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Bra-Breaking News: Big Boobs & Bush Politician Gets Fucked

Bra-Breaking News: Big Boobs & Bush Politician Gets Fucked

Busty politician Elektra Lamour is on the hunt for a new campaign manager. She wants to reach out and grab the blue collar workers. Ms. Lamour has the 40DD tits and hairy bush to do it.

A potential candidate for the job arrives. Elektra has to audition him first. This test has nothing to do with knowledge of polling, political advertising, setting up rallies, statistics and fund raising.

The right man has to get it up and keep it up and she doesn’t mean voting numbers. The right campaign manager has to fuck her several times a day during their meetings in her office and shoot copious loads of nut-juice all over her thick bush and big fuckin’ tits.

In one of her statements released to the press, Ms. Lamour announced, “I haven’t shaved my pussy in years, and even when I did, I didn’t shave it all the way. Guys say that a shaved pussy is just not natural and they feel like pedophiles. They just like a hairy pussy. My husband won’t let me shave it. Not that I want to. He loves my hairy pussy and he loves my big tits. Most guys do.”

Elektra is counting on her supporters to pull their levers for her. Most politicians ultimately fuck the public. Elektra will really fuck ’em!

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