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Oiled In The Sun

Oiled In The Sun

Delilah Dark. A bathing costume. A bottle of suntan greasy oil. The Miami sun. That is the meaning of life at XLGirls. Delilah does finest justice to her skimpy bathing dress. That babe need to drive the locals potty back home in California whenever this babe goes to the beach. Delilah would be right at home living in Miami or Fort Lauderdale near the beach where she could spend all day in and without her bikinis and drive the locals here desirous too. Delilah even included in her glamour model bio that her idea of a flawless day is relaxing at the beach and playing in the surf. XLGirls member Mav spoken about Delilah: “This girl is stylish and her wobblers are simply without this world–bring her back.” And that we’ve. This babe calls herself an “ancient history geek.” This is the kind of bouncing honey bunny that inspired ancient empires to upright temples and monuments, upright being the key word here. Stay tuned to for the movie version of this slicked bikini playgirl with magnificent mams as well as another bed-bouncing with an XLGirls stuntman.

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