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Demora Avarice: For The Love Of Huge Boobs

Demora Avarice: For The Love Of Huge Boobs

Demora Avarice is a CNA or certified nursing assistant. One look at Demora and the patients ready to be sent home have to be dragged out of bed.

Demora is also a full-time college student, a wife to a very lucky man, a mother of five kids and a model. Amazing, eh?

“I do enjoy titty-fucking and so does my husband but I think, honestly, I enjoy it even more than he does. He thoroughly enjoys it, but for me, I think it might be the sensitivity of my breasts. I don’t know. I just love it. I like the way my breasts move back and forth and jiggle when I’m getting tit-fucked. Playing around with them. I guess it’s something for both of us.”

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Marilyn Johnson Marilyn Johnson
Marilyn Johnson @
Elias thought he finally had made it in life. He had always been a bit of a loser, especially with the ladies, but he did have parents with money so when he met a hot blonde who he thought liked him he got his mother to open up his trust fund and buy him a house for him and his new bride. His wife Marilyn told him she would only marry him if he bought her a nice house and she could quit her job at the nail salon. So he did. Well marital life is not so blissful because as soon as she had married him and moved in the cheating began. At first she would sneak out to do it. But he did not see it so he could look the other way. Even when she came home at night he could smell the drying semen encrusted on her panties and caked around her mouth. But now she has taken it a step further and actually demands he leave the house so she can have a lover over. No sirree. He is staying right where he is. His mom bought him this house so he is not going anywhere. Well fine, she says. Then you can watch cause I need a real man in my cunt. Soon a muscular MMA fighter comes strolling in and immediately Marilyn has his rock hard and massive cock in her mouth. Elias is powerless to do anything. Really what can he do. This big black man could kick his ass or perhaps do terrible prison style sexual things to him. No, it is the plight of the white man to just sit there and take the debasement and humiliation of his white wife being fucked in front of him. Oh and it is a fucking indeed that she takes. Moaning and writhing on that giant dark meat she is like a woman possessed. She hurls insults between orgasms as it is obvious the more he whines and cries the more she cums. Are his tears the lubricant of her pleasure? Then as she takes a facial of steaming hot semen all over her face she makes him lick it off so he can take her out to an expensive dinner. Will Elias also be treating her lover to a meal as well? Table for three.
Marilyn Johnson Marilyn Johnson

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Jenni Noble: A Hot Date For A Hot Girl

Jenni Noble: A Hot Date For A Hot Girl

Jenni Noble and Milan are talking in the bedroom after their date. That’s always a good sign that a date will have a happy ending. Jenni tells Milan that she’s very flexible and shows him how flexible by getting into bed and doing one of her famous legs-in-the-air poses that she does for her photo sets and videos.

Since Jenni is wearing a miniskirt and crotchless panties, Milan gets quite an eyeful of Jenni’s fleece-lined pussy. He asks if he can lick her and that suits Jenni just fine. Milan muff-dives, and just like rubbing a magic lamp, that leads to getting hands-on with Jenni’s big, pliable breasts. They’re tuggable tits and can provide hours of fun. Every guy should have a Jenni in his life.

Having felt Milan’s package and shown him what’s under her top, Jenni now wants to see his tool. After she whips off his pants, she gives his cock and balls five-star lip service. “I enjoy giving head the most,” Jenni said when we asked her about her favorite way to satisfy a guy.

Getting on her back for a tit-fucking, Jenni feels his hot poker sliding through her flesh-melons. Getting a last lick in, Milan spreads Jenni’s legs wider and fills her pussy with dick. Jenni is a screamer and raises the roof as they fuck. She sucks on her boobs and that makes everything even hotter.

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Leona Loba Wants A Dick-down

Leona Loba Wants A Dick-down

Leona Loba tries on a new dress that is only suitable for swinger’s parties, sex clubs, strip joints and one-on-one hook-ups. Her date is Nicky Rebel, but they’re going nowhere once Nicky sees Leona in her sexy-wild outfit. He strips Leona down to suck her tits and pussy and fuck her like a crazy man. To Leona’s pleasure, Nicky shoots a big load on her after they fuck.

“I love attention!” said dirty-talking Leona. “I eat it up. I’m a spotlight whore. I love to wear anything sparkly and low-cut. If I can’t wear a bra, I’ll just tape them up. Sometimes my husband dares me to go bra-less in public and that’s fun!”

“She’s so hot,” wrote an XLGirls member. “So vocal! Definitely an active fuck! If I was her husband, I’d let her play all day and night. Clearly, she’s insatiable! Please bring her back over and over!”

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Kali West: Always In Heat

Kali West: Always In Heat

Kali West looks even more curvy and voluptuous, more zaftig after she gave birth. The extra curves look good on her. Kali is as comfy as ever riding the bologna saddle in this fucking hot scene. Kali is always very natural, relaxed and comfortable in front of the cameras, either naked or fucking.

Kali clued us in about how she likes to be sexed.

“A good sex-lasting time for me would probably be an hour or two of penetration. If it’s a one-night stand, he’ll cum outside my pussy or on my tits, but if he’s my boyfriend, he cums in me. Tit-fucking is not my favorite thing, but some guys want it. I like how it looks–seeing the guy’s cock between my tits, than how it feels.

You can pull my hair as long as you’re not jamming your cock down my throat. But if you pull my hair, that’s fine. No pulling hair and gagging at the same time. And with doggie style, it’s good if he pulls my hair. I keep my hair down just for that.”

