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Cherry’s Casting Bed

Cherry's Casting Couch

Cherry Brady is a Renaissance Voluptuous Woman. She is an all-American red-blooded, lusty, naturally big boobed redhead with a sharp and ribald sense of humor and great self-confidence. She’s a wisecracker and a wise female-dom. This babe can’t live with out using wicked words, when appropriate, of course.

A collector of Voluptuous magazine in advance of she decided to become a Voluptuous glamour model and covergirl herself, Cherry is a man’s woman. It’s like she and V-mag were made for each other. That babe almost seems adore she should have been an adult living in the 1950s judging by her smack in retro dresses, bras, swimsuits and lingerie and in pop culture and decor. This babe would have been a great burlesque star. Lads would have called Cherry a hot dame and spanked her round wazoo as this babe passed ’em by. She’s unashamed about sex and nudity.

Topmost Cherry Brady
climaxes with a sex session that is pure Cherry Brady. Smutty, direct and upfront about sex. Watching her copulate and get fucked is a pleasure. With a weenie in her arse, she faces the camera and goes up and down sitting on the pole. After rogering, she likes to jerk off the 10-Pounder fast and expertly so it can blow its load on her proud mangos or face whilst Cherry exults in what she can acquire a 10-Pounder to do. Tit play, self-sucking, the taste of pecker and cum, porn movies and men’s magazines are a miniature in number of her favorite things. Cherry is anti-breast reduction and has written articles urging large breasted sweethearts to love their bigger in size than run of the mill whoppers and accept them, not go to plastic surgeons and get them made smaller.

“Here’s the thing,” Cherry said a V-mag editor. “The back problems thing is bullshit. 80 percent of Americans have back problems. I just think its demonizing the pantoons. There’s nothing incorrect with them. Whether you have bigger in size than standard boobies, little milk shakes, u should adore ’em. People should like them. The important things are character, personality and integrity. So you know, the whole breast reduction thing, it just makes me sick. And then the unwanted attention. I used to have a ally that would bitch about bad lads and blame her funbags. It’s love the tits will receive a lady-killer in the door, but if you pick a shitty boy, that’s your fault. Having milk sacks is opportunities for gals. If a dude turns out to be a creep, then tell him to get lost. Your titties are not the problem.”

Cherry Brady: boob activist and Renaissance Voluptuous Lady.

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