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Eva & Sarah’s Notty Adventure

Eva & Sarah's Notty Adventure

“I must fucky-fucky with my ally,” says Eva Notty, sat on the sofa next to her BBF (Big-Boobed Friend) Sarah Satori. Yes, Eva has brought you a recent SCORE Beauty as a more than thoughtful gift. Sarah has big fun bags also and she’s hawt as Eva too. Birds of a feather, you know. “Hopefully I need to sucky-sucky too,” Sarah adds. “Not hopefully,” corrects Eva. “You’d more gorgeous.” “You’d more breathtaking share, u little cock-goblin,” Sarah replies. SCORE’s editor is naturally inquisitive about this dynamic duet. “There will be tit-sucking. Pussy-sucking,” the beauties explain in unison. We haven’t met a couple at SCORE love bosom buds Eva and Sarah since Alexia Moore and Danielle Derek. “A woman knows what a femdom-goddess desires,” Eva says. And what does Eva crave? “She wants her vagina licked,” Sarah replies. “She loves her clit sucked a little bit too.” Eva demonstrates the technique using Sarah’s forefinger. They will head south to snatch-land shortly. Attention turns to their big zeppelins. Jointly and separately, they cause major distractions wherever they go. “She almost caused a car accident in San Francisco,” says Sarah. This news should not surprise u. Are they responsible for these seismic tremblors on the west coast? During the time that those 2 wanton, playful sex kittens expect for the sausage in their gal sandwich, Eva licks Sarah’s pussy, then they 69, Eva on top. As they 69, Mr. Shaft arrives. Eva is ready and starts to engulf him off whilst Sarah continues to lick Eva‘s pussy. The fucky-fucky starts; one dude, two women–and what chicks! The #1 male fantasy. Eva‘s extra-prepared. She’s even brought along her strap-on to shag Sarah with during the time that she’s being screwed doggy style. Enjoy Eva & Sarah’s Notty Adventure. And a greater than average thank’s to Eva for introducing Sarah, Our question is: who sleeps on the luscious spot?

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