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Hotty With A Rack

Girl With A Rack

“One summer I went from a diminutive B to a very full D,” told Michelle May, describing her breast growth spurt. “I was in excruciating ache. Going up two cup sizes in numerous months was indeed intense.

“And it was tough ‘coz in school, I was a dancer, and then all of a sudden I had larger than run of the mill melons. But after my pointer sisters grew, I quit. I had to ‘coz I looked ridiculous. I had this astronomical chest in this sea of flat-chested ballerinas.

“I got plenty of smiles and winks from tons of the boys. I wouldn’t say that I was abhored on cuz I went to school in California and everyone showed tons of skin. I mean, it’s archetypal for people to walk around half-naked in California.

I would say that I was the flavor of the week for maybe a week and then people got over it. I got the nicknames Shelly Larger than run of the mill Mambos and Wobblers McGee. It was all in worthwhile pleasure. No one ever went out of their way to be wicked to me.”

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