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Big Boob Diner

Big Boob Diner

Every time a TSG editor or art director goes out for lunch, he hopes he will get a waitress athletic love Liza Biggs in this scene. Sadly, this not at all happens. But a ladies man can dream larger than typical, or BIGGS in this case.

SCORELAND: So you are Twenty eight. Have u ever been an lap dancer?

Liza: I’ve been to exotic dancing clubs before but not to dance.

SCORELAND: What happens when you go to lap dancing clubs?

Liza: I usually receive plenty of attention from the strippers. They usually urge to come over and play with my wobblers.

SCORELAND: They should tip u.

Liza: They should! They play with them, bounce ’em, take up with the tongue them.

SCORELAND: And you have at not time gotten the crave to go on-stage?

Liza: No, I have by no means been on-stage. It is just at not time been my thing.

SCORELAND: So had you ever had sex on-camera?

Liza: Nope. Not at any time previous to shooting with u males.

SCORELAND: Ever posted undressed pics on the internet?

Liza: No. Well, not on the internet.

SCORELAND: Not on the internet? So where do you put ’em?

Liza: Well, everybody sends pictures of themselves now and then. Either to allies or people you are interested in.

SCORELAND: Why isn’t it okay for boyz to send cock pics, but angels can send tit fotos?

Liza: Because weenies aren’t cute. Bosoms are very charming. That is actually the only difference.

SCORELAND: But u love schlongs, right?

Liza: I mean, I adore ’em. But I do not have to see them. I know what they look like.

SCORELAND: So juggs are marvelous and it’s ok to send tit images.

Liza: Yes, all the time.

SCORELAND: So the difference betwixt a lad sending a wang pic, and a angel sending a tit pic is…

Liza: The creep factor. The creep factor jumps Twenty levels when u send a 10-Pounder pic. But the creep factor drops when u send pointer sisters. Everybody is like, “Well, if you are comfortable, I’m comfortable.”

SCORELAND: And when a stud sends a 10-Pounder pic to a beauty, this babe displays it to her allies and they make fun of it.

Liza: Yep. We send it to all of our friends and we chuckle at you.

SCORELAND: And when a angel sends tit pix to a petticoat chaser, they brandish it to their allies and they all toss off.

Liza: Exactly.

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