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Amora Lee, Big Fullsome funbags & Tons of Greasy oil

Amora Lee, Bigger in size than standard Bazookas & Plenty of Oil

Amora Lee steps outdoors. Things are going to get slippery. Greasy oil and greater than run of the mill bouncy bosoms do mix, and very nicely. Amora peels without her skintight, one-piece swimsuit so we can feast our eyes on her 36K scones and traffic-stopping body.

On the advice of a friend, Amora Googled “big-breasted adult models.” SCORELAND appeared. “I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll try this company out,'” Amora said. Sometimes the randomness of life brings great luck. This is once it did and Scorelanders are the winners.

“Even if I lost weight, I’d still have bigger than typical mammaries. If I am a 36K-cup now, I’ll probably go to a triple-D. I will still be large.”

Amora was married to a smooth operator who wasn’t a big breasted fan, as shocking as that sounds. “He was an arse gent. He did not love big breasts, and then I showed up. We lasted for 13 years. He never played with them.”

A stranger asked her to slap him in the face with her hooters. Amora declined. No one has ever popped on her boobs in the bedroom. We’re still flummoxed by her revelations.

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Giant, Creamy Deep cleavage

Colossal, Creamy Cleavage

Natasha Lovely is aptly named. That babe has heavy, large, lovely fun bags that that babe can’t live out of to have sucked and drilled. Each inch of this succulent, fashionable woman is pleasant.

“I feel my sexiest when I’m wearing a very taut dress that makes my scoops stand out,” Natasha said. “It should be constricted all over. I like to wear dresses out of panties and I always wear the greatest heels.

“Many males compliment me about my walk when I’m dressed in a constricted dress and high-heeled shoes. I like the feeling when a dude looks at my boobies and this dude receives nervous and excited. It makes me feel adore a queen.”

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Gigantic titted Shriek Queen

Big-Titted Screech Queen

Sara‘s a Betty Page look-alike, but with much larger bra-busters and more curves than a mountain road in the Swiss Alps. That babe was batty to meet Kristof, her stunt knob in this scene. She’d heard about the boy from the photographers and was informed that this smooth operator has a greater than run of the mill ding-dong. Sara’s eyes lit up at that news.

Sara’s scones have a hypnotic power that almost all fellows are infirm to resist. That babe knows she’s blessed by nature to have these attention magnets. “I have the mammoth breasts of all my allies,” Sara says. “I had the astronomical mammaries growing up since I was 12 years mature and I still have the massive breasts.”

As pretty soon as that Lothario saw Sara’s carnal pictures and vids, Kristof knew that Lothario had found the end of the rainbow. Sucking on her pert nipples and squeezing her mellow bra buddies sent tingles throughout Sara’s body. The brunette stunner eagerly opens his shirt and pulls down his pants to get at the large meat-whistle that babe desires to stick in her mouth and blow on. Sara is much more confident now. Is it from becoming an XLGirls star adult model and being coupled off with horny fuckers?

Kristof’s dick disappears inside Sara’s breast valley in their breast-sex play. This chab holds her head tightly and copulates her melons with stiff pumps. She drops to her knees and sucks his jock whilst this chab stands over her, her heavy jugs hanging and swaying. Sara gags and moans but keeps on mouthing.

Their first position will be Sara sitting on his lap, his pole rammed inside her. Sara grinds hard and bounces up and down. It is a hearty and vigorous way to start their canoodling, and it’s merely the 1st of many poses they will enjoy.

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What A Piece Of Wazoo!

What A Piece Of Arse!

Holly Brooks: a real big boobed piece of arse. That babe has no tattoos, something weird those days. The humongous boobed sex-bomb savors the passion of anal job and it is adore that babe is making up for lost time. Rocky’s thick tool makes Holly scream with joy as this chab screws her constricted cookie and tight butt. “I adore anal sex, and when I give a gent a oral job, I usually gulp his load,” says Holly.

Holly started off as a glam glamour model. She didn’t widen her wet crack. Then this babe changed her mind and her direction. That babe wanted to be a pornstar.

Holly deep-throats Rocky hands-free with sloppy spitting, eye-contact and bad-girl irrumation sounds. Her tit-fucks alone can make a fellow blow his cock juice.

