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Amerie’s Man-juice Filling

Amerie's Spunk Filling

She’s so glamorous. That curvy bod and that red hair. That girlish smile. Amerie Thomas is envisaging at the window for her delivery, and whilst that babe waits, this babe fingers a nipp, kisses and sucks it to make it rock hard. What’s Amerie waiting for? A delivery smooth operator to deliver his jock for her to play with.

Knowing this lad, she has no thing to worry about. Tony is always on time.

Amerie steps back to the sofa and peels off her taut jeans. That babe has panty straps on. Laying back, she feels herself up and gropes her thighs and her big knockers. That babe cant await and, slipping a hand down her briefs, that babe begins out of the deliveryman.

Whilst Amerie is pleasuring herself and contemplating, we flashback to a chat she had with the XL Cuties director. What criterion does Amerie use to know if she’s plan to definitely screw a boy? How did that babe make the move into nude modeling and porn? What kind of oral-sex does this babe most like? These questions are answered.

Then we’re back to Amerie on the couch touching her lovely bumpers. Tony arrives just in time with his package. He pulls down her panty, spanks her sexy grab whilst this babe sucks his 10-Pounder. For their 1st sex position, Amerie climbs on board and rides him in a reverse cowgirl. She leans back and props herself up on her arms while this lady-killer pumps her, then that babe reverses and moves into a cowgirl. “Stick those scones in my face,” Tony tells her. A big cock juice filling is in Amerie’s immediate future when his hose spurts unfathomable inside her bawdy cleft.

Amerie told us her favorite rogering position.

“I like doggie. That charmer can pound me as rigid as this chab wishes and I will supplicate him to go harder. Pull my hair, choke me a little, spank me….”

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Stacked Adore Whoa!

Stacked Love Whoa!

“A dude said to me, ‘You have the unsurpassable knockers in the city,'” told Maya Milano, who turns heads wherever this babe goes…eating ice man cream whilst sightseeing in Prague; posing on a roadway spanning a river; checking out the historic buildings and parks of this storybook city. She is indeed blessed and is giving it back by baring her bod and blowing out her bras for the SCORE cameras.

Writes Maddien, “Besides a marvelous face and bigger than run of the mill love bubbles, that babe likewise has great legs. I do appreciate that this babe mostly wears worthwhile high heels.”

Maya has cranked up the heat since her original photo shoots. That babe is much more comfortable. Soever this babe does, this goddess cant take a bad picture. It’s impossible.

“When I check out the cuties on SCORELAND, I am impressed. They are attractive and it’s valuable to watch that there are girls with my kind of body. For sample, Juliana Simms, Ann Calis, Maggie, Larissa Linn…so pleasant. I relish their fotos and reading about ’em. If I meet anyone love me, I will tell her about SCORELAND.”

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Rub-a-Dub Terri

Rub-a-Dub Terri

In Part 4 of the XL Beauties episode Montego Babes, Terri Jane, one of Britain’s almost all lovable and cuddly sweater busters, urges to bathe after the girls’ hawt swim costume pool romp.

A valuable sexy soak is always on Terri’s to-do list. Here is a girl who takes great pride in her appearance and is always squeaky clean. That babe enjoys luxuriating in the tub and taking her time to soap up. She is no in-and-out shower girl.

Terri’s 43 inch, 34K-cup mangos need lots of tender care and that is exactly what that babe gives them because they merit it.

“They are gorgeous enormous,” Terri says. “I think they weigh about a stone each.” One stone is the equivalent of 14 pounds! That’s a lot of titty to bathroom.

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Boobs ‘n’ Bikinis

Boobs 'n' Bikinis

Great Balls of Fire! In Part THREE of The SCORE Group DVD feature film Montego Hotties, Gya Roberts, Terri Jane and Micky Bells commence off the proceedings by talking about bikinis. Gya is wearing a yellow string bathing suit, Terri Jane a pink one and Micky a red one.

At poolside, those pretty delights discuss the trials and tribulations in their pursuit of the ideal bikini. The three breast valley champions assent that it’s not effortless to detect a bathing dress that fits and looks sexy on their thunder bods.

They agree on several common points. They adore flashy colors love pink. They love the skimpiest bikinis. They have a difficult time shopping. And nipple boner in public generates plenty of attention on beaches.

Gya contributes a bottle of baby oil to the group meeting and the cuties continue to liberally douse their awesome bodies with the slick stuff until the pool deck has the appearance of a tanker ship ran aground.

