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Top Secret Scoops

Top Secret Tits

Poland can be contented of Kora Kyrk. Any country that produces a big-chested exhibitionist like Kora should have national pride ‘coz so many governments and cultures inhibit sexual liberation.

A generation agone, Polish beauties couldn’t flaunt their mellons let alone rub one out except behind locked doors and drawn window shades. Sex-toys were banned.

When freedom returned, sexuality exploded although not when it came to modeling and porn like it did in the Czech Republic.

“I masturbate every evening before sleep if I’m alone,” told Kora. “I use a sex tool and put petroleum jelly on it just to make it smoother. I use one hand to touch my teats, the other hand to stick my sex toy in and out and rotate. My areolas like pinching and pulling.” Kora did not become as renowned as Polish princesses Ines Cudna and Vanessa Y.

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Dayton Hines On Set

Dayton Hines On Set

During the time that Dayton Hines posed for XL Gals mag, a episode camera recorded her in this behind-the-scenes segment.

An active gal, Dayton plays softball, takes dance lessons and did gymnastics. That babe likes to go out with a group of girlfriends–outdoors during the day or club-hopping at night. “I love places where there are plenty of people.

“If I’m truly slutty, I can masturbate up to an 60 minutes,” Dayton said. She’s very comfortable with toys and masturbation when she discharges her videos and images. “I love a buck who is assertive and open. If I truly love him, I will be the one to begin things going.”

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Renee Ross Takes Sophia Sutra

Renee Ross Takes Sophia Sutra

Now and then, XL Beauties gets mail from members and magazine browsers asking to watch a big boobed brickhouse sweetheart receive down with a thin, smaller, younger hotty. Apparently this type of combo gives this crowd a big hardon. We rarely do this kind of pairing so this pictorial and matching video make for a rare event.

In Renee Ross, we have one of the greats of XL Girls, and in Sophia Sutra, a teen sexpot. 5’1″ Sophia weighs about 115 pounds, although she sure doesn’t look even that heavy, and the lithe and limber Chicagoan has mosquito-bite 34A-cup funbags. In other words, a flat-top.

Renee could easily pick Sophia up and play with her adore a little doll and that’s marvelous much what happened.

When they are not modeling, Sophia is a nanny and a lap dancer and Renee is a nurse. Renee gives Sophia plenty to engulf on like a nursing nanny and Sophia gives Renee her new, tight cookie.

Sophia says she’s had many sex flings with babes including a Puerto Rican dancer, an East Indian and a Korean hotty. She likes one as well as the other slit and pecker. Renee and Sophia get into it, checking into a hot-sheet motel with a mirror on the ceiling. They lick and suck vagina, and copulate each other and themselves with rubber dongs and fingers. Renee masturbates Sophia’s cookie with her nipples and Sophia sucks on Renee’s areolas harder than most male porn performers. That mirror above the ottoman intrigues ’em too. There’s no dominant one. They’re more or less on equal carnal ground.

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Joseline Kelly Joseline Kelly
Joseline Kelly @
Poor Joseline Kelly. She doesn’t know what’s worse: having to take a self-defense class to ward off the erotic predators at her work place…or her wimpy hubby, who can’t do the job for her. So there she’s, Joseline, on a Saturday afternoon, in a boxing exotic dancing club, learning how to fight the worthy fight if need be. The 1st thing that babe noticed was her instructor, an unbelievably masculine, well-built darksome Bull. Joseline’s bawdy cleft began to tingle when they 1st met, and now The Bull has Husband in the ring, using him to demonstrate how to punch a would-be attacker effectively. And with a single punch, Hubby is KO’ed. What next? View Joseline run up and hug "the real man", before dropping to her knees to blow The Bull. They engulf and shag whilst Spouse is out for the count, and just as Joseline is swallowing The Bull’s biggest load, Boyfriend is coming to. Which is great, because he’s just coherent enough to understand Joseline will hire The Bull for every single week "workouts"!!
Joseline Kelly Joseline Kelly

Visit – Dunky Knob Cuckolds And Their Darksome Wang Wives @ Cuckold Sesssions | Joseline Kelly

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Pounding Puma

Pounding Puma

Puma Swede is a gorgeous knockout with a slim and stacked body. She’s likewise one of the funniest SCORE Gals ever and doesn’t take things seriously, although this babe sure takes banging and unfathomable throating seriously. She went from zero to sixty very quickly in the hardcore porn department.

“I’m a boob freak, so I adore my mangos. And then probably my ribald mind,” Puma said us. “I have a good sense of humor, too. I am charming positive. I love practical jokes and sex, so it is a nice combination.”

Sweden has very long, dark winters.

“That’s why I moved to the United States. But all the way up north in Sweden, in the winter, they get love one hour of daylight, and in the summer the sun doesn’t go down at all. Up north, they swallow a lot, and I think they ‘re a little bit depressed, but there aren’t plenty of people up there. There’re more reindeers. But we Swedes are happy people. I’m very pleased.

“I worked in PC sales, and I was very fine because I’m very persistent. I wanted people to buy, so I’d make them buy from me. But then a fellow traipsed up to me in Stockholm and said, ‘Do you wanna try glamour modeling?’ and I told, ‘Models are stupid.’ Whatever. I never called him back, but then they had a competition in Stockholm, and my ally went there, and I went with her and a lad told, ‘You have to take some test shots. Let us try it,’ so I entered the contest, and I won.”

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Unfathomable Inside Milly Marks

Deep Inside Milly Marks

Milly Marks. One of the all-time sexiest, horniest, hottest and most-beautiful angels The SCORE Group has ever discovered. The goddess whose photos and clips stiffens thousands of dicks. Milly actually identified us and contacted an editor for info about adult modeling.

Almost all TSG DVDs are compilations of scenes. The DVD Introducing Milly Marks is completely devoted to her. That babe is a beauty among women.

In this scene, Milly bangs your brains out in P.O.V., her big, natural hooters pushed in your face. This babe stares at u with her doe eyes as this babe sucks your cock and balls. That babe writhes under you as your cock plunges in and without her constricted, youthful wet crack. Your pop discharged gives her a creamy coochie.

A cutie who considers herself hyper-sexual, Milly had no experience banging hung males until she met able porn boyz. It was a complete new world for her.

“I’m getting more outstanding daily. For an commonplace rod, I am marvelous precious. For a porn shlong, I’m getting more nice. It is stiff to put a king-size ramrod down your mouth, so I’m getting more astonishing, I’m trying. I’m a nine out of ten for an ordinary 10-Pounder and working toward that for a porn schlong. I would say I am a seven.”

We think Milly underrates herself. We give her a ten across the board, but then we’re obviously biased.

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Deep Inside Milly

Deep Inside Milly

“I hope everybody writes letters and makes comments about my movie scenes and pics and lets me know how much you loved them and what u did when u were looking