Holly is double-jointed. That comes in handy when doing ultra-horny rogering positions. That babe can’t live with out exotic dancing, lap dancing and lap-grinding for a boy. She knows acupressure as well as Swedish and deep tissue massages. Beauties talking smutty always heat up a scene and Holly has one of the dirtiest throats when it is not filled with cock-meat.

Holly takes an a-hole pounding in an ass-tounding shag.

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Nurse Elaina

Nurse Elaina

It’s that time of the year. Time for a medical. It may take a while, they tell you. Your doctor is busy. Until then, Nurse Elaina Gregory will watch you.

This clinic has changed ‘cuz the nurse is wearing garters, stockings and dancer heels. It may be a while before the doctor can come over. Just relax and watch the nurse. She’ll keep you entertained for as long as u adore. She has no hesitation about getting comfy, and sometimes that is supposed to mean taking off her nurse’s uniform.

The exam room gets too stuffy. There’re no windows. But that is even more nice ‘cuz no one can peep in and spoil the joy. Nurse Elaina tells u to go behind the screen and drop trou. This babe locks the door and says she’s intend to give you smth to observe besides a magazine during the time that you wait.

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Watering The Rose

Watering The Rose

This is the first time we have observed Ellis Rose wear a bathing dress. “I wear a swim costume when I go to a spa and swim in their pool, or when I am on holiday, I will go to the beach or the hotel pool. Each fellow looks at me. I think lads hope it will fall off when I swim. One day I wanna spend a month on a large ocean liner so I can wear a swimsuit every single day.”

Ellis always acquires the eye when she goes out. Latterly that babe wonders if the bucks checking her out have observed her at SCORELAND. “No one ever walks over to me and says they have observed my photos but I wonder if they have. The thought of that excites me a little, that chaps have images of my face and body in their minds.

“I don’t dress very sexy when I go out, love I watch other beauties on the internet, and I don’t take selfies of myself wearing clothes and put them on Instagram to attract attention.” If Ellis wanted to do that, we’d chase in a heartbeat.

Watch More of Ellis Rose at SCORELAND.COM!

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Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

Woman of mystery doesn’t come close to describing Eva Berg. This incredibly quiet black brown has a couple of the humongous natural scoops u could ever hope to identify. She’s also on the timid side and solely assented to pose topless. With Eva’s king-size pointer sisters, no breast-loving tit-man would say no and view her walk away.

Eva’s juggs are firm, fully-loaded and packed. That babe has wide, pale teats and her teats look like innies. As this babe rolls around the sofa, this babe warms up and starts to smile a little. It is not a bashful smile. It’s more of a knowing, assured smile.

The photographer had not at all met or filmed a beauty with hooters this stupendous. Eva has more sweater-meat than one hundred of his usual models combined.

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Lareina Brings The Miami Heat

Lareina Brings The Miami Heat

Lareina is our beloved sort of hottie. She’s a beauty who can’t live with out sports, and will kick it with you on the sofa rockin’ a reservoir top and some slight boy-shorts. That babe is a South Florida native who catches as many Heat games as she can during the season. With her 42 inches of arse, she’s one of the bad sluts that brings the real heat to Miami. Watchin’ her pop it up and down, we’d run a full-court press on that ‘donk love our boy Juan Largo does to begin this scene.

“I adore to dance,” Lareina said. “I’m a competent booty-popper. I wear truly short dresses and skirts and just make my ass jiggle. I adore when lads taste and grab it during the time that I pop it.”

We could observe that butt jiggle all night, but Juan’s got some work to do on that ass. He opens greasy oil all over her a-hole and plays with her vagina. Lareina says playing with her clit gets her off more wonderful than anything else.

“Clit stimulation does it to me every time,” this babe says. “When I am having sex with someone–boy or girl–I need them to work my cunt to acquire warmed up.”

Juan is a quick study and works her cunt right before this chab stuffs his chunky dick inside of her. This chab lays her down and fucks her doggystyle. Then he tells her to get up and bonks her doggy position anew. After that, she hops on top of his ramrod and rides him love she’s willing for a rodeo.

When they’re finally done, Juan drops a load of cum on her a-hole. That is the only way to nifty off a goddess this hot.

