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It’s What’s Upfront That Counts

It's What's Upfront That Counts

The set and wardrobe in Lisa Canon‘s XLGirls pictorial is straight without the TV display Batty Bucks. Groovy! Lisa looks right at home. Come to think of it, the XL studio is love her second home where that babe can get naughty whilst the cameras roll. If we asked Lisa‘s allies to describe her, what would they say? “They’d say I am bubbly,” Lisa answered. “I like to have pleasure. I am the first one to do anything potty, soever it’s. I am very outgoing.” It is not effortless for a hotty pumped up adore Lisa to discover the right comfortable bras. This babe lives in the country and bra stores are not around the corner. “I need to command ’em online, and if it doesn’t fit right then I’m stuck with it, and nobody else can wear it. It’s stiff, but I make it work if it’s also small. If I’m just dangling out around the house I’ll wear a sports under garment over it. And if I go out, I’ll just try to keep my pointer sisters tucked in, and make it so they’re not falling out of my below garment. I don’t wear a brassiere only when I am sleeping. Otherwise I’m usually wearing a brassiere. I have to, or I might knock somebody’s eye out, or my eye out!” Since becoming an XLGirl, Lisa has attracted many followers. R.B. writes in, “Lisa is such a beauty. She is definitely my new prefered XL model. Lisa is young, fetching and perfectly bulky. She could be a star, if that’s what that babe desires. But either way she’ll always be a star in my eyes.”

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