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Brooklyn Springvalley: Get To Know Your SCORELAND Neighbors

Brooklyn Springvalley: Get To Know Your SCORELAND Neighbors

Brooklyn Springvalley shares her thoughts about this scene with Nade Nasty. “Filming this scene was so fun! Nade’s a real sweetheart and we had a blast doing the opening setup. Also, he is huge. It’s the first time I had to ask a dude to hold up for a second so I could fully adjust to his size. And at one point, he banged me so hard I ended up leaving an imprint of my entire faceful of makeup on the sheets, which was hilarious and hot to me!”

It’s high-energy, high-heat time when Brooklyn Springvalley attracts Nade’s attention. She’s on the phone having a girl talk session with a friend and gushes about a neighbor who walks by her apartment every morning.

The guy makes Brooklyn horny, so when she spots him, she puts the phone down and catches his eyes by pressing her huge breasts against her window and waving him to come to her. Nade is now under her spell like a sailor lured by the siren’s song, except this story has a real happy ending.

As soon as he enters her place, Brooklyn reaches for his stimulus package, kneels and puts a lip-lock on his cock and balls. No time for small talk or coffee. He fucks Brooklyn’s tits as she kneels, then they get on the bed and get comfy for more sucking and breast-banging.

Climbing on top of Nade, Brooklyn fucks him cowgirl-style. Her tits and ass cheeks shake and jiggle as his cock thrusts hard. She flips around for a hot reverse cowgirl, enjoying the pleasure of the deep penetration. Mission accomplished for sexual superwoman Brooklyn, who’s eager for another fucking position…and another. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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