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Lucy Rodriguez & Mer: Two Hot Girls Bored of Education

Lucy Rodriguez & Mer: Two Hot Girls Bored of Education

Fully-loaded student Lucy Rodriguez is trying to complete the assignment her teacher Miss Mer has given her. Miss Mer will be back soon to check up on her pupil. Unfortunately, Lucy can’t concentrate and would rather suck on her own nipples and pat her pussy than work on her studies. “I do not understand this,” frustrated Lucy says, looking at the assignment. “Where is my teacher?”

When Miss Mer enters and sees that Lucy hasn’t done any work, she promptly takes over.

“Miss, what are you doing?” she asks Lucy.

“I am bored,” Lucy replies.

“I thought you were studying.”

“It’s just that I got bored,” Lucy replies in her defense.

“Bad girl! I’ll punish you,” says Mer, who promptly punishes Lucy by running her tongue down Lucy’s neck and ends at Lucy’s nipples so she can suck them hard.

Mer and Lucy worship each other’s huge tits, filling their mouths with sweet boob-flesh. Lucy’s milk jugs are full, so she squeezes her milkers to spray Mer. She also spits on Mer’s tits. Mer has brought two of her educational props that look exactly like cock-shaped dildos. They fuck their own pussies side by side and each fuck the other’s pussy. Then they suck on the dildos.

“You are my favorite student,” Mer declares.

“You are my favorite teacher,” Lucy replies. “What a naughty teacher I have!”

No one gets bored of education at this academy for busty girls. When it comes to student and teacher bodies, this center of learning makes the grade with top marks.

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