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Caught In The Act By Lola Paradise!

Caught In The Act By Lola Paradise!

The idea for this Lola Paradise scene was one of several suggested by Lola.

“He is seated and reading Voluptuous magazine. He turns the pages and sees my pictures. He starts to masturbate. I come into the room and say, ‘What are you doing? You are a bad boy!’ I start to undress and help him….”

XLGirls: This was a horny scene, Lola. What did you think of your photos being published in Voluptuous magazine (Volume 27 Number 3)?

Lola Paradise: They are amazing! I love working with the SCORE Group team in Prague. They are doing a great job. My biggest dream is to be on the cover of Voluptuous magazine. That would be awesome!

XLGirls: Have you ever masturbated to your own videos?

Lola Paradise: No but I had sex watching my videos.

XLGirls: Does looking at your videos and photos with your man usually lead to sex?

Lola Paradise: Yes, it does, as I mentioned.

XLGirls: Have you ever seen another woman hit or yell at her husband or boyfriend for staring at you?

Lola Paradise: One or two times.

XLGirls: Do other women ever comment about your big breasts or ask you questions?

Lola Paradise: Yes, of course. It happens all the time and all my life, to be honest. They say “Oh, my god, your boobs are so big!” They ask, “Does your back hurt because of them?” or “Are they real?” or “Can I touch them?”

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