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A Load of Cum For Cute Cassie Cute

A Load of Cum For Cute Cassie Cute

I don’t care for anal sex or fingers in my ass, and to have sex with more than one man does not have interest for me,” Cassie Cute noted on her bio. “I’m too shy to have sex in public, like at a park or in a car. I have only kissed a girl. I have not had sex with a girl. What I do want to try is sex on a swing. This looks fun.”

Frenky doesn’t want to fuck Cassie with another guy in the mix. He wants the girl, her hot lips, big tits and pierced pussy all to himself. Just one-on-one. Frenky is not going to win any awards from the ladies for his face but his boner will make Cassie cum, so she is eager to get fucked.

He watches Cassie feel up her breasts, her face showing her fascination and pleasure. Jumping on the couch, Frenky gets hands-on and Cassie helps him get undressed. (In the video version, Fraeky flings his clothes off before leaping on Cassie and giving her his dick to suck and tit-fuck.)

Cassie gets a lot of compliments about her curvy body. She’s a swimmer and keeps in shape that way, plus it gives guys an eyeful. She cums best using her fingers and likes fucking in the doggie-pose. Her favorite kind of foreplay is getting lightly bitten on her back. Not the ultra-glam type, Cassie thinks of herself as an everyday girl.

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Martina: From Student to Porn Star

Martina: From Student to Porn Star

When the hardcore scenes of Martina arrived at the office from the Czech Republic, it took a few minutes to recognize her from two outstanding solo shoots she did years ago for SCORE.

One photo shoot was indoors, the other was a bikini shoot outdoors at a scenic location. After that, Martina seemed to drop out of the modeling pool. That’s nothing unusual.

Martina changed her appearance since then. But the bigger surprise was her moving into hardcore scenes. She caught us with our pants down with that, even if it is years later. Steve already had his pants down, ready to ravish the now-blonde bra-buster, which he did in this frantic fuck fest.

Never say never, right?

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Award-winning exotic dancer Stephanie Stalls pulls out all the stops. Stephanie is a horny babe who knows what she likes and what she wants in bed. She wants Mr. Dick to first play with and massage her massive and heavy 40-inch, 34F-cups. She loves her nipples pulled and pinched. He spritzes a good amount of white cream over them, rubbing the stuff into her breast flesh until her tits shine. “Massage my pussy,” Stephanie says. He goes one better, massaging her shaved cunt with his tongue. You may be wondering why the stunt-cock’s face is often out of the frame. Here’s why.

She returns the favor by sucking his cock, making popping, suction sounds as her mouth works it. “Fuck those titties,” she next tells Mr. Dick, a living cock-prop who doesn’t care if Stephanie’s bossy. She sits on the edge of the bed holding her heavy breasts together as his prick plows through her tightly compressed boobs that make a kind of cleavage-pussy. Stephanie now wants his shaft in her snatch. She gets on her back, strips off her panties and opens her legs for a side-saddle fucking. Her head hangs over the corner of the mattress and she makes sex sounds in a staccato rhythm while he penetrates her with fast strokes. Her hands reach down to rub her clit and pussy-wings.

Stephanie gets on top and mounts him in a reverse cowgirl position, riding his pole hard. “Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!” she cries, bouncing up and down, tits swinging wildly. Most girls have to take their heels off in this position but not Stephanie. Her stripper stage-skills give her fuck-stamina and flexible legs and ankles. The more she fucks the more fucking she wants.

Stephanie knows what she likes and what she wants. “I’m good at blow jobs. I was called Hoover in high school,” Stephanie says. She can get aggressive when she’s hot for the cock but will be submissive other times. She is usually aggressive in her sex scenes. We’ll bet she quickly wears out most guys she meets. That’s why she likes doing porn with pro-studs. Stephanie has only done hardcore at SCORE.

“Sometimes I want somebody to take charge and really hammer me in bed. Most guys just like laying back and getting a blow job.” With her flexible limbs, trained and fit from her stage dances, Stephanie is qualified to handle any position.

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Workout With Mae Montgomery

Workout With Mae Montgomery

It’s exercise time for hot 38J-cupper Mae Montgomery. After her workout, Mae makes good use of special exercise tools that cause her to tingle all over.

XLGirls: What are your hobbies?

