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I Like Cum In My Mouth

I Like Cum In My Mouth

Eva Karera became a porn star in France. Then she brought her talents at sex to the States.

“I used to be really, really shy, so the first thing I did to go against that is I became a SCUBA-diving instructor and I ended up being on a boat taking care of 45-year-old men and telling them what to do. It was a big challenge because I was so shy and I had to talk in front of so many people.

“Then I became more comfortable with my body because I forced myself and did some photo shoots. I went to swingers clubs and I had no trouble having sex with strangers, which sounds crazy but it is what it is. I don’t know where I got that from. It just happened, and then I met a girl who was doing some scenes. She was very shy, and I thought if she was doing it, why couldn’t I?”

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Kitty Cute: A Stiffy For Kitty

Kitty Cute: A Stiffy For Kitty

Kitty Cute gets a big surprise when she walks into her hotel room and finds Steve Q in bed jerking off as he looks at something on his phone. Now that’s an awkward introduction for the sexy bra-buster and big favorite at

They have a spat about whose room it is. It turns out that the hotel double-booked the same room for both Kitty and Steve and Steve got there first. Steve turns on the charm and convinces Kitty that they can share the room. He doubles down and pulls off the impressive feat of getting to play with Kitty’s massive breasts and suck on her nipples when her dress and bra are lowered.

Before long, Kitty is touching and stroking his cock. Steve fucks her tits, first when Kitty is on top of him and again when she’s on her back. Steve eats Kitty up with his eyes and scores the ultimate prize when he begins fucking Kitty in her first hardcore guy-girl scene at since her debut in 2018.

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She’s a screamer

She's a screamer

A high-rise condo, a stunning view of Miami’s Intracoastal waterway and a curvy little dime piece eager to slip your cock into her tight pussy. Nah, this isn’t a wild fantasy. It’s just another day at the office for BootyLicious. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. And with Megan Reece, one of our all-time favorite whooties, in the house, we’re definitely going to do it. Our boy Carlos is in the house, too, so you know things are going to get hot-n-sticky. Especially because Megan is one of the freakiest chicks we’ve ever met.

“I think I scare guys sometimes,” Megan said. “They don’t expect me to be a bigger freak than them. They don’t expect me to be the one coming up with the freakiest positions for them to fuck me in. I’m a little whore in the bedroom and I’m really flexible.”

Hearing things like that makes our big head spin and our little head rise to attention.

“I like being spanked, too,” Megan added. “My sex sessions get pretty loud and intense. I once had a neighbor call the cops because they thought I was in pain. Well, I was in pain, but it was the good kind.”

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Jessica Bunnington: Date With A Sexy Bunny Baby

Jessica Bunnington: Date With A Sexy Bunny Baby

Jessy Bunny has a swanky restaurant date with Tom. While he waits for the hot young bra-buster to dress, Jessy chooses a super-bimbo outfit she thinks will blow his mind before she blows anything else. What she picks out is sure to help her make a spectacular entrance.

When Tom sees what Jessy is wearing, he changes his mind about going out. He thinks she’s dressed too hot. Jealousy? Maybe. Jessy tries her best to change his mind and sits on his knee, her big tits in his face. They both forget about the restaurant when Tom sucks on her nipples. She fills her warm mouth with his cock while he fingers and licks her pussy, a warm-up to a hot fuck. Jessy is a screamer and cries out loudly as Tom plunges into her pussy.

“I love dates like shopping and going to a nice restaurant and then maybe some fun in a hotel later,” Jessy told us. “I want every man and woman to look at my chest, which they always do. People stare and take photos of me when I’m out. I love it! That’s why I came to SCORE, so all the guys out there who love big tits can look.”

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Street Walkin’

Street Walkin'

When a guy gets really horny, so horny his nuts are swollen, he goes out looking for action. Some go to bars. Some go to strip clubs. Some go to singles mixers. Some call an ex or hit their little black book of girls they know. And some, like this gentleman, cruise the streets looking for hot chicks they can pick up.

Now, what Claire (played by Claire Dames) is wearing as she walks along the boulevard is not any hotter than what girls wear walking in South Beach or Santa Monica or on the Las Vegas Strip. But Claire’s clothing is mega-hot and she has that extra touch of swagger as she walks. The horny driver spots her immediately. He pulls over, thinking she’s a hooker. He needs a mouth and a pussy to fuck.

A little curbside talk and a little drive-time talk and they arrive at his place. Claire looks so fuckable, the driver can’t control himself. Her hot little body is driving him crazy. He pulls his pants down on the staircase and Claire gives him a tremendous dick- and ball-sucking. The camera angles are awesome and so is Claire’s talent at sex. Claire takes off her clothing on the stairs and he licks her pink taco. She digs it.

Claire stands up and teases him with her shapely ass as she walks up the stairs and enters a bedroom. She gets on the bed and starts to rub her clit. The driver follows and immediately spreads her legs and begins fucking her pussy. Claire turns out to be an amazing bed partner. She’s a wild woman, a walking wet dream.

After they fuck in doggy, she tells him that she really wants his big cock in her ass. What Claire wants, Claire gets. His cock is buried in Claire’s sweet asshole for a boiling-hot fuck! And watch what they do for a surprise ending!

