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Sashaa’s Breast Painting

Sashaa's Breast Painting

Warhol. Lichtenstein. Picasso. Artists? All amateurs, in our opinion. Did they create big tit paintings like Sashaa Juggs? No, they did not. We will now see the painstaking process Sashaa takes to create one of these masterpieces. She carefully paints her massive mams, big butt and thick, sweet body until she herself is a work of living art.

Then by impressing her colorful tits on canvas, a new masterpiece is created. These masterworks have been safeguarded in the XL Girls vault for the time being. The art world has been shaken to its very core.

Of course, like any artist driven by creativity and passion, Sashaa needs to temporarily decompress and relax. After quickly cleaning off, Sashaa spanks out an orgasm in her artist’s den before she heads off to the showers. Truly, a master-bator piece of ass.

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Bring Me The Ass of Dee Williams

Bring Me The Ass of Dee Williams

Dee Williams lives a sex life that most women can’t imagine. Here she’s fucked in P.O.V. style. But first, you have to help open up her ass for cock-drilling by using a toy.

Dee masturbates her thick-lipped pussy with a toy to start the big show. A butt-plug is in her butt-hole. Then she’s eager to suck your dick and wrap her big tits around it.

“The more sex I have, the more I want to have,” Dee said. “Any time I’m alone and I’m sure nobody’s going to walk in on me with my pants off, I take my pants off. I love masturbating. I masturbate regularly. Half the time I use my fingers, half the time I use my vibrator.”

Submission, S&M, bondage, orgies, anal, interracial, DPs, domination, pegging, role play and anything else in the encyclopedia of sex and kink. Dee does it all.

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Ally Rayz In Toyland

Ally Rayz In Toyland

Ally Rayz likes to use a vibrator when she masturbates. “I alternate between putting the toy on my clit and penetrating my vagina,” Ally told us.

When it comes to sex with her husband, Ally likes it a little rough. “I like being spanked and handcuffed. But I also love it the regular way. Being fingered, having my clit played with and a lot of breast play, of course.”

Ally often fantasizes when she plays with herself. “I really get off fantasizing about threesomes with guys or girls. With girls I am assertive. With guys I am passive.”

Ally hasn’t said if she watches her videos at home and what she thinks of them. In her two hardcore scenes, her partners fucked Ally hard and strong. She definitely is a passive girl with guys.

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The Emma Shay Experience

The Emma Shay Experience

Experience the sight of busty and comely babe-next-door Emma Shay under you and over you in this XXX POV scene. You fucking Emma. Fucking Emma’s big, soft tits. Fucking Emma’s pretty mouth. Emma fucking you. Emma sucking your dick. Emma sucking your bloated balls. Emma sticking her tongue out for your load of hot cum. It’s the Emma Shay experience. After this scene was shot, we chatted with young and wholesome-looking Emma about all things horny.

SCORELAND: Do you watch adult videos at home?

Emma Shay: Not too many but I mainly love watching cum shots, facials and cream pies. Also Lesbian scenes!

SCORELAND: What do you like done to your boobs when you’re in bed?

Emma Shay: Play with them or at least suck on my nipples.

SCORELAND: Do you usually swallow or spit your man’s cum?

Emma Shay: Swallow!

SCORELAND: What is the longest cock you can deep throat?

Emma Shay: Probably just seven inches. I wish I could do more!

SCORELAND: When you give a blow job, do you like it when the guy holds your head?

Emma Shay: If he lightly holds my head, I love it! If it’s hard then no, since I like to be in charge of the blow job.

SCORELAND: Does cock size matter to you?

Emma Shay: Not too much, I just hope it is six inches and has an amazing head!

SCORELAND: When you are in bed having sex, do most of your partners ask if they can tit-fuck you?

Emma Shay: Yeah, they always want to know how their cock feels between my boobs.

SCORELAND: What kind of kinky sex acts have you tried at home?

Emma Shay: Pet play, Dom and Sub play! My husband and I take turns. It’s so fun to be a switch.

SCORELAND: What tit-fucking position is your favorite or favorites?

Emma Shay: I love to sit in a chair and lean over with a guy sitting up as well. Or having the guy on top of me is hot, too!

SCORELAND: Thanks, Emma. Stay sexy.

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The Krystal Swift Experience

The Krystal Swift Experience

Perry Layne is anxious. He’s phoned sexbomb Krystal Swift to come to his place. The always-smiling Krystal can fuck your brains out and drain every drop of your cum. That’s Perry’s game plan. He waits by the elevator for the show-stopping blonde. She’s dressed for hot sex as she makes her grand entrance to his lobby. He can’t wait to get his hands and various other body parts on Krystal’s giant, juicy, soft and natural wonders.

“I like sex and I am very assertive,” Krystal said. “Every morning when I wake up, I play with my breasts and my pussy. When I have a boyfriend, then I want to have sex three times a day. A man must spend a lot of time playing with my breasts and sucking them before sex. People ask me if I like anal sex. I do not. I don’t like it.

“I was a very nice and quiet girl when I was growing up. I just had the biggest breasts. I come from a small Czech border town near Poland. It’s very quiet. A good place if you like that. I love being a porn model. Now I wear a 70G bra (44DDD in US size). I don’t wear a bra at home. I wear a T-shirt or tank top at home. When I go out, I wear a bra. Guys look at my boobs first. Then they look up at my eyes.”

We only wish there were more than one Krystal Swift. She’s inspired countless loads to be lost in her honor.

