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Amora Lee, Big Fullsome funbags & Tons of Greasy oil

Amora Lee, Bigger in size than standard Bazookas & Plenty of Oil

Amora Lee steps outdoors. Things are going to get slippery. Greasy oil and greater than run of the mill bouncy bosoms do mix, and very nicely. Amora peels without her skintight, one-piece swimsuit so we can feast our eyes on her 36K scones and traffic-stopping body.

On the advice of a friend, Amora Googled “big-breasted adult models.” SCORELAND appeared. “I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll try this company out,'” Amora said. Sometimes the randomness of life brings great luck. This is once it did and Scorelanders are the winners.

“Even if I lost weight, I’d still have bigger than typical mammaries. If I am a 36K-cup now, I’ll probably go to a triple-D. I will still be large.”

Amora was married to a smooth operator who wasn’t a big breasted fan, as shocking as that sounds. “He was an arse gent. He did not love big breasts, and then I showed up. We lasted for 13 years. He never played with them.”

A stranger asked her to slap him in the face with her hooters. Amora declined. No one has ever popped on her boobs in the bedroom. We’re still flummoxed by her revelations.

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