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“I’m a very girly-girl”

Danica Danali said that babe started naked modeling with underware pix. “That was truly just for the attention. I would post ram up in Myspace and Facebook, and of course it would acquire deleted right away. But I did it mostly ‘coz I liked the attention from the people.” How did Danica check out about XLGirls? “One of your recruiters detected me on the Internet and contacted me. I’d honestly never heard of XL Gals before that, but I had heard of SCORE and I have been modeling as an dilettante since June of 2010, and u fellows were my first real gig in December of 2010.” Danica briefly danced in a strip club. “I started off as a waitress and then I tried lap dancing. But I can’t dance for anything, so I went back to waitressing. I don’t know how much the other gals made exotic dancing. I only worked there for 3 weeks. But for the two nights I danced I suppose I brought home $500 every evening. This was 11 years ago so I don’t know if that was an average amount for that time. But there were so many mad things going on. There was one fellow who would come each Thursday and the beauties would flock to his VIP table. I had no idea but they were all getting him off underneath the table. There was a lad who, even though I was solely waitressing, he would always ask me for a lap dance, and that guy would come in 2 or three times a week. I was allowed to do that, so I would for him.”

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