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Sealing The Deal With Rachel Love

Sealing The Deal With Rachel Love

Busty real estate brokers! You see them in real estate magazines and newspapers and on TV shows. Every tit-man loves them and thinks about them! With Rachel Love (Mamazon), you couldn’t ask for a hotter girl to do this because she’s done it for real. She knows how to sell houses. So in “Sealing The Deal,” the prospective buyer recognizes Rachel from her previous magazines and videos. Flattered, she doesn’t mind when he asks her if he can take her photo to show his buddies. In fact, she automatically starts to lift up her bra-less tits with her hands from habit. You can take the real estate agent out of the model but you can’t take the model out of the real estate agent.

Suddenly showing her magnificent breasts takes precedence over showing the house, as it should be. Rachel can suck her nipples…very impressive…and gives him a lot to photograph. And just as impressive is Rachel attacking the dude in the bedroom as she spits and drools giving him a sloppy, hands-free blowjob and tits-on-top cock massage. Then it’s alternating fucks and blowjobs, from missionary to on-top to doggie.

Another part of Rachel’s horny greatness is her demand for different positions, requests that are both submissive and yet assertive. When she’s getting speared in doggie, she thrusts back as hard and as rough as she can and when she’s riding on top, she bounces up and down with lots of energy but still wants to be controlled. As final proof of her sexual heat, she vigorously jerks him off with her own hand (a rarity, since nearly every porn stud jacks himself off at the end of a fuck) and takes the goo all over herself with the nastiest, happiest expression on her face. Rachel really loves high-energy sex.

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A DP Party For Chloe Lamoure

A DP Party For Chloe Lamoure

Stud-hunter Chloe Lamoure‘s invited two men over to her place. She has a dirty threesome on her list of things to do. Busty and beautiful Chloe wants to be double-penetrated by Tom and Falco and get both holes stuffed with cock.

Chloe is game for adventurous, hot, no-strings sex. Focus a camera on her and she gets even randier. That’s one of the reasons this lovely brunette got into porn and nude modeling. She brings her awesome erotic skills to the table…and to the bed. Chloe is aggressive and a go-getter. When she wants action, she’ll make the first move. Sometimes she plays the fuck doll. This time, she wants control. A sex game on her own terms.

Loudly sucking on their cocks, her mouth dripping with saliva (“I really love giving blow jobs.”), Chloe maneuvers her trim, athletic body into position so both guys can take her pussy and ass and give her the double-penetration she craves. We once interviewed Germany’s Annina and she said she loved being double-penetrated as often as she could get it. Chloe looks like she shares the same opinion about being fucked in her pink peach and butt at the same time.

“At first, anal sex was strange to me,” Chloe said. “Then I started to love it.”

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The British Titter

The British Titter

Ellie Roe said modeling is the most-fun activity she’s ever engaged in. XLGirls believes her. Doesn’t it beat slaving in an office or a store? And it’s far more lucrative, especially if a girl has the right stuff, and Ellie has the right stuff, with stuff to spare. She moves in a sensuous, graceful and seductive way.

Ellie likes shopping (like, what girl doesn’t?), writing erotic books, singing, walking and watching shows. When Ellie mentioned walking, she tapped into one of our favorite hobbies: watching girls built like Ellie walk in a tight, low-cut tank top or dress and high heels.

Please note Ellie’s neatly trimmed bush. That’s rare these days when many women depilate their pubes.

“I enjoy my body every day. I love my Magic Wand. When I’m with a guy, teasing and anticipation gives me amazing orgasms. I’m old-fashioned about dating. I like men who wine and dine a lady and set up romantic dinner dates.”

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We’re down with the swirl here at BootyLicious. There’s just nothing like seeing a hung black stud fuck the brains out of an ivory-skinned white chick. It’s beautiful. It’s poetry. And there’s nothing our girl Klaudia Kelly loves more than fucking black guys.

“I love black men,” she said. “I like how aggressive and strong they are. And, of course, what they say is true about their size down there. Black guys aren’t the only guys I’ve fucked with big cocks, but every black guy I’ve fucked has had one.”

We had to pull out the biggest black cock in our stable when Klaudia told us this. Of course, that means our boy Lucas Stone. He’s never seen a whootie he didn’t like. He has exactly what it takes to fill up a girl like Klaudia. And he fills her up with a hot creampie in her cunt, too.

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Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl

“I like to masturbate but not make declarations as I masturbate,” says Roxanne Diamonds, meaning in her videos she is the quiet type and doesn’t talk dirty and urge guys to jack off when they look at her.

“When I have sex, I like to be tied up. It must be like the book ’50 Shades of Grey.’ It must be erotic and tender, not harsh and painful.”

Roxanne looks in fine shape and very flexible. She must work-out. “I used to go to aerobics for several years and I played volleyball. Now I train in yoga.”

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Fill Her Up

Fill Her Up

“You want to tap this ass?” Klaudia asks our boy Lucas Stone. “You want to spank it?”

We know Lucas pretty well, and we can confirm that he wants to do much more than tap that ass. Don’t get us wrong, though. He’s going to start there, but that’s just the warm-up. With Klaudia’s platinum blonde hair and ivory white skin, she’s just Lucas’ type.

“Damn, your ass is so juicy,” Lucas remarks.

Klaudia has a few large, red handprints on her vanilla ‘donk courtesy of Lucas’ spanking when she gets down on her knees to worship his cock. Klaudia loves her some black cock and she eagerly deep throats Lucas’ manhood. She then flips over into a 69 position so Lucas can munch on her cunt while she continues to work on his cock.

