells Eva to hop on his cock. She eagerly hops on him and pulls Johnny over to her so she can continue sucking him off.

Taking turns fucking Eva’s pussy isn’t enough for these dudes, though. No, when a girl like this is in front of you, you fuck her pussy AND her ass. At the same time! Eva’s screams and moans are a mix of pain and pleasure as she takes this DP.

We’re not sure if we’ve seen a girl get fucked harder than this. When these dudes finally bust their nuts, they shoot their loads all over Eva’s phat ass. As a show of appreciation for her hard work and perfect body, the guys affix cards with “10” onto her cum-soaked ass cheeks.

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Holly Wood Makes It Hard

Holly Wood Makes It Hard

Nicky Rebel needs a girl with superpowers to spend quality time with at his swanky high-rise overlooking the city. She’s as close to him as his telephone. When his dial-a-date supergirl, Holly Wood, arrives, Nicky’s temperature rises at first sight. He doesn’t know where to start first with this eye-full tower of female power. Holly’s huge tits? Her bountiful booty? So much girl, so little time. It’ll take a while to explore the wonders of Holly’s anatomy-award winning, statuesque body.

“I can’t see when the ass men are paying attention,” Holly said. “They’re behind me! I really feel the attention now because my tits are just so big and people can’t stop staring at them. And I’m sure they want to touch them and they’re imagining me without my shirt. There are a million naughty thoughts running through their minds and it’s blatantly obvious when they’re in front of me. Men cannot hide their faces very well. The double-takes, the gawking. Even women. It’s great! I’ll take all the attention. That’s why I’m Holly Wood.

“So many people have been messaging me and asking me when I’m coming back to SCORE and SCORELAND and why they haven’t seen me in a while, so I’m really excited to make my big-titty debut right here, right where I started. New and improved Holly Wood 2.0.”

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Ivanna Lace Heats Up The House

Ivanna Lace Heats Up The House

When the always-charming and fun-loving Ivanna Lace gets home after slowing down traffic and making pedestrians walk into streetlight poles as she walks to her apartment, she does what you love to see. Ivanna also does some swingin’, shakin’ boob play in front of her large mirror before getting into her bed and going to her happy place.

XLGirls: Have you ever seen another woman yell at her husband or boyfriend for staring at you?

Ivanna: Sure. We have eyes in order to see and watch. If a man looks at a woman, it means he likes to watch what he sees.

XLGirls: What is something you have tried but will never do again?

Ivanna: That I can’t answer.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex in public?

Ivanna: I had sex in a car. People couldn’t even imagine what was going on in that car.

XLGirls: What super power would you like to have for one day?

Ivanna: I would like to fly. Naked. Above a nude beach. That is an interesting picture in my head.

XLGirls: That would be better than Wonder Woman.

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Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet
Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet @
Mistress Carmen & Goddess Lisey are having the very best of days starting off with being pampered by their sissy maids they share stories of the Real Men to follow. After a short bit of sissy discipline the Ladies are off to greet the Sexy Big Cocked Men waiting for them. What follows is bacchanal. A depraved display of sweaty hard fucking unlike you have seen before. The sissy maids are there for lube and towels to keep their Dominants in the sex heaven they seek. A couple of creampies and facials later and the Ladies are ready for the clean up from the serving sissy tongues.
Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet

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Nyx Monroe: Nyx Is Wild For Kicks With Brick’s Dick

Nyx Monroe: Nyx Is Wild For Kicks With Brick's Dick

Hot for kicks and big dicks, lithe and nubile Nyx Monroe meets porn stud Brick Danger. The tiny but topheavy honey’s boobs are in good hands. They have a fun time talkin’ tits and Brick makes giggly Nyx laugh. Let the good times roll.

Lovin’ her rack, Brick finger-spanks Nyx’s shaved pussy and licks it. Nyx swallows Brick’s prick, getting it all the way in, and sucks his nuts. He fucks her big tits first, then stuffs her wet pussy with cock in five positions. After pounding Nyx from behind, Brick coats her big tits. She licks his cum off her boobs and rubs the rest in. We’re impressed with the pretty brunette’s high sex drive and skills.

“I’m not a huge fan of foreplay,” said Nyx who came our way from an agent. “I love getting head. And when a guy cums, I swallow. Every. Single. Time.”

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Texas Big Top Star

Texas Big Top Star

Dani Moore‘s friend back home in Texas, where they grow their tits big, recommended she apply to The SCORE Group and try modeling. So Dani went to our models’ ad on the net,

“I applied, not thinking I would actually get picked,” said Dani. But that was not the case. Having 47-inch, 38DDD hooters will always get girls through our doors.

Dani likes to suntan with a bikini top. She works in a tattoo shop, which sounds to us like a great place to meet busty women and whisper in their ear about modeling. Dani is not a swinger and she’s not a nudist. But she was curious about hot modeling, and as fate worked out, her friend knew all about us.

Dani did a voice-over for this video as she masturbates on a couch. It’s a neat touch as many times a girl is so wrapped up in baking her cookies that she’s too preoccupied to talk. Dani watched the video as she did the voice-over. That would have been an interesting video too.

