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Muy Caliente

Muy Caliente

Born in a town called Valls near the port city of Tarragona, Spain, Marta La Croft lives in Barcelona. Who does her voice remind you of?

Marta’s not a fan of brassieres.

“No bra is best,” said Marta, young and eager to cum and cum again. “When I go out, I wear a mini-dress and no bra. I like attention, a lot of it. I like to show my body to guys so I became a model in Spanish magazines and a porn star. I like sex. I go on web-cam, too.”

Marta starts off her cum-show in a hot-pink net dress that doesn’t stay on long. She grinds and twerks her ass to the camera. That ass earned her the title of “El Major Culo Del Porno” (The Best Ass in Porn). Flipping over, Marta gets going on her tits and pussy, energetically fapping away, fingering her pink as she rotates her hips to give herself a big, juicy cum.

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Wifely Duties Include Anal

Wifely Duties Include Anal

Lila Lovely is a great wifey with great, big tits. Her tits and ass-obsessed husband likes Lila to wear a filmy nightie or some other hot outfit when she cleans the house. Lila is on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor as we check into the Lovely household. It’s a very nice sight.

Her husband’s friend Tony thinks so too. He must be a very close friend of Lila’s man to just walk into his house and sneak into the living room while his wife’s in a doggie on the floor. Naturally, he gets as stiff as concrete.

Tony plays the easy card with Lila, eye-banging her, checking out her big, fat jugs and big, fat ass and getting an eye-bang back. Lila looks very pleased to see him. She likes to please all guys who pay attention to her. Tony gets to drill Lila’s asshole, too. She really is good to her husband’s buddies. Love thy neighbor.

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Big Boobs & Ruff Riding

Big Boobs & Ruff Riding

“I love oral sex,” says Nikky Wilder, who’s living up to her surname with this XXX scene.

“I had a boyfriend who said I was the only girl who ever deep-throated him,” said Nikky. “When I do it, I pop it all the way to the back of my throat.” She’s quite a girl.

Nikky’s 38DDD tits are suckable and fuckable. She enjoys dressing to show her girls off. Low-cut, too tight and too short are her fashion guides. Women give her dirty looks and hit the guys who give her admiring looks and leers.

“I like laying down with his cock between my tits. I’ll take the tip of his cock into my mouth while he fucks my big boobs, and then he can shoot his load all over me. I love cum. It makes good skin cream.”

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The Wonders Of Delicious Daria

The Wonders Of Delicious Daria

It’s always a pleasure to see Daria. She was one of the eight super-naturals in On Location North Coast. A fan herself of the SCORELAND Girls, Daria was enchanted by her island-mates and they were enchanted by her.

What makes Daria happy is “drinking wine at the seashore, thinking about the universe and enjoying the fullness of the moment.”

“I like a man to take the lead, keeping everything under control. I’m also into teasing. I like him to be natural, sincere, funny, emotional and intelligent. I guess that’s enough for the first time.

“If you were to ask me what my best qualities are, I would say I’m honest, ambitious, open-minded and I’m always ready to help. Physically, I really like my natural beauty, my eyes, lashes, my non-standard, sexy body shape and my skin.”

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Gia Costello: Hot MILF’s Healing Hands

Gia Costello: Hot MILF's Healing Hands

Busty and sexy brunette Gia Costello is ready to workout with Sean Lawless, but when she drops by his place to pick him up, he’s in bed with a leg cramp and tells her he can’t make it. Always ready to help, with a heart as big as her tits, Gia offers to massage the muscle. She hovers over Sean, her big, soft boobs ready to bust out of her tight top. He accepts her kind offer, his eyes popping at the sight of her heavy knockers.

Gia starts to rub his thigh and that raises Sean’s flag. Gia salutes it with a great deep-throat blow job on his love muscle. She swallows his bloated shaft to the root and no doubt Sean is thanking the universe for this angel of mercy.

Gia climbs on-board Sean and rides his cock like it’s the favorite at Churchill Downs racetrack. They fuck hard and long and after banging Gia fast and deep from behind, Sean sprays her hot body with nut-cream. He’s regained the use of his leg! It’s a miracle thanks to the horny skills of Miss Sexysicilianxxx Gia Costello. Now they can get to the gym unless they want to break the bed again.

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Diana Eisley: Hostess With The Mostest

Diana Eisley: Hostess With The Mostest

Charming Diana Eisley is an anatomy-award winning girl-next-door with a spectacular body and 36H-cup whoppers. Finding her was total happenstance and a glad event. Diana was not actively looking to glamour model and had at no time made any attempts to connect with The SCORE Group studio employees.

That babe is worked as a camp counselor and was working in a restaurant, the kind of hotty we’d hire in a heartbeat if we owned a restaurant.

This scene is shot on a terrace overlooking the bay. For somebody who was absolutely recent at it, Diana is very hawt and smooth. She was potty to try hardcore with a lad and this babe was a super-hottie in that too.

XLGirls: Before this rencounter with our talent scout, you wanted to do porn, but let’s face it: U dont look adore the normal sex star.