“Oh, you eat pussy so good,” she says.

These two are already covered in each other’s juices by the time Lucas shoves his cock inside her cunt. She rides him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before he beasts on her ass doggystyle.

“Oh, daddy, yes!” Klaudia shouts while Lucas hits it from the back.

This is how fucking should be. Rough, sweaty and dirty. If you don’t fuck like this, take notes, fellas. When Lucas is ready to blow, he shoots his heavy load inside her pink cunt.

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Gianna Grey Gianna Grey
Gianna Grey @
Gianna and her husband Jordan have long wanted to take a trip to Hawaii and Jordan has just been waiting for that long promised bonus at work that never seems to come through. Gianna, frustrated with his inability to speak up for himself, realizes a Woman has got to do what a Woman has to do to get to Hawaii. She decides to surprise her husband at work all dressed up with a mind to solve this problem. When Jordan’s boss walks in and sees Gianna and dressed for action he is quick to discuss the situation of that bonus and his obvious hard Cock shows Gianna just what she needs to do. Blowing the Boss for all she is worth he calls in his Vice President as well and she is more than happy to take both of them right in front of Jordan to get what she wants. She loves their Cocks so much it seems she will be going with The Boss and VP to Hawaii instead, Jordan suddenly has way too much work to do.

Gianna Grey Gianna Grey

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A Goddess Called Mer

A Goddess Called Mer

With her beauty and spectacular tits and body, ultra-photogenic Mer raises the bar at XLGirls. She picks the balcony as her hot show stage, rubbing her huge breasts and fingering and toying her wet cookie. Here’s a girl who owns the camera and the guys watching her. With a girlfriend like Mer, you’d never leave the house.

XLGirls: Have you ever been with another girl?

Mer: Yes. The first time was with a girlfriend. That night, we had some drinks and when we both went to bed, we wanted to experiment. We started kissing and I began to feel a lot of excitement. I wanted to touch her and feel her body. I loved it!

XLGirls: Have you ever tried sex in public?

Mer: No, I have not done it in a public place.

XLGirls: What is one of your most-thrilling sexual experiences?

Mer: The day I met a man that I liked a lot. I did not hold back the urge to touch him. I gave him oral sex in the back of our taxi.

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Natasha Sweet: How Sweet It Is

Natasha Sweet: How Sweet It Is

Welcome back, Natasha Sweet. Sizzling, spicy vixen and all-around titillating temptress. Natasha’s soft, massive, heavy breasts wrap around her partners’ faces and cocks, making their dreams cum true. Is she real or a fantasy?

Back at SCORELAND after too long an absence, Miss Sweet’s return was unexpected and sudden. She also brought a bosom buddy from Italy, Mara Miani. Mara recently debuted at XLGirls and she too is breast-blessed by mother nature.

Tom Holland last saw Natasha when he was employed at her office as her assistant. He worked under and over her, great positions to be in. Now reunited, Tom is hanging out in bed, snapping a few shots of Natasha at her makeup table. Amused, a sly smile on her sweet lips, a sparkle in her eyes, she walks over to him and buries his face, and then his horn, between her enormous tits.

Natasha can make any man stiff within a few seconds of her boob treatment. She sensuously sucks his bloated shaft, making it ready to plunge into her tight pussy and give her the pleasure she craves.

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Suki Ski Finds Her Happy Seat

Suki Ski Finds Her Happy Seat

Our friend Suki Ski (pronounced Sky) is a yoga teacher and a dancer. Suki shows some of her sexy-hot dance moves in this scene before moving on to play with her heavy, pendulous breasts and her luscious bod. The bouncing is fantastic.

“I love to tease people,” Suki said. That comes easy to her and she enjoys being provocative. “I used to kiss girls in front of boys.” For someone who had never modeled professionally before, Suki is very comfortable on-camera across the board.

“Some girls are obviously V-Girls,” wrote editor Dave in reply to a question of which girls appear at SCORELAND or XLGirls. “Some girls are obviously XL Girls. Then there are girls who are in-between, so often it comes down to, ‘Which members will enjoy this girl more, XL Girls or SCORELAND members.’ There are many girls who have been on both sites, and Suki could be one of those girls.”

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Annina Meets Shane Diesel

Annina Meets Shane Diesel

This was German porn star Annina‘s first and only on-camera big, black cock experience.

“I think that will be a new experience for me, a man with a big cock like that,” said Annina. Shane Diesel was the guy. His claim to fame is his python, reportedly 10 inches long by 8 inches in circumference. A pussy stretcher that would make the average woman run out of the bedroom screaming. But not Annina who walked on the sexually wild side during her few years as a top German porn star. This scene is in the DVD Busty Cock Worshippers 2.

The slim, big-boobed blonde never faced off against a guy like Diesel. “I do not need every man to be Shane Diesel,” Annina said before she traveled from Miami to the Caribbean for this shoot. “I hope I can handle it. I do not know if I can take him in my ass. I have been with some big guys before. I think he will be the biggest I have ever had but I do not measure them!”

An anal star, Annina couldn’t take his cock in her anus. She could only get a portion of the fucking thing in her mouth and her pussy, even after stretching herself with a toy while he watched.

Things worked out well for Annina after forays into reality TV shows in Germany including Big Brother. She married a real estate millionaire and lives happily ever after.

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