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Shelby Gibson: The Hot Life Of A SCORE Wife

Shelby Gibson: The Hot Life Of A SCORE Wife

“I think I did well in my 1st scene with JMac,” Shelby Gibson told. 3 years had passed since this babe jacked, tit-fucked and sucked her porn hero.

“I gotta suck his heavy penis. Afresh. And we got into some truly interesting poses and screwed in some really sexy positions. And this chab picked me up and put me down and drilled me in the piledriver position. I have at not time done that before. He’s very powerful, so I felt very assertive that I was in worthwhile hands.

“I actually wanted to come back and was very wanton about that. I was still very nervous ‘cuz it’s smth I hadn’t done previous to. Concupiscent. I actually wanted to make my fans glad and have a fine time. I felt like I was willing to go to the next step.”

Now that this fantasy has been fulfilled, is there smth else Shelby urges to try?

“First thing is I really hope that you invite me back so I can do more. I actually wanna do a BBG scene. That would be sexy! JMac and one more porn man would be jaw-dropping! One more thing I would adore to do is…my partner doesn’t think SCORE has ever done a BBBG scene, so maybe I could be the first? But that would probably be up to the fans if they ask for it and SCORE acquiesces. But OMG, I suppose that it would be glamourous!”

As SCORE editor Dave said to Shelby in advance of her second discharge, “I think one of the things dudes love about u is that u are a little nervous. You do not have the blase pornstar way about you. You’re totally a girl-next-door, not a porno star.”

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Sylvia Bateman: Cute, Cuddly & Chesty

Sylvia Bateman: Cute, Cuddly & Chesty

XLGirls: How often do you have sex?

Sylvia: About three-to-five times a week.

XLGirls: What is your beloved position?

Sylvia: I don’t have one.

XLGirls: Favorite foreplay?

Sylvia: Teasing and nipple play.

XLGirls: What’s been your kinkiest raunchy experience so far?

Sylvia: It was a softcore BDSM rencounter.

XLGirls: Have u ever had sex with a goddess?

Sylvia: Yep, a diminutive in number times with just me and her. And then with a different beauty. I’ve done a three-some with me, her, and a boy.

XLGirls: Have u ever had sex in public?

Sylvia: Yeah. It was in the woods in a park.

XLGirls: Do u adore anal play and anal invasion?

Sylvia: I do.

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Blushing Rose

Blushing Rose

XLGirls: So, Rose Blush, what do you love to wear when u go out?

Rose: I do adore to costume for my body. I wear low-cut dresses and tops, constricted fitting with a cinched waist. I also waist educate by wearing corsets that actually aid to make my love muffins more prominent. I like to wear flared skirts and swing dresses to accentuate my hourglass figure.

XLGirls: What sexually satisfies u most captivating?

Rose: Being the center of attention, being used or worshiped.

XLGirls: How often do you receive some?

Rose: Between a hardly any times a day and one time a month. Life gets in the way sometimes.

XLGirls: What’s your beloved position?

Rose: Doggie-style or being bent over a bench or table, with a hand in my hair.

XLGirls: What type of foreplay do you like?

Rose: Being overpowered, kissed, bitten, manhandled, fingered.

XLGirls: What was your kinkiest raunchy meeting?

Rose: Having sex below the Sydney Harbor bridge in the middle of the day with people walking past us.

XLGirls: Have u ever had sex with another girl?

Rose: Merely giving a kiss so far. I would love to go farther.

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Intimate Lap Grinder

Private Lap Grinder

Enchanting heart with a body Alyssa Lynn has a peculiar reason she’s plan to boff for you in “Private Lap Grinder” but Alyssa will explain all that previous to this babe raises the wood and sits on Tony Rubino’s lap. What a hottie! Charming, stacked and potty to tanalize then please.

Tony dive-bombs for Alyssa’s big, jutting mangos once that guy sees ’em and does a face-plant on them, smth each stud who sees her exotic dancing on stage fantasizes about doing. They disrobe their hawt clothes off for action and the first thing Alyssa does is kneel and wrap her hot lips around his beef-stick to give him a sloppy, gooey, saliva-dripping-down-her-chin blow job–the very majority nice kind.

Alyssa receives into couch and lies on her back, willing to get her scoops fucked. Tony mounts her, straddling her chest and sandwiching his cock betwixt her hawt knockers, something exotic dancing club bucks wish to do also. This is real global warming. Alyssa wants him on with pillow talk and raises her head up to catch the tip of his penis in her mouth. Her lips make loud popping sounds when the wang pulls out and slips back in.