Diana: I know.

XLGirls: Were you aware that there were magazines and websites featuring gals who look love you?

Diana: Not girls with real bazookas.

XLGirls: So not merely did you not know where to go to become a model; u did not think anyone would desire you.

Diana: Yep.

XLGirls: And now that you’ve detected out that we do, how does that make you feel?

Diana: I am definitely a little more assured in myself because I realize there are all different preferences in body type. Some people love the very slim girls. Some people adore gals with a little bit of a bust.

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Lasirena69 Lasirena69
Lasirena69 @
Lasirena69 likes 10-Pounder. Shell take any color, but her beloved? The one her spouse can not give her of course. A large, thick succulent dark wang. This babe likes the contrast against her pale skin and the sensation of her holes being stretched beyond their limitation. That babe especially can’t live with out screwing her boyfriend after shes taken a fine dark pounding coz that babe usually can’t feel him at all. After their party, when just one guest is left, Lasirena69 enters the room with no top on and crawls across her husband to have to the dark pecker. She asks him if hes ever fantasized about her lips on his meat-thermometer. That babe tells him that babe thinks about his big dark-skinned rod all the time. Her boyfriend watches as she slips his knob in her face hole, but not in advance of confessing that that babe merely craves him in her ass. Their ally glazes her face in his cream and leaves her to be drilled by her very barmy white worm.

Lasirena69 Lasirena69

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Bra-vo For Jenni Noble

Bra-vo For Jenni Noble

Jenni Noble has numerous bras laid out on the bed for her scrutiny. This babe checks herself out in a full-length mirror and approves of the way her 38H bumpers are busting out of her undergarment and blouse. We likewise approve.

“It felt great to be back,” Jenni said. “I missed shooting, and everybody was very thoughtful and amiable with my return.”

Jenni has very pliable meatballs. That babe can easily tug and pull on her teats. We have an expression around here: love muffins adore taffy. Many beauties cant tug and stretch their breasts because it can be painful. She’s even done it in her hardcore scenes during the time that she’s rogering.

Jenni tries on the bras, approving or disapproving of ’em. One undergarment is way also petite for her. “I always wear a undergarment unless I am sleeping,” Jenni told. “I must be fitted. I can’t buy ’em off the rack. When I’m dressing to unveil my gals off, I love a plunging neckline to reveal my girls.”

After her below garment try-outs, Jenni switches her attention to her muff. She reaches deep into the bush and pats her cum-hole fast and rock hard. “I masturbate at least one time a day.”

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Roughing It

Roughing It

Getting boned on-camera at XL Gals. is a charisma for fat-boobed, fat-assed MILF Cami Cooper. Her porn professor is Carlos Rios. Cami took anything Carlos could throw at her including throwing her around love a life-sized doll, smacking and flogging her gazoo and bigger in size than typical, heavy mama mambos, slamming into her love tunnel like a meat drill and roughing her up from beginning to end.

“I maybe have sex 3 times a week at home,” told Cami, “but not with dudes who do porn adore Carlos. I like big, thick cocks and this petticoat chaser had one for me. I am passive, for sure, and he’s the total opposite. He truly gave it to me priceless.”

Cami went home with an experience she could think about when that babe masturbates, something that babe says she does lots of when this babe can. Cami told she has a trunk full of women’s marital-devices at home. This babe can use ’em to make herself cum when that babe watches her clips.

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The Redheaded Bra-Buster

The Redheaded Bra-Buster

Holding her sweater with the one and the other hands, Amerie Thomas shakes up her hot marangos. This is better than watching the World Cup. Amerie has her own World Cups to give her affection to.

Amerie proceeds to play with her larger than standard scones. That babe removes her blue pullover and discloses a colorful brassiere. She unhooks it with one hand and drops it to expose her twin peaks of enjoyment. Giving a kiss, squeezing and touching with tongue ’em, the redhead leaves her lipstick mark on them. This babe can engulf her own nipps, smth that is not as simple as many think.

Standing up, Amerie turns around to expose her butt in blue denim shorts. Most jaw-dropping! The shorts come off and so do her lacy pink panties. It’s time to play spanky-spanky. Amerie’s two fingers pumping her sugar box make juicy, soft sounds.

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Chesty Czech Chick

Chesty Czech Chick

Veronika keeps a low-profile and doesn’t look for publicity and exposure in the big-tit world. Not to be embarrassed with one more prolific, now-retired Veronika who starred in Big-Boob Euro Maids, this Veronika got into glamour modeling in 2003 and started at SCORELAND in 2005.

Veronika goes back to “civilian” life periodically, then resurfaces, usually with different colored hair, sometimes slimmer, sometimes heavier but with the same lusty, big boobed attitude and love for the aggressive strapon pounding into her.

“I like dudes. I once told I love a man who is an animal in couch and controls me. I do not have so much interest in making videos with beauties but I do have fantasies of orgies with studs and hotties.

“Guys are always talking to me, wanting to take me home. One told to me ‘You have wonderful, greater than typical eyes.’ That was humorous.”

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