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Hoisting A Pair

Hoisting A Pair

Gya Roberts looked adore she’d be jaw-dropping wearing a traditional European bar maid costume. In Germany, it is called a “dirndl.” What do u think now that she’s wearing it here? Looks sexy on her? Is she born to wear one and hoist a hardly any steins of Pilsner? We think so. Now about that nipple engulfing talent Gya has. “I have a fetish for engulfing my nipps, actually,” Gya explained. And how did that start? “It began when I started masturbating on cam. I’d touch my tits and one day I realized that my nipples were very sensitive. So, since they were so big, I started touching with tongue my nipps while I touched myself and I found that I could cum faster when I did that, so I began engulfing them whilst I masturbated and now it’s one of my astronomical fetishes. I adore having my areolas sucked on for hours! It feels very valuable. If there’s no one to do it for me, I will suck on them myself.” We’ll drink a beer to that. Here’s to Gya!

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