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Strapless In Pink

Strapless In Pink

Nothing could hide Joana Bliss‘s beauty and sex appeal. She could dress in a burlap sack and still attract attention. A New Age peace, love, kindness and harmony kinda girl, Joana is into holistics, yoga, organic food and the natural path. It’s been very good for her. She has a relaxed, peaceful vibe about her and she passes on those warm, feel-good, fuzzy feelings to her model friends and the SCORE staff.

“I can’t just have sex right away and it can’t be just sex,” Joana said. “There has to be more of a connection. Emotional and spiritual. I practice some Tantric yoga. I sleep naked but I wear sexy clothes to bed with a man. It helps me feel the connection with the other person.”

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Cassidi Jai: Seeking Men Who Love Tit-fucking and Anal

Cassidi Jai: Seeking Men Who Love Tit-fucking and Anal

Every inch of Cassidi Jai is plumperific. Every stacked inch of her is sexy and her babydoll voice is hot too, like a phone sex girl who tells you to jerk off for her. She could probably get you pumping a load of cum just with her voice alone.

Cassidi actually made a TSG editor blush and that is not simple to do. Cassidi did this by explaining what makes a great blow job in her opinion.

“A lot of girls think it’s about the deep throat, but a lot of guys don’t really care about that. I think it’s about the rotation of your hand and how you actually use your tongue. Fortunately for me, I can work it and I can deep throat, so I am okay on all counts. As long as you work your mouth and rotate your wrist the right way, you can get them off all sorts of fast.”

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Busty MILF Encounters of the BBC Kind

Busty MILF Encounters of the BBC Kind

Candace Harley is a hot, big-boobed mom, so when she was told about The SCORE Group, she wanted to make a few videos and see what it was all about. She was nervous at first but that faded.

In this scene, Candace meets Jax Slayher who helped train her in on-camera sex. She begins by attending to Jax and his cock in a bathtub which leads to the bedroom where Jax power-fucks and facializes her.

Candace was a very horny lady long before she fucked in her two hardcore videos. “I am part of the mile high club in all types of planes and helicopters. I love sex in kinky places, where the thrill of getting caught makes me more excited. I’ve had a couple of encounters with women. It depends on my mood. I have had sex with a man 18 years younger and I loved it.”

Jax is 16 years younger than Candace.

“I like a man that takes charge in bed and likes to have sex often,” Candace added. “I enjoy riding bikes and going boating. In school I was a cheerleader and played softball. I find watching men play soccer the sexiest of all sports.”

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Thirsty White Chick

Thirsty White Chick

You don’t see white chicks that can pop and drop their asses like this too often. Virgo’s poppin’ it like she wants a gig at Miami’s King of Diamonds. But Virgo’s not at KOD, she’s on our home turf and ready to take every inch of our boy JMac’s cock girth.

“That ass is amazing,” he says as she pulls her dress up to give him a better view of her booty. “I need that.”

JMac’s going to get it. And so is Virgo. Seeing the bulge in JMac’s jeans is already getting her hot and bothered. So she walks over and plants her phat ass into his lap and onto his cock. Virgo is giving him the type of lap dance you’d expect to get at a strip club, too. She’s rearranging his cock through his jeans, and JMac’s about to bust loose, so he pulls out his cock. Virgo wastes no time going to work on his throbbing man meat.

Virgo’s blowjob skills are impeccable. She works all the way up and down JMac’s pole, showing off her lack of gag reflex. She even goes south and gives his balls some attention, too. If we awarded trophies for cock-sucking skills, this chick would be a top contender.

Virgo’s sex skills aren’t to be ignored either.

“Come fuck this pussy,” she says as JMac slides into her doggystyle.

Virgo makes her ass clap while JMac’s smashing from the back. This is what fucking should be. Hard, dirty, draining but motivating. These two are wearing each other out as they build each other up to their orgasms. And Virgo’s hardest orgasm comes when JMac stuffs his junk in her ass. There’s nothing better than a girl who loves anal, and this chick was made for it.

When these two are finally done, JMac douses her face with cum, and Virgo thirstily laps it up.

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Prisoner of Dominno At SCORE

Prisoner of Dominno At SCORE

If Perry Layne wants to get within 20 feet of Dominno, he’d better do everything she wants. “She who must be obeyed” has her own idea of what she wants. What she desires is to put a dog leash around his neck and put handcuffs on his wrists and see how he worships the superior woman and kneels before her.

Dominno rubs his package with a stockinged foot and takes pleasure in seeing him worship her foot and leg, and kiss her high-heeled shoe. He’s lucky she didn’t pull out the whip.

Sucking his dick in Dominno’s own special way gives Perry hard wood, but before she allows this lackey the honor of banging her, she wants him to lick her pussy and he’d better do it good if he wants to bone her. If he’s good, she’ll drain his bloated nuts.

That eat-out must have hit the Czech superstar’s sweet spots because she mounts Perry’s pole and fucks his brains out fast and hard. She keeps her hand on that leash to remind him who the boss. He certainly doesn’t want to feel the vengeance of Dominno by not showing the proper veneration and adoration.

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XLGirls: Sex & Oil

XLGirls: Sex & Oil

Anna Beck, Marina Grey, Nikki Smith, Melonie Max and Nixie Night get the warm oil treatment followed by hot, slippery fucking in this oil-and-sex appreciation video.

Their huge tits and asses always need a lot of oil and the gents who have the honors of servicing these slick dolls are happy to give them hands-on satisfaction before dick-down satisfaction. Oiling, breast massaging, boob-banging and fucking: perfection.

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