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Ivanna Lace Finds Her Happy Place

Ivanna Lace Finds Her Happy Place

The one pick-up line attempt Ivanna Lace remembers is, “Your smile is so beautiful, I forgot where I needed to go.” We can understand that. It’s called being boob-drunk. That’s something intoxicating Ivanna inspires in the guys who are lucky enough to see her and even luckier, to meet her in the flesh.

“I love to go shopping for sexy clothing, shoes and lingerie. Some for wearing when I take pictures and some when I go out. I also love to go camping. My craziest dream is to go skydiving and I want to swim in the Pacific Ocean one day.

“I love to dance. Men say I am a very sexy dancer and I excite them. All of my life, since I can remember, many guys paid much attention to me. That is one of the reasons I became a web model.”

It could be the universe was telling Ivanna which direction she should turn to.

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Victoria Lobov: Super-sex With A SCORE WILF

Victoria Lobov: Super-sex With A SCORE WILF

“Ice cubes and a nice big cock make my nipples stiff. JMac comes to mind,” beautiful, willowy and chesty blonde Victoria Lobov told us. She’d seen his videos in action with other women. This was Victoria’s turn and she was not let down.

“I’m very submissive. I love it when a guy takes the lead. I don’t have a preference for cock size. I love any cock size, big or small. As long as it squirts. I like it when my boobs are covered in cum. It makes my skin so smooth and silky.”

Big boobs made Victoria feel hotter, more passionate, erotic and hornier. She’s currently a 34G.

“It was always my man’s idea. But I always thought it was a good idea as well. I like it too. Sex is much more passionate and intense. I have mirrors in the bedroom and I love watching myself riding my hubby. I love to see my own big boobs bouncing. When he cums I like to spit it out and rub it all over my breasts. I like cum in my mouth or my pussy for different reasons. I like variety. I love it when my man is forceful, but not rough. The highlight is when he shoots his load deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful ejaculation makes me scream and cum. I’m passive, so I like when a guy takes charge and makes my head spin.”

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Sidra Sage Sidra Sage
Sidra Sage @
Sidra Sage is a Domina with a mind of what she needs in Life. Her long term sugar daddy slave has been well trained to put her needs ahead of his own, but the real test is tonight. Sidra is set to have her first multiple Man Scene and her First DP as well. At her insistence he will be gagged and blindfolded, only allowed to hear her moans of pleasure as she takes real Men’s cocks for Her pleasure. These Men know they are there for her pleasure and even take fun in reminding her slave of his place. Her slave eventually can not help himself and peeks a look to see her passion. He is of course rewarded with two loads of cum to clean from Her beautiful body to which he greedily laps up like the dog he is.
Sidra Sage Sidra Sage

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Lauren Phillips & Spencer Bradley Lauren Phillips & Spencer Bradley
Lauren Phillips & Spencer Bradley @
Spencer Bradley is the rebellious stepdaughter who is grounded but sneaks out and takes her Step Mom, Lauren Phillips’ car without permission. She crashes the car into Prince and Isiah’s car and then tries to run away but gets caught. The 2 Boys take her home and demand money to fix her car, but her Step Mom refuses to pay since she didn’t wreck the car herself. Instead she makes her Step Daughter strip and use a toy for the Men to work it off, but when that’s not enough she has to Bang the two of them to clear the debt. Along the way, Her Daughter gets the best Sex Education lesson of her life, and as an extra punishment, has to lick up the cum from a creampie and the facial on her mom and the gentlemen leave happy, saying next time they will fuck both the girls……….. might be a great Part II
Lauren Phillips & Spencer Bradley Lauren Phillips & Spencer Bradley
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Chasin’ the Booty

Chasin' the Booty

Pleasure Mia is one of those bootied babes that has a great ass and a beautiful face. What we typically refer to as a “dime piece” because you want to show her off.

But you don’t have to tell Pleasure that she is fine, because she knows it. “I have guys tell me that I am pretty all the time, but they are intimidated by my looks, so they keep their distance. I don’t want a shy guy! I want a guy who can take charge and step to me and win me over. Like Carlos, here. He came with confidence, so I gave him some booty. Take that as a lesson, all you horny men out there. If you want something, you gotta come and get it. Don’t think you can just throw a compliment and that will be enough. You have to pursue me and conquer me. I respond to confidence.”

So take heed, gentlemen and chase the booty. If you do, you will land the booty.

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Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

Holly Halston is one of the all-time nastiest, dirty-mouthed, busty MILFS in the history of porn. Her stacked little body is tight and toned. In this scene, shot in your point of view, she comes out of the surf looking very sexy, strips off her suit and lies down on the beach blanket. She needs a hand to apply suntan oil. You’ll do. The people at the beach watching her off-camera were glued to her every move until she and the crew left.

You and Holly return to the house so you can fuck her brains out. Holly’s dick slurping is always fun to watch. Her experienced butthole grips your fuckin’ dick as her butt is ravished. So does her tight mommy pussy. Few can talk as filthy during sex as Holly, a dirty bitch with the mouth and tongue of a whore. She’s proud of it.