Mae: I am obsessed with water, so anytime I get to be on it or in it I’m there…whether it’s swimming, paddle boarding, or floating out on the lake. I also believe music feeds the soul so I try to go to as many shows and concerts as possible. I go to Nashville a lot. I like to drive, so I travel around to see my friends or others play shows. It’s an incredible feeling being in the front row when it’s you and a big group of people just there as one, feeling nothing but the music, like the bass and drums from the speakers beating in your whole body as the words rush over you, and you can feel love all around.

I also love to cook and I get that from my mother and being raised in the south. So I’m always mixing up different flavors and experimenting in the kitchen. I love hot stuff and anything with heat makes me happy. In my spare time I enjoy puzzles, coloring and painting. I really like to challenge myself so I’m always researching and trying to learn new things.

XLGirls: What do you want to try that you haven’t done yet?

Mae: I would love to travel more. I am a history nerd and I would love to be able to travel to places in Europe to see places like Pompeii, the Parthenon in Greece and all of the museums. I would also like to see all of the crazy wonders that the Earth has created like The Devil’s Bridge in Kromlau, Germany and Heaven’s Gate in China, or watch the Northern Lights in a glass igloo in Finland, naked, wrapped in sheets.

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No Fakin’ Ass Shakin’

No Fakin' Ass Shakin'

Stacey Foxx has a bubble that means trouble. She loves to shake that ass and show you what she is working with. That’s why when she hears about an audition to be a video vixen, she shows up in a skimpy, little thong. She is ready to be a star, but little does she know that the star of the video is this white rapper right here. He doesn’t want her to shake her ass…he wants to blast dat ass. Watch as he works over Stacey’s fine ass and gives her a mouthful of his white lightning. She may not ever be a video vixen but Stacey sure does make one hell of a porn star!

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Cory Chase Cory Chase
Cory Chase @
Cory is a Woman in need and her Husband Alex is more than happy to put her needs first. Alex spoke with two of the guys from work about his wife and he needs for the Biggest Men he can find. Cory has an itch deep inside that can only be reached through her needy little ass. Not to miss an opportunity, Prince and Rico promise to come by and scratch that itch. Just moments in the door and she is on her knees sucking those Big Cocks and letting these men know she is all theirs and they better take care of her needs. Cory is determined to take those dicks in every hole back and forth , Ass to Mouth, nothing is going to stop her from getting the pleasure she needs. Alex is just happy to be there, camera in hand to record the moment for Cory to see, again and again.

Cory Chase Cory Chase

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Deep In Holly’s Ass

Deep In Holly's Ass

Boner pills were invented to keep up with women like Holly Claus.

“Hard cock” is her reply to what she considers sexy. That says it all.

The action starts immediately. There’s no storyline or theme. Just raw sex. Sergio plays with Holly’s 34DDs then fingers and licks her pierced pussy. Dirty-talking Holly swallows his cock with advanced BJ skills then lowers her now-soaked pussy over his pole.

Holly has a gripping snatch. When Holly is on top of him in a cowgirl is when you can clearly see that tight pussy grip in action as she’s being fucked. While Sergio is screwing Holly in doggie, he fingers her butthole and asks if she wants it in her ass. She does…big-time, and takes all of his cock deep inside her asshole in a tremendous fuck session. Holly was made for porn sex.

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A Cream Injection For A 34DDD Brunette

A Cream Injection For A 34DDD Brunette

Never keep a lady waiting. Especially when that lady is raven-haired sex bomb Sensual Jane, one of Europe’s most well-known busty porn stars and a very popular name at SCORE. Jane has dressed for her bedroom date and waits. Dressed in a black body-suit, black stockings and black pumps, Jane is starting to pout. She wants a cock to play with and she wants it now.

Finally, her date Matt shows up. Jane pulls him to her by the shirt. Hypnotized by Jane’s big boobs, Matt spends a full five minutes on her wonders, sucking, licking, squeezing and doing everything a man can do with a pair of beautifully shaped tits. Because she is slim yet shapely (In fact, a perfect body for her height and weight.), Jane’s boobs look even bigger than triple D-cups.

