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Cum In Alyssa

Cum In Alyssa

As soon as Tony DeSergio sees Alyssa Lynn in a constricted, low-cut suit, her big pointer sisters forming a boob shelf, any plans to leave are over. His hands are practically glued to the boobies of this walking, talking luscious fantasy.

Alyssa seizes the pont of time herself, dropping to her knees to give Tony’s dong and balls a thorough sucking and licking with tongue. They move to the ottoman so Alyssa can receive her slender and tight body into a doggie style and wet her whistle some more on his horn. That dude spanks her pert arse hard as Alyssa strokes and sucks, making popping and juicy sounds.

Alyssa lies back so Tony can drive his skin-bus through her titty-tunnel. She’s pumped fast and stiff and when the head of his ding-dong reaches Alyssa’s face hole, she snakes her pink tongue out to lick it and suck it adore a lollipop. By now, a lot of guys would have discharged their loads just from her face hole and greater than standard milk sacks but Tony is in control and in control of Alyssa.

After Tony parts her pink flaps and eats her out, her pink taco glistens, willing to be banged. Tony rams the hawt lap dancer adore a human jackhammer, relentlessly pounding her. The only sounds are Alyssa’s loud cries and the slapping of skin against skin until her seize is spermed and Alyssa is totally dick-drunk.

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