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38DDD-cupper Dani Loves To Get Boned

38DDD-cupper Dani Loves To Get Boned

“I love it when a man takes control, tells me what to do, bends me over and spanks me,” said Dani Moore who boasts 47-inches of tits and wears a 38DDD bra.

A friend encouraged Dani to apply to The SCORE Group. She sent in some snaps after reading

Dani was not a swinger and she’s not a nudist. She was curious about Her friend knew all about us and believed her huge tits would help get her through the door.

Dani got the right cock-man here since she says she likes rough sex. Carlos holds her by the hair, pinches her nipples, slaps her butt-cheeks and gives her a manhandling as he feeds her cock and plows her in doggie, missionary and sideways. After fucking Dani’s big boobs, Carlos drains his balls on them. Dani wipes his cum off her sticky tits with her fingers, sticks them in her mouth and licks up the nut-cream, a contented sex-kitten.

“I like hard fucking. That’s what Carlos gave me. I like to be restrained and taken advantage of. I think I am sexually passive and need controlling men in bed.”

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Sugar Boobs

Sugar Boobs

Who could ever get enough of the great Joana? This is a girl who’s only gotten better and better over time. Feel connected and feel the love of Joana. “I will make you feel my love always,” Joana always says.

SCORE: Are you bisexual?

Joana: Yes. Sometimes I like women, but I prefer men.

SCORE: What’s your favorite sexual position?

Joana: I like all of them, but maybe 69 is best. I enjoy oral sex.

SCORE: Do you practice any sexual positions when you’re doing yoga?

Joana: Yes. I practice some Tantric yoga. It helps me feel the connection with the other person.

Peace out.

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A Big Cream Pie For Busty Patty

A Big Cream Pie For Busty Patty

Patty Michova is a new SCORE discovery. The busty brunette wants to become a porn star! She has the right moves, the right body and the right looks to hit her goal with a big bang. She is super-slim and in fantastic shape. Her figure is amazing.

In this second of two hardcore SCORE videos, Patty and George are sharing a table when the urge to fuck overcomes Patty. She stands up and moves closer to George. Sucking her nipples, George unwraps Patty like a candy bar and places her on the table to prepare her for the hot beef injection.

He licks her wet pussy, savoring her taste. This drives Patty into the clouds. George dips his cock between her pink pussy lips to fuck her for the first time. Then he licks her again before thrusting into her once more and pounding her hard and fast.

Patty gets off the table and kneels before him to take his rock-hard joint in her mouth. She is awesome at blow jobs and swallows the entire shaft down her throat to the balls, then licks his balls and tongue-twirls the rod. Still kneeling, Patty squeezes her 32F boobs together to massage his boner. Obviously Patty needs to learn nothing about being a porn star. She knows everything!

Patty sits on George’s lap and fills her pussy with his pole, bouncing up and down like she’s giving him a lap dance. They stand up so he can drill her from behind. She places one high-heeled foot on the table to give him greater leverage. Her facial expressions show the sexual heat and intensity she is feeling. This girl likes to get sport-fucked by studs.

They continue fucking until they are both ready to cum. George wants to blast his load straight into Patty’s pussy-hole. Watch how this happens and in what fucking position it happens! Rarely do you see a cream pie finish like this.

Patty is well on her way! See her first SCORE XXX scene at SCORELAND in “Pole Dancing Fantasy Girl.”

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Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Crazy, Sexy, Cool

“You want to get all oily with me?” Kamryn Monroe says. “Or you can put your face between my tits while I play with them.”

We’ll take heavy-handed helpings of both of those options, Kamryn. We don’t take our plumpers a la carte here at We want the whole delicious bundle all at once. And Kamryn gives it to us.

Off screen, one of our crew squirts this lovely dish with oil while she plays with herself. She’s playing with her tits, rubbing her clit, slowly pushing herself to an orgasm. And we have a perfect view of it all. This is one of those scenes that reminds us why we love plumpers so much.

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She’s A Kinky Chick

She's A Kinky Chick

Sapphira‘s so sexy, she doesn’t need to speak. She lets her ass and hips do the talking. And they’re whispering sweet nothings to us as she pops her ass in front of the camera. She then slips her jeans off and gives us a look at her tasty, chocolate ass. We’d love to take a bite out of that big apple bottom, and we don’t think Sapphira would mind. She’s a kinky chick.

“I’m into a lot of stuff people wouldn’t expect when they see me,” she says. “My biggest fantasy is to be in a gangbang with a group of girls wearing strap-ons. I’d let them all take turns fucking me. I get wet just talking about it.”

And she gets our cocks hard just talking about it.

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One Night In Knight

 One Night In Knight

Fucking in The SCORE Group restroom while the staff went about their busy assignments made the sex even more exciting, dirty and naughty for 42-28-39 Venice Knight, a mature, sophisticated, gorgeous woman with big, natural tits who had a yen to try something new and daring in her life.

Venice has been on a sexual adventure quest since she lost her virginity in her boyfriend’s house, and having a big cock drilling into her wet pussy from every angle while a camera rolled was another adventure experience for her.

Venice remembers the details of her deflowering by her now-ex…Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon playing. Parents away. Her pussy claimed by his cock. It was “fabulous,” to use Venice’s word.

Venice was born in Germany (she has a European look) and grew up in mid-western U.S.A. She started department store catalog modeling when she was 16 and kept it up during her 20s and mid-30s. After retiring from commercial modeling, Venice went to school for interior design and opened her own design business.