A woman who takes things into her own hands, Jane opens Matt’s fly and pulls his tool out to suck on. On her knees, her tits out and exposed, Jane blows Matt hands-free. Her cock-sucking lips encircle his shaft and her head bobs up and down. She makes slurping and moaning sounds as she enjoys her meat hero lunch.

Matt lays back in bed and Jane straddles him, wedging his cock between her tits and rubbing it. She resumes her oral exercises, licking the underside of his pole and occasionally looking into the lens, a P.O.V. moment from this angle. Then Jane resumes her girl-on-top tit-banging.

Kicking off her slut-spikes, and naked except for her black stockings, Jane gets on top of Matt again, not to slip his cock into her pussy, but to lower her shaved pussy over his mouth. She wants her pussy licked while she rubs her tits. In this position, she grinds her hips as his tongue lashes her swollen clit, her lips and her pink sugar-walls. (The cameraman adds a very unusual shot for a few seconds from Jane’s P.O.V., looking down at her boobs as her tongue licks a nipple.)

With their oral dissertation completed, Jane gets on her side, scissors open her sexy legs and waits for Matt to fuck her wet snatch. The pussy-plugging begins and Jane is eager for the pump. When a man fucks her good and hard, Jane becomes a very happy camper.

“I want the guys at home to see his cum drip out of me,” Jane said earlier. So when they fuck in a reverse cowgirl and Matt blows his load inside Jane, she opens her lips and squeezes. His nut-juice flows out and drips down. The camera then moves to Jane’s wide-eyed face, capturing her expression of erotic excitement, satisfaction and what can only be described as sexual triumph.

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The Buxom Intern

The Buxom Intern

“I love anal,” says Savana Blue. “I am working on doing a double-anal but I haven’t gotten there yet.” Double-anal? Most girls don’t do anal at all.

Savana says she’s had several hook-ups with other girls. “One of my favorites was with a 60-year-old woman. We had a double-sided dildo and were both sucking a cock while fucking each other.”

“Big cocks using me however they want…that’s what satisfies me most of all, says Savana, a cam-girl. One of the guys watching her cam cum-show recommended XL Girls and that was how she came to be here.

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Kendra Cole Kendra Cole
Kendra Cole @
Kendra Cole is no ordinary housewife as Rico & Blaccwood find out when they come home after work with their friend Draven. It seems Draven and Wife have a different kind of relationship and she wears the pants so to speak. She is quick to let their guests know she is available and ready for some BBC. Each time Draven protests she makes him remove some more clothing until she makes him reveal his big secret Pink Panties and a chastity cage. His coworkers roar with laughter and then dive right into his wife’s pussy. She takes those BBC’s like a slut in heat and then begs for the Black Loads deep inside both ends. It’s one step too far for Rico and Blaccwood when Draven steps up to cleanup his lovely Wife.

Kendra Cole Kendra Cole

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The Lusty, Busty Cameron Skye

The Lusty, Busty Cameron Skye

Cameron Skye was a “SCORE WILF” (Wife I’d Like To Fuck) when she first got into adult action at SCORELAND. She started with a solo and a Tits & Tugs and came back seven months later to do full-sex hardcore.

“My favorite thing is when guys check me out and the girl they are with gets jealous,” Cameron said that first day at TSG. “I like to wear tight, low-cut shirts that show a lot of cleavage. My favorite kind of bra is a push-up bra that really makes them stick out and up.”

We’re stiffed to welcome Cameron back, and she’s hotter, lustier and hornier than ever. You never know if a woman will keep moving forward as an adult entertainer or move on. Cameron kept moving forward full blast, going on Twitter to network, making her own videos with guys and by herself, and with XLGirls again.

In this scene, Cameron chats with her fuck buddy Dan for a few minutes. She loves the thrill of fucking on-camera and in front of other people. Then he joins her in bed to play with her big pierced tits and eat her bushy pussy. Cameron sucks and tit-bangs Dan. He takes her head by her hair and fucks her mouth.

She gets on her back and spreads wide for his stiff dick. The look on Cameron’s face is priceless when Dan pounds her. Her heavy tits shake and jiggle with each thrust. Cameron turns around so her fuck friend can bury his cock in her wet cunt from behind. The view of her butt is ass-tonishing. Cameron gets on top and rides Dan hard, pumping his bloated balls so he can give her the big load she wants.

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