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Mamma Mia! Natasha Sweet’s Hot Job Interview

Mamma Mia! Natasha Sweet's Hawt Job Interview

When we 1st watch Natasha Fascinating, the fashionable bra-buster is studying a book about titties. What other kind of book is there? That babe greets a prospective job applicant chaseing employment as her assistant. In business, this is called a fantasy job.

Natasha speaks to him in Italian. That stud merely knows English. Despite that, they do have something bigger in size than run of the mill in common. Her glamorous mounds. Natasha can read boyz adore a book and this babe sees Falco has true breast obsession. Now for her testing.

This babe takes her bosoms with out her top and that flips him out. This chab thought they were plastic and is shocked when that babe whips ’em out for his study. Maybe he’d more amazing read and memorize Natasha’s breast book. Natasha encourages him to touch her marangos, then suck on her nipps. He latches on adore a suction cup.

Natasha gets on her knees so that babe can take his hard-on in her throat. She’s likewise the right height now for him to rub his penis betwixt her humongous breast valley chasm. This is a job interview he can write his parents about. Natasha has even more treats for him. She leans over her desk and invites him to screw her doggy position. This boy has just able the greatest day of his life. We cant help but execrate him.

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The Only Game To Play

The Solely Game To Play

JMac is playing a video game when Cosmia enters the living room. She’s wearing hot lingerie and stands in front of him. Cosmia doesn’t desire JMac playing with the game controller. This babe wants him to play with her chunky, cushioned body and that babe craves to play with his joystick until she’s doused with his nut-sauce.

XLGirls: A reader submitted these questions: When u are being rogered by a smooth operator with a mammoth schlong love JMac, after you cum, do u savour it when this chab keeps pumping away?

Cosmia: Oh, yeah. I love that. Whilst I’m playing with my slit is the topmost. I too like when a lad comes all over me and then I receive to cum one time more so I clutch my Hitachi and make myself cum afresh hard while I am covered in cum.

XLGirls: Have you ever sitting across from a lad and played with yourself and watched as your hubby played with himself?

Cosmia: Oh, for sure. I’ve definitely put on a flaunt for a lad from across the room and other places.

XLGirls: Have u ever inserted a long toy into your twat in command to measure how lengthy of a cock your wet crack could accommodate?

Cosmia: I truly have. I learned that my pussy is very tiny.

XLGirls: Do you talk about weenie size with your girlfriends and compare stories?

Cosmia: Yeah. We’re pretty open about our erotic adventures.

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Nixie & The Rectal hole Chap

Nixie & The Arsehole Man

Gorgeous Nixie Night heading to ass-sex city in “Nixie & The Arsehole Woman chaser.”

In the opener, Nixie, her large pantoons about a foot ahead of her, walks over to her bonk partner who is contemplating for her in sofa. Nixie tells him that this babe loves having her scones and nipples pleasured. This babe pops one of her giant bra-busters out of her brassiere so this chab can engulf it. “I’m a biggest fan of areola play,” Nixie tells him. “I love it.”

“Other one,” says Nixie, pulling out her right tit so this petticoat chaser can suck it too, like a baby. Nixie even joins in and licks her own areolas. “Keep mouthing,” a pleased Nixie tells him.

Her butt call strips Nixie, removing her brassiere, garters and thongs, leaving her in darksome nylons and heels. This chab stands on the ottoman and drops trou. Nixie takes his stiffy in her face hole and blows him hands-free. Miss Night, who is a gamer and a web-cam honey bunny at home, is completely awesome and always has a girl-next-door personality at all times. It’s a mix of wholesome yet raunchy and excited.

Nixie’s smile is even larger as this babe eyes his erection. She’s always smiling, even when this babe stares into the camera and asks for shlong as that babe is banging. That’s very hot.

Nixie receives on the couch and sits on it in a reverse cowgirl position. It is admirable to see that Nixie has kept a well-trimmed wet crack. Majority glamour models today sport baldies, not curly love tunnels of any kind.

As Nixie’s cock-man plunges into her wet crack in a missionary position, this babe looks into the digital camera and asks him, “Are you willing to fuck me in my arse?” The anticipation hangs in the air, adding a sticky, enjoyable suspense to their coupling.

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