“I collect lingerie,” said Venice, who looks like the type to wear some hot, upscale lingerie and greet her man at the door. “I fantasize about other women’s big, sexy breasts and being with them.

“If a man asks me if my big boobs are real, I point to his cock and ask him if that is real.”

Venice explained her erotic interests. “I’ve had too many unusual sexual encounters to mention! I need a man with skills. You should ask how often I do not have sex! Doing porn is not what I thought it would be. It’s an art form and it’s interesting. It’s a whole new something to learn, which I love to do. And the best part of it is that I’m having sex with new people.”

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Tabatha Jordan: The Anal Cum-back

Tabatha Jordan: The Anal Cum-back

The veteran boobhounds at The SCORE Group couldn’t believe it when this slinky, mature blonde reconnected to make an interracial anal creampie comeback. Tabatha Jordan, formerly Haley Hills at SCORE 20 years ago, had been a very busy exotic dancer and porn star.

Tabatha was in SCORE magazine five times, was the winner of the Newcomer of the Year contest for 1998, did a girl-girl with Brittany Love, a hardcore video in the first of the SCORE Xtra series and was invited to attend Boob Cruise 2000.

Tabatha’s last SCORE shoot was at the end of 2000. After that, she closed her fan club and website, retired to raise a family, go back to school and start a business, so we thought that was the end of it.

This scene with John Long is proof again that retirement is rarely totally permanent.

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A Faceful Of Daylene

A Faceful Of Daylene

Daylene Rio‘s fuck-date Anthony wants to start running his itchy hands all over her gorgeous, busty body but Daylene wants to cock-tease him for a little while. After all, back home, Daylene is a stripper and lap dancer with enough sex appeal for four women. So Daylene shows off her figure in her tight jeggings and tight blue cardigan first before they do the pole vault event.

She’s killing this guy by prolonging his blue balls and administers the knockout blow when she pulls her huge tits out of her top and lets him taste her sweet boob skin and pointy nipples. Daylene tugs off her pants and exposes her crotchless panties designed for quick access to fingers, tongue and prick. She shoves her butt in his face. You might as well wave a juicy steak at a starving tiger.

By now, Daylene is worked up too and wants big meat down her throat ASAP. She surrenders her body, massaging his cock between her tits and sucking it when it reaches her mouth. Before our cameras rolled, we had an engineer test this couch to find out how much stress and pressure it could handle under the weight of a wildly fucking couple…just to be on the safe side.

“Guys have told me that they wished their women were like me,” Daylene says. “I never wait for a guy to make his move. I have sex whenever I’m horny, and that’s a lot. I wake up in the morning with my hand under my panties. But once I have my man, I like when he tells me what to do, when he shows me who is the boss. That’s my nature. The more a guy talks dirty to me and bosses me around in bed, the hornier I get and the more I talk dirty. Like when a guy talks in a sexy voice and tells me to get on my knees and suck his cock, I get all flushed and my skin gets tingly.”

Every word Daylene says is always true, and when she promises to catch your squirt in her mouth, you can count on it.

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Ivanna Lace at Every Day Is A Holiday With Ivanna

Ivanna Lace at Every Day Is A Holiday With Ivanna

Ivanna Lace relaxes on her terrace, enjoying the view while you enjoy the view of Ivanna. The sight of Ivanna is more spectacular than the view of any city’s skyline.

The voluptuously blessed beauty goes inside to her bedroom to give herself the gift of an orgasm by playing with her big, sensitive boobs, vibrating her shaved, wet pussy and pleasurizing her ass with another toy. She leaves the toy in her butthole as she thrusts her vibrator in and out.

Ivanna hears and reads loads of compliments and pick-up lines. “Your smile is so beautiful, I forgot where I need to go,” a guy said to Ivanna, hoping to score points with her. She enjoys the attention in public when it’s done in a gentlemanly way. When she was a student, her male classmates buzzed around her like bees on a flower.

“My big breasts always draw attention,” Ivanna said. “I can wear anything but I prefer to wear tops in public that expose my cleavage because I am proud of my body. People always ask me if I am a model.”

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Pass The Buns

Pass The Buns

Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to pull the grill out. Our girl Barbie Banx is ready. Her grill is fired up and she’s got some hot dogs on. We don’t see any buns anywhere, but we don’t think she needs them. Barbie’s plump buns are popping out of her Daisy Duke short shorts. And we think that’s the perfect place to stuff a hot dog into. There are few things we like more than a chick who knows what she’s doing behind a grill.

“Guys always tell me that I’m the perfect girl,” Barbie said. “I can cook, I like sports and I’m laid back as hell. I’m the type of girl that will suck you dry than eat some lunch with you.”

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Patricia Gold: Wild & Crazy Fucking

Patricia Gold: Wild & Crazy Fucking

“Tell me what to do and I will do it,” Patricia Gold said the first time she arrived at the studio in Europe. That’s the spirit.

“I have done many things in my life before but my favorite now is modeling and making videos with hot guys. Now I am spoiled for regular men. I like men who are very long and thick.”

Porn changed Patricia’s opinion.

“What makes sex so different for me when I make a video? These crazy guys. They are sex-crazy. I did not meet guys like this when I was younger. I never lived like this before. Now I think about those guys so much, I dream about sex with them.”

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