They go from tit-fucking right to pussy-fucking in the missionary position. Completely exposed except for her heels, Alyssa is very vocal and that adds to the heat. They move into a sideways a team fuck so Tony can stuff Alyssa one time more.

Alyssa gets on Tony’s lap in a reverse cowgirl and her dancer experience and fitness level are clear when this babe grinds all the way up and down on his pole in a standing squat with her heels still on. “I love being more submissive, but then again, I sometimes love being more aggressive,” Alyssa said.

Alyssa wants more sexing, this time in a cowgirl. This babe truly knows how to ride it to cum-town and she’s a screamer. In cowgirl that babe is aggressive but when they switch to doggie, Alyssa becomes tractable as this dude drills into her pink.

“What I do on-camera is what I adore,” says Alyssa. And what Alyssa does on-camera is what we adore.

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This babe likes Your Wood

She Can't live without Your Wood

Country goddess CJ had heard about these big-city porn slickers love Mr. Largo and their big dongs, but she’d not at all had one in her throat and pussy until this babe detected XL and sent in some exposed pics. Now she is acting out all the late-night fantasies she’s had for some time and making them all come true.

What’s left for CJ to explore?

“I’ve not had a great deal of experience with anal-copulation. I have by no means accomplished a trio, but if it was 2 boyz and me, I would try it. I’ve at no time had sex with another angel. I’ve just at not time pursued it.

“I like being pounded indeed, indeed subrigid doggy style. That makes me cum the hardest. That’s what Juan did to me, and fellow, did that guy cum a lot all over me right after! It was so hot.”

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Cum Inside Lisa Canon’s Backdoor

Cum Inside Lisa Canon's Butthole

Approaching Lisa Cannon doggy position, Sergio wraps his hands around her amazingly colossal milk cans. Lisa has on a bustier that lifts them high. That fellow palms and lifts ’em up himself. Later on, he mentions how heavy they are, maybe the heaviest he’s lifted yet in his escapades at XLGirls.

He turns her around so that ladies man can feast on her teats. They fall to the sofa and Lisa covers his face with her breast flesh. Those are smotherin’ whoppers so he’d more astounding be careful. However, we do have emergency oxygen nearby just in case.

Lisa switches her attention from his face to his stiffie. This babe sucks it and jerks it, then she buries it betwixt her love muffins and tit-wanks him, to borrow a Brit phrase from Kerry Marie. That drives Sergio banging barmy.

That stud stands up and Lisa kneels previous to him. It is meat-thermometer mouthing time and Lisa is quite talented in this art. That babe has oral sex lips and sucks him hands-free, her biggest mams swinging as this babe does. This is really ecstasy. And it’s merely just the start.

Sergio is in no rush to fuck Lisa’s muff and ass. All in priceless time. And for a cheerful ending, Lisa will get a worthwhile load of cum in her butthole, which she’ll kindly squeeze out.

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Bonkers For Plaid: Special From

Mad For Plaid: Special From

Kelly Kay was first spotted by Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

“I always used to view adult models in magazines and papers and think I should give it a try,” Liverpool’s Kelly Kay said in an interview with The Sun newspaper.

Kelly is one of the very scarcely any glamour models to pose with her Mom. That babe and her mum, Jane, always traveled jointly to the London studio.

“Mum would always come to shoots with me to make sure no thing sleazy went on. The photographer was always telling her what a great body that babe had, and one day, after months of persuasion, that babe acceded to pose with me.

She wasn’t nervous on the way to her first shoot. I had been doing topless modelling and making films for about six months but still wasn’t as relaxed as she was. It all appeared to be to come very naturally to her. I think Mum has a great body and I thought it would boost her confidence. I was happy that babe was coming along as I knew we would have a chortle together.”

Mother Jane offered her thoughts about one-time glamour modeling for The SCORE Group. She was Fourty six years old at the time. Kelly was Eighteen.

“I wanted to make sure the pictorial was not pervy, and it was not. Everybody was indeed nice, especially the photographer. This smooth operator was very complimentary about my looks and figure and str8 away asked me if I would be interested in joining in. At 1st, I thought there was no way I would do it, but after a scarcely any weeks of going along it all became typical. I guess I just got wrapped up in the entire thing. I was used to seeing Kelly pout at the digital camera and thought that babe looked great.”

A hardly any years later, Kelly and Jane, fully clothed, appeared on the Brit TV game unveil Deal Or No Deal and won £50,000.

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