Holly fucks hard and likes it hard and rough because she is into it. After you drain your hose on her asscrack, she wipes the cum with her finger and licks it, wipes her butthole with a finger and sticks it in her mouth. There’s none of this, “I don’t do this, I don’t do that” from her. That’s why she taught Christy Marks about ass-fucking. That’s why a DVD called My Wife, Your Meat, starring just Holly was made.

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Big & Bouncy

Big & Bouncy

Allysa Andrews was working in an adult store as a sale associate when she contacted

Now the idea of a huge-breasted girl working in a porn store has always been an unforgettable image in our sex-soaked brains. It’s mostly a guy’s job. We have actually met very few female porn store clerks, and of those, fewer still had huge tits.

XL Girls Marilyn White and Violet Addams worked in porn shops. Marilyn White graduated to dancer in a strip club next to her store. Do girls work in a porn shop because they need a job? Or are they attracted to the material? Do some of them get into porn because they worked in a porn shop and caught the “fever”?

You have to figure that a girl attracted to porn, DVDs and magazines of people fucking, dildos, lubes and hooker lingerie to the extent of working in a shop is more than a little interested in recreational, fun sex, even in a voyeuristic way.

Allysa fulfilled that horny fantasy in this scene. “I love to get as much sex as I can,” Allysa told us. “I could suck dick for an hour…if a man could hold back that long. That’s never happened. I love getting my pussy eaten. A guy who really knows how to eat pussy can do what he wants with me.”

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Lauren Phillips & Zoe Sparx Lauren Phillips & Zoe Sparx
Lauren Phillips & Zoe Sparx @
Lauren and step-daughter Zoe are are having a conversation about why Zoe was making so much noise in her room fucking her boyfriend last night and Zoe tells her mom Lauren that it’s because it’s the first time she tried anal. Her step-mom tells her there’s a lot more to being an Anal slut than just doing anal, she has to do ass to mouth and ass to pussy. Zoe tells her mom she’s not afraid to do that and that she can be dirtier than her mom and a bet is made. The next person they see, whoever is the dirtiest gets to take the creampie, and the loser has to eat the cum out of the winner’s dripping hole. Handyman Isiah comes in to change out the light bulbs in the chandelier. The Girls have a good view of his package as he is up on the ladder and they decide to try and out fuck each other with Isiah. They come over to Isiah and ask him to help them out with their bet, and they rip his pants off and the craziness ensues, with tons of Ass To Mouth, Ass To Pussy, and Ass To Other Girl’s Mouth, but in the end, Mom is the dirtiest whore and after she takes Isiah’s hot load, she makes her step-daughter drink up every last drop from her hole.
Lauren Phillips & Zoe Sparx Lauren Phillips & Zoe Sparx
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Paisley Porter Paisley Porter
Paisley Porter @
Paisley Porter has put her foot down. Her Husband Epic has promised her an open relationship for years but always there is some excuse. So Paisley found herself a sleazy attorney who promised her an iron clad Cuckold Contract. Left with no option, Epic signs on the dotted line and off they are for home and for her needs to be met. Coming home to find two Big studly men she planned for, she dismisses her husband to the corner with a camera to record her adventure. Paisley has set goals for herself now, she is still new to Anal but wants this to be memorable for her first DP ever. After opening up her tender ass for a minute or two the men are quick to show her what it is to take two cocks at the same time, and finish the evening off with an anal creampie as well.

Paisley Porter Paisley Porter

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Aria Khaide Aria Khaide
Aria Khaide @
Aria is a horny Mom who’s lazy stepson started painting everywhere in the house but left everything and didn’t finish. She’s pissed and she has some ideas about changing colors around the house and teaching her lazy stepson a lesson who not only wrote "Mom Sux" on the tarp but also left her sex toys out as well. So she calls the painters over to discuss possible color schemes in different rooms but they want 1500.00 just to do one room. She asks them if there’s anything she can do to get a discount and then shows them the butt plug her husband gave her that she’s wearing. Then she decides a great idea would be to teach her son a lesson about leaving her 2 favorite toys out by doing DOUBLE VAG with them for the painters. The painters are hip to this kind of discount and she makes her stepson sit in the corner and watch as she asks the painters, "never mind the walls, how about you paint my face with your hot cum". The craziness starts with intense sex, with lots of Pussy to Mouth, degrading her stepson and all the craziness she can do. She takes a hot pussy creampie and then a facial and invites the painters over for regular painting sessions…… on her FACE!
Aria Khaide Aria Khaide
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Butt Plugged

Butt Plugged

“I’ve always wanted to be a burlesque entertainer,” said Lila Lovely, the blonde bra-busting bombshell with big 40F-cup boobs and an aptitude for sexitude.

Lila’s alone but not quite alone for this cum-show. Concealed under her panties and inside her butt is a stimulating butt plug. There’s no man around to help her take it out so she does it herself after spanking her ass so hard, her tush cheeks turn pink.

“I’m a massage therapist,” lovely Lila says. “People tell me I have a very healing touch.”

Who among us could not use some of that healing?

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