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Jenni Noble: Big Boobs Like A Boss

Jenni Noble: Big Boobs Like A Boss

Always be a good neighbor. Because you may have a naughty neighbor with a rack you won’t believe. A neighbor like Jenni Noble. Jim finds out when he gets his neighbor’s mail by mistake and returns it.

His eyes pop when she opens her door and he sees Jenni and her massive cleavage busting her low-cut top. She invites him in and within two shakes of a pair of big natural tits, Jenni and Jim are doing the bedroom boobie boogaloo and he’s sucking her nipples. What a friendly neighbor. It pays to be a nice guy.

Jenni likes guys who are genuine, kind and super-geeky. Dry wit, dark humor, puns and satire make her laugh the most. So now you know.

“I like someone who is open and willing to experiment,” Jenni said. “That’s always fun. A dominant female is also a huge turn-on. I’m pretty assertive. I know what I like and I’m not afraid to say it. I loathe when people obnoxiously catcall and I like it when people compliment me on my intelligence.

“When I go out for the night to have drinks with my friends, I’ll normally wear some fishnets, short-shorts, boots and a revealing top. I always wear a bra unless I’m sleeping. I don’t date too often but I usually enjoy going to a local restaurant then hitting a bar.”

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