“I masturbate as often as I can, usually with one or both of my vibrators or just using my fingers,” says Dani.

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Busty Bikini Bodies

Busty Bikini Bodies

Busty bikini bodies come in all shapes, ages and cup sizes at SCORELAND. No one does more justice to the bikini than a SCORE or Voluptuous Girl. The star bikini busters in this video are Selena Adams, Cheryl Blossom, Shannon Blue, Ann Calis, Brooklyn Springvalley and Bhiankha, all traffic-stoppers with the kind of bodies you don’t see every day of the week.

70% of SCORELAND members polled love bikini tan-lines while 20% don’t. 10% don’t like tanned girls at all. In another poll, 30% preferred to see a busty girl in a tight sweater while coming in second place were bikini lovers at 23%. The rest wanted to see girls in tank tops, T-shirts and evening gowns. 36% had the best luck spotting big-breasted girls at the beach. Every other location for boob spotting, such as college campuses, malls and the street, trailed way behind.

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Kyler Quinn Kyler Quinn
Kyler Quinn @
Kyler and Zac have been trying to have a baby but to no avail. After going to a fertility clinic they are referred to an insemination specialist. Zac is obviously a bit apprehensive and not at all comfortable when the big handsome man named Jovan informed them he was that specialist. Things get worse for Zac when Jovan tells Kyler to get naked and lay on the bed. What the fuck kind of place is this?! With all these beds around Zac has a bad feeling. Can’t we just leave, he pleads to his wife. But Kyler quickly tells them the reason they are there is he has a useless penis so like most men with this problem he is forced to sit on the sidelines. Jovan comes back naked with the biggest damn cock he has ever seen. What the fuck is going on? He asks his wife to suck it!!! Something is so wrong here. So damn wrong. Kyler more than obliges. In fact she is happy to be sucking on that mammoth big cock. It is literally stretching out her mouth as she tries to inhale. The little whore is actually liking it. Oh no. Oh no. Zac is horrified. Soon the massively endowed bman is pushing open her little white snapper and stretching her hole out. How will she ever feel her husband again. She is in heaven getting fucked and squirming like an impaled worm on a fish hook as she grunts and moans that bulbous cock up into her innards. This is not just insemination – this is a full scale assault on his wife’s most precious spot. Then to top matters off that bastard cums in her face not even trying to inseminate her. Then to add insult to injury he suggests she comes back next week and he will have some of his homies here to help out. And she agrees. She is actually fucking happy with this. Poor Zac. Welcome to the cuck zone.

Kyler Quinn Kyler Quinn

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White Bread Meets Black Jelly

White Bread Meets Black Jelly

When white boy rapper, 1daBred, sees this huge badunkadunk makin’ its way down the street, he knows that ass needs to be in his new video and on his meat. So he convinces Kali to come back to his crib so he can break down the basics of video making to her. What she doesn’t know is that he wants to break down the basics of porn video making. But Kali is not intimidated by the camera or this white boy’s big cock. She throws her lips and pussy on it so hard that she has to turn around and tell this white boy not to be scared. She drops that ass like a champ and these two are a porn match made in heaven.

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Andi Ray: XLGirl’s Sexy Tutor

Andi Ray: XLGirl's Sexy Tutor

Professional tutor and champion of higher education, Andi Ray faces a challenge when she is hired to help Milan get through his college exams. Milan doesn’t care about getting a degree and would rather spend all day looking at his smartphone and sending dick pics to girls. What he fails to understand is that his phone and other modern miracles are the result of education and study.

His surly attitude and how he ignores her comments triggers Ms. Ray. She angrily leaves the room to cool off after lecturing him without success. Then Andi has an idea. Her way of shock treatment. She walks back into the room wearing only her bra, panties and high heels. Suddenly, Milan takes an extreme interest in what Andi is doing. He comes down with a case of severe brain freeze after seeing what her curvy body, big ass cheeks and big tits look like out of her properly professional clothing. He is now a puppet under Andi’s spell, as would we all be.

Andi will fuck out whatever brains her student has left after looking at the internet day and night. And she will suck his balls until they get as dry as a bag of airplane nuts. This radical technique is not in the tutor’s instructional guide but Andi is desperate for a solution. We believe she is onto something here.

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Jessy Bunny: Caught In The Act

Jessy Bunny: Caught In The Act

German bra-busting, bimbofied, sexbomb Jessica “Jessy Bunny” Bunnington planned on having a quiet but satisfying afternoon masturbating in her bedroom. When her friend Max dropped by her apartment to see what Jessy was doing, he walked in on her just as she began vibrating.

Jessy enjoys masturbating but she also knows that guys have a lot more to offer so she welcomes Max into her bed. Max goes quietly berserk when he sees Jessy, eyes closed and playing with her big boobs and wet pussy. He takes charge and gives Jessy the tongue and hard cock she was fantasizing about when she was masturbating.

“I like women and men,” Jessy said. “I like to touch women with big boobies like I have. With men, it’s important that they have a big dick. A big, thick dick. I also like older men with more experience at everything. I like to have sex many times a week. Sometimes many times a day if the guy can keep up with me! I’m always horny, although if a guy just wants to fuck my tits, I’m happy with that, too.”

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