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Lucy Laistner: Goddess In A Summer Costume

Lucy Laistner: Beauty In A Summer Dress

Teen princess Lucy Laistner of St. Petersburg, Russian Federation has a gentle, cushioned way about her. She’s avid to try anything life has to offer. Becoming a glamour model is a good way for university scholar Lucy to realize some of her fantasies, love traveling and exploring new countries. It too helps with the practical side of life such as paying her tuition. That babe has over 100 thousand followers on Instagram.

Some of Lucy’s role glamour models are Demmy Blaze, Cheryl Blossom, Samantha Lily and Maria Body. This babe admires and respects them. She’s met ’em in person and taken photos with ’em.

Lucy’s brassiere size is a 32JJ Britain size. That is a 32N in the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This babe favors bras by Curvacious Kate.

In this photo set, Lucy spends some time in a garden. It’s private and sunny, just the right place to take off her summer suit, brassiere and knickers and brandish off her hot, voluptuous body.

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Natascha Romanova: Fun bags As Large As Watermelons

Natascha Romanova: Hooters As Large As Watermelons

A Russian lady living in Switzerland, Natascha Romanova discovered us ‘coz her ally recommended XL Cuties, a place for sexually excited beauties with astronomical knockers and large booties who love to flaunt themselves off. When XL Girls mag was 1st published in the late ’90s, the chunky honeys niche was small. Merely a hardly any, adore Roberta Smallwood and Melanie Anton, had posed in the early ’90s. Over the years, the interest in the bigger angels rapidly increased.

“I am a very open woman and I adore when studs view me,” told Natascha. “I love to think of chaps at home relishing my fotos and movie scenes and this makes me horny. The photographer told me to think about that when we were taking the photos and making the episodes. I guess my mambos are impressive. When I was in my hotel after the photo discharges, I masturbated very stiff. I had to bite the pillow to keep from screaming. My fantasy is to have several chaps giving me sex like I’m royalty.”

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Tessa Orlov: XLGirl Dust Buster

Tessa Orlov: XLGirl Dust Buster

Tessa Orlov is the bustiest dust buster Michael has ever met. He is dozing on a daybed whilst Tessa is dusting the XLGirls studio. This babe could dust around him but his bulge is hypnotizing her. That babe reaches into his trousers to feel what he’s got for her. Now, this is the superlatively good way for a dude to wake up. That babe forgets about the dusting. It’s time to do some nut busting.

Tessa pulls her dress down, takes his bloated shaft in her hand and tenderly, sluggishly sucks on it love candy. This charmer pumps her face hole, fucks her fat, bigger than typical fullsome funbags and turns her around so that gent can bonk her attractive juvenile fur pie.

“I worked as a web camera adult model and a ladies man I know advised me to contact u,” told Tessa. “I thought it was a joke at first, but as you can see, I’m here. My zeppelins started to develop when I was very young. I’ve always gotten a lot of attention and that pleases me. But now men are not very brave. No one comes to meet and greet just adore that on the streets.”

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Big Deluxe Hooters

Big Deluxe Boobs

We do not find many German adult models. Casey Deluxe is a living, big-breasted Dresden doll with her ivory skin and blonde hair.

After Casey gave birth, we asked her what her plans were. Would that babe retire or continue to model?

“I will go on as previous to but now as a MILF model,” Casey told. “Guys are very coyness to talk to me. I love the attention if they are admirable about it.”

In her spare time, when this babe is not being a Mommy or shooting pictures and movies, Casey can’t live out of to read romance novels. This babe doesn’t view sports and thinks it’s boring. Casey told her fetish is filling her arse with a-hole plugs.

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London River London River
London River @
It’s all about London River and her orgasms. No story, no BS, just London and 3 big dark rods to fill her each aperture. This female is a sexual brute…and 1 pecker isn’t gonna do it. That babe is hungry and anybody more valuable feed her or she may just attack! Doesn’t take long for her to gobble up the dick. After slobbering shlong, this babe bends her large butt over, so they can begin pumping her puffy bawdy cleft one by one. When that hole acquires destroyed, the schlongs stretch open that taut arse. All the while, London growls in ecstasy from multiple waves of greater than standard O, as she squirts all over the dongs. This babe begs to be filled up air constricted, so they stuff her face, twat and booty all at once…London gets what she desires! They thank her by dropping loads all over her freshly banged face.
London River London River
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Nikki Smith Milks Buck

Nikki Smith Milks Man

We suggest you discover out Nikki Smith‘s Pantoons & Tugs movie scene as late as possible cuz if you watch her mellons early in the morning or afternoon or u take a look whilst you are at work, you’ll be totally ruined for the rest of the day. You’ll be unable to focus your thoughts on anything else but her glamorous boobs and super-sexy body and the way she works the weenie with her velvety hands and fullsome funbags.

This is private one-on-one time with Nikki as she gives u a P.O.V. hand-job and tit-job. Nikki is a very breast-oriented cutie and enjoys the attention that bucks lavish on her ‘cuz of those delightful boobies. A Milk sacks & Tugs clip is all about showing how a girl treats the weenie with her hands and u will agree that Nikki has super powers taking care of a man’s junk. Give this chick a bigger than average hand beneath if you have any strength left to key in a message in the comments box.

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Pumped up For Bikinis

Built For Bikinis

Savannah Stevens has a body that is muscled for bikinis, so doing the right thing was effortless. A sunny day and a swimsuit girl getting naked…what could be better?

