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Big Booty Blast-off

Big Wazoo Blast-off

Welcome back, Cheetah! Who is this white man?

“He is this wack white rapper named 1 Da Bred I did a video with called White Bread, Dark Jelly. He claims his album went double gold, but this smooth operator just spray-painted some records. He is a punk, but this gent caught me on an especially lustful day. This fellow saw me on the street in
those white, lace boyshorts that let my big ole gazoo hang out. He was into my arse and promised to make me cum with his throat and his large white rod, so I said yes. Why not?”

In the Dec. ’09 issue you told u were thinking about anal…

“[Laughs.] Yep, but thinking about it and doing it are two different
things. So, no, I did not let this white lady-killer get this ass. But I did let him play with it for a little bit and it felt worthwhile.”

So, did this boy hit it the right way, Cheetah?

“Well, let’s just say that I hit him the right way. [Laughs.] You know I can work this booty love a champion. I sat on his corpulent, white penis and I started making my arse jiggle. That lady-killer loved it. That lady-killer might think he’s a rapper, but I work this here onion like a porno star. This dude will not forget it.”

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