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Carmen Valentina Carmen Valentina
Carmen Valentina @
Carmen Valentina has a son, and he’s an 18-year-old virgin. His name is Juan, and Carmen and Juan have a very peculiar relationship. They can talk about anything…even difficult subjects. For example, when Juan 1st told Carmen that petticoat chaser was a virgin, it was facile. That is how close they are! And when Juan asked, "Mommy, I know this sounds kinda creepy, but how do real dudes make like?" Carmen was taken back. She thought it was so sweet that her son would feel comfortable asking her such a question, Carmen took it a step farther: one day, after Juan was done with school, Carmen had two buffed, well-endowed fellows come over to service her…in front of Juan! The men were down, and even though Juan was a bit surprised (at 1st), in a short time Juan identified the entire thing intriguing! And when it began to turn him on, Juan pulled out his dong and began to masturbate! "Oh!" Carmen exclaimed. "I see why your nick name is "El Caballo! You are not at all intend to must worry about your beauty cheating on u! Your father, on the other hand!…" Yes, Juan learned a few nice lessons this day, str8 from mom dearest…and ones, we’re sure, he’ll not ever forget!
Carmen Valentina Carmen Valentina
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