“I adore to be stripped,” told Savannah. “I detest wearing stylish clothing. I’m naked at home constantly.”

Savannah’s beloved thing is to be screwed doggy position whilst that babe eats out the fur pie of a very hot-looking angel.

“I’ve always wanted to try a adore button piercing but I am likewise scared! My dream is to be banged doggie-style during the time that eating out a hot beauty. It may not be a talent to some but I can take over two feet of ramrod. You’d not ever expect it since I’m so miniature!” Await, what!? Who’s got a 24-inch pecker?

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The Real Way To Pole Dance

The Real Way To Pole Dance

JMac has just been served a gulp by the stacked and hot cocktail waitress Vanya Goddess at the XL Gals Exotic dancing club. Now Vanya asks if she can sit on his lap. “No” is what any hot chick won’t ever hear from JMac.

Vanya finds her pleased seat and sticks her big pointer sisters in his face. She takes ’em out of her costume and JMac starts to squeeze and suck them. This pleases Vanya. She smiles and giggles as that stud feasts on her damp jugs. That babe enjoys his loud boob-popping, tongueing and suction sounds. This guy bites them lightly, pulling gently on her nips. Her nipples harden to their mutual joy. They one as well as the other lick the same areola.

Vanya is not wearing any belts. JMac feels her smoothly bald cookie. Vanya loves the touch of his fingers on her lips. This babe kneels before him and takes his prick without his trousers. Not fast licking and mouthing his shaft and nut-bag with a juicy face hole, Vanya makes adore to his hard-on.

Vanya stands up so this ladies man can slip her suit down. That dude bows her over the arm rest of the bed and puts his shlong inside her muff from behind. That babe assists his penetrative move by lifting an a-hole cheek. One time inside the Vixen’s moist snatch-hole, JMac switches to thrusting speed, reaching Warp Factor 1. Her sugar walls grip his ram-bone adore a velvet vise. It’s only the initiate as JMac gives Vanya one of the hottest copulates of her life.

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Shanie Gaviria Breaks The Internet

Shanie Gaviria Breaks The Internet

Shanie Gaviria moves to a bedroom to make adore to her toy this time. No matter the location, Shanie’s the expose. The camera moves up the body of the Colombian big-bust superstar starting at her high-heeled feet to enslave each millimeter of her buxom and curvacious physique. Her side profile with these jutting boobies should be embossed on a commemorative coin. Shanie turns her back to display her wondrous cheeks. Our studio team doesn’t personally travel 2,400 kilometers to photograph just anyone. Merely the superstars and newcomers who have the right stuff to be potential superstars.

Shanie identified her calling as a glamour model and webcam girl. It is allowed her to do things and go places an ordinary job would not allow her to do. Webcamming is a sedentary activity for the most part. She says this babe doesn’t workout or play sports to keep herself in hot, tip-top shape.

After sucking her nipps and playing with her tits the Shanie way, this babe takes a stupendous sex tool and bonks her moist fur pie fast and rock hard. Her face shows her approaching large O. That babe falls over the edge of pleasure and has an intensive cum. “I masturbate frequently,” Shanie told. “It’s important to begin a pleased day.” Each day is a cheerful day for Shanie, who keeps a positive attitude and has unfathomable thoughts about life. “I consider that we are a compound of the one and the other physical and mental virtues and I’ve both.”

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Miss White & Mr. Dark-skinned

Miss White & Mr. Black

Harmony White smokes the pipe in her second XXX scene at XL Beauties and this time, Mr. Jax Dark-skinned has the honors of providing the pipe. Mr. Darksome gives Miss White the works, dicking her good and unloading on her big, creamy jugs.

XL Girls: Do u like to have your nipps pinched or pulled?

Harmony: One as well as the other. My nipps are very sensitive and I receive plenty of joy from hand or face hole contact with my marangos.

XL Girls: What makes your nipples very unbending?

Harmony: I guess ‘cuz I am always amorous and always thinking about sex. They just stay stiff all the time.

XL Girls: What is something you have attempted, but won’t at any time do some other time?

Harmony: Wall sex. I’m a bigger than standard girl. I guess I make males weak!

XL Girls: Are any models an inspiration to you?

Harmony: Jenna Jameson. The first one I ever saw!

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Sofia Deluxe: Sexy, Saucy & Pleasing Senorita

Sofia Deluxe: Sexy, Saucy & Lovely Senorita

“My fantasy is to visit Greece,” told Sofia Deluxe. “I wanna go to Santorini. I love to read about it and observe any voyage reveals or videos about Greece. I wanna eat Greek food, drink ouzo, dance, break plates, swim and tell lies in the sun.”

Posing for XL Girls and doing her cam flaunts may aid Sofia realize her fantasy holiday.

Sofia appears to be to be a popular first name in Colombia. In a short time, we filmed Sofia Deluxe, Sofia Damon and Sofia Santana!

“I love traveling and spending time outdoors. A nice lunch in a place with lots of greenery. This house where XL Cuties photographed me is love a fantasy. It is very relaxing and that makes me feel sexier and more assertive.

“It’s also been a priceless learning experience for me. I observed how Carlo the photographer worked and it was enjoyable. I’m alone at home on the livecam so it was different to be in nature’s garb and playing with myself with real people in front of me. It horny me.”

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