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East Meets Breast

East Meets Breast

Ria Sakuragi doesn’t speak English but the banana she’s crushing between her big tits doesn’t care.

Ria is very slim so to have boobs this naturally big is very unusual. Her areolae are oval shaped and very dark brown with dark brown nipples. Her tits are very pliable. Ria can bring the nipples up to her mouth and lick them. From the sounds she makes while she plays with them, they must be extra-sensitive to the touch.

Ria was photographed in Japan so we’ve never had the pleasure of actually meeting her. We’ve been told by our correspondents that she’s a fun-loving, girl-next-door type with an oral fixation. Ria seems like the type who’d put out on the first date. While there is no evidence to support this hypothesis, it would be interesting to test it.

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Brickhouse Brit

Brickhouse Brit

“I don’t play any sports but I love watching WWE wrestling,” said Ellie Roe, a gorgeous hottie with a smokin’ body.

Ellie’s hobbies include singing, going for walks, writing erotic books, shopping and singing. Erotic books? No wonder she’s so smooth making sexy talk in her shows.

An English girl from Essex, a county northeast of London, Ellie is poured into sexy and tight black corset and pink undies as this spank-show begins. That comes off fast in this show so we can enjoy every inch of her creamy figure and supple skin while she enjoys her big boobs and toys her tight pussy. Adding to the excitement is Ellie’s very sexy voice, flavored by her English accent.

“I was a D-cup at 13 years old,” said Ellie. “I can buy brassieres off the rack and I like plunge lacey bras that show lots of cleavage best. Even in a tee-shirt, my breasts are obvious. If a girl has good boobs, flaunt them. I like to draw attention.”

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Finger Lickin’ Good

Finger Lickin' Good

“That’s a nice, big ass right there,” Nikki Delano says as she smacks her tight apple bottom. “I know you want to be in that ass right there.”

Sounds like this spicy Latina is a mind reader. The only thing we’re thinking about right now is slippin’ into that tight ass and pussy of hers.

That’s why we hooked her up with our boy Juan Largo. He’s one hung dude who loves nothing more than beating up a phat ass and tight pussy. Nikki bounces her juicy ass in Juan’s face to tease him. Then, he leans back and she sits on his face. Juan enjoys a healthy helping of poontang pie while fingering her ass. That’s what we call finger-lickin’ good.

After deep-throating Juan’s dick, Nikki hops on top of him and goes to work on his magic stick. When you’re fuckin’ a bitch this fine, you’ve got to get in her from every angle. Juan tells Nikki to turn around and he smashes her ass doggy style.

“Oh, yeah, get in that ass,” she moans as he beats her tight, little asshole up. “It’s tight, right? Fuck me!”

Juan’s getting everything he wanted and then some. So, the only way to repay Nikki is to drop a ton of cum on her face. Nikki gladly laps it all up. That’s what she calls finger-lickin’ good.

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Boned At Home

Boned At Home

When Kimmie first stepped into our Hallowed Halls of Hooters, we asked her if she’s the passive or aggressive type.

“I’m the assertive type,” Kimmie said. “I know what I want and when I want it.”

Kimmie’s assertiveness is on display here. Sergio is known to be a pretty dominant guy, but Kimmie is in full control as we begin. Kimmie shoves him onto the bed and lets out a soft chuckle. She’s going to have fun with him.

Kimmie hops on top of Sergio and rides his cock before pulling out her 42H-cup tits and smothering him with them. What a lucky guy Sergio is, huh? Kimmie pulls his cock out and sucks on it before finally offering her pussy. Sergio fucks her doggie-style, missionary and cowgirl before plastering her heavy tits.

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Bazooms & Booty

Bazooms & Booty

That’s the right outfit beautiful Spanish vixen Marta La Croft wears in the beginning of this scene. The shorts show off her bubble butt and the top gives her rounded cleavage. “Modeling and making porn videos is the kind of life I want to live,” Marta said. “There is some opportunity in Spain but I want to go to other countries, too. Maybe America one day.”

What gets Marta hot? Anything special?

“I like when a guy plays with my feet and kisses them and plays with my big tits and pussy and licks them.” Like a lot of girls, Marta is a sucker for a guy with a line. “One guy said to me, ‘The heavens are crying because they lost an angel.'” She didn’t say if it worked on her.

“I like to masturbate when I watch my videos,” Marta said. “I like to see myself masturbating and myself with a man. That excites me and I have to play with my pussy unless there is a man watching with me.” We approve Marta’s message.

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Fitness Freak

Fitness Freak

Nikki Delano describes herself as a fitness freak. That’s fine with us. We like every type of freak. Especially when there’s an ass like this attached to the freak. We’d be glad to help her out with her squats, too. We are gentlemen. In fact, Nikki would tell you herself that her workout routine helps her work hung studs’ cocks.

“I’m the best at riding guys,” Nikki said. “I’ve got strong thighs that make it perfect for me to ride my man cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I hold back a little bit in the beginning, but then I really start to pop my ass on them. They usually cum instantly when I do that.”

It’s a good thing we set her up with our boy Juan Largo. He hasn’t seen an ass he couldn’t handle. This is a match made in BootyLicious heaven.

“I’m a bad little girl,” Nikki said. “And I’m assertive, too. I take what I want, when I want it. If what I want is your cock, you don’t have a choice but to give it to me.”

After banging her out doggy, reverse cowgirl and in her ass, Juan drops a huge load on her ass.

This is how a fitness freak breaks a sweat.

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