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Laura Tithapia: The Busty Boss Lady

Laura Tithapia: The Busty Boss Lady

You have a meeting with one of the supervisors, XLGirl Laura Tithapia. Laura has heard about you and wants to have a meeting. She dresses like the busty boss she is: in a tight skirt, black stockings and a tight, white blouse, open to expose her massive cleavage.

Laura knows how to command attention. She asks you to lock the door behind you. She doesn’t need to talk at this meeting. Her body language will say it all. You’ll get the message immediately.

“I like to make a man feel special,” Laura said. “I will wear sexy clothes and let him undress me. I will lick his body and try new positions for him. We will role-play and I will wear any costume he wants me to wear. We will have sex in new positions and in different places like his car or in a sexy hotel. I will suck his cock for as long as he wants.”

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Tit Fuck & Blow Job

Tit Fuck & Blow Job

If you love losing your load over slim, shapely girls with big boob jobs, you will love Alexa. G-cupper Alexa lives in Berlin, Germany and travels around the country. She’s a dancer and an erotic entertainer.

We asked one of our photographers about Alexa.

“She’s very professional and extremely relaxed during her shoot. She’s into fetish modeling, which is very big in Germany. She was a great model, very sexy and willing. Very fucking horny. She has this sauciness about her. She’s very extroverted and happy-go-lucky. Even in an everyday situation, not a modeling session, she has this natural flirtatiousness about her, always flirting.”

“Alexa was happy to do a tits and tugs with Neeo, a local big-cock stud I’ve photographed before. Neeo loves big-titted women and likes to take control of them when he has sex. There’s a lot of nipple-sucking and licking, titty-squeezing and lots of tit-fucking in different positions. I shot this in a mix of POV and third-person to get more variety and different angles of Alexa’s tits. They went beyond the usual tits and tugs right away. Alexa is a beautiful head-giver. She took his cock all the way down, and Neeo, very excited by Alexa’s breast-size and her overall looks and enthusiasm, took over and fucked her mouth and cleavage like it was a pussy.”

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Desk Sex P.O.V. With Katarina

Desk Sex P.O.V. With Katarina

Katarina Dubrova plays a stern bureaucrat who makes guys do her bidding if they need a document approved. And there isn’t any guy with healthy hormone levels who wouldn’t gladly do what she says for a chance to give her a dicking-down on her desk. She finishes off this applicant with a happy P.O.V. ending, jacking his cock off in her mouth and drooling his nut all over her perfect naturals.

Katarina speaks in this scene and her English is very good. Her voice is very sexy. It’s rare that we’ve heard Katarina speak at all in her various scenes since 2007. Her voice is very pleasurable.

One of the beautiful faces at SCORELAND, Katarina’s mommy body is in perfect shape. After her pregnancy, there was always the possibility that Katarina would retire after becoming a mommy.

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Wet & Lovely

Wet & Lovely

The sight of a naked girl in the shower, her plush body and big boobs dripping with water and soap suds, is one of life’s great pleasures. When Lila Lovely was here, we asked her to be our water nymph of the day.

What makes Lila feel sexy?

“A man loving on my body and appreciating me always makes me feel sexy no matter what I’m wearing,” says Lila. Or not wearing. “I prefer a short dress and a low-cut top to show off all of my curves.”

Baring it all on-camera has changed Lila’s outlook.

“My confidence in myself and my self-image has been boosted tremendously since I decided to do nude modeling and porn. I love getting compliments on my curves and belly. My ex always put me down for being chubby.”

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Ann Calis: The Total Voluptuous package

Ann Calis: The Total Voluptuous package

Ann Calis: Beautiful face, beautiful, big, natural boobs and a voluptuous body that will not quit.

Ann is proud of her body and her big tits. She is chatty as she proudly reveals what nature gave her.

“My tits began to grow when I was young,” Ann said. “I developed earlier than the other girls in my neighborhood.

I try my best to be very sexy, I pay much attention to my clothing and makeup. I do it for myself first. There are days when I am dressed casual, but if I am going out for the night or on holiday I make sure I look right before I leave my home. I get many compliments that I have a very beautiful, sweet face. I feel my face and my big boobs are my best features. I feel fortunate.”

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Shay Sights Shay Sights
Shay Sights @
Seems stepson Elias is having a hard time getting any sleep with all the fucking his stepmom is doing. Even better – she’s not fucking his dad. She’s fucking big black men whenver his dad is out of town. And he has to hear it all night long. Her moans of pleasure. The headboard banging against the wall. The mattress squeeking as cock after cock rails her dripping wet milf hole. So Elias decides to tell her he is fed up with not being able to get any sleep and you know what his step mom does? She says "oh so you can’t sleep listening to me get a little pleasure in life cause you are too busy imagining what I’m doing. You can watch." Say what? What the fuck – you want me to watch. Turns out a new black lover has just arrived and Elias gets a front row ticket to watch his stepmom handle some seriously large cockage. The man who will be fucking his slut of a stepmom is Jovan and he comes packing a big one. Elias is scared for her but she takes it like a whore in heat and once she gets it through the initial insertion it’s smooth sailing. Damn is she in bimbo heaven as she grunts and rides that big black pole like it’s her last day on earth. Covered in cum she shows off her accomplishment as Elias questions his life. Will he too one day grow up to be a cuck like his dad?
Shay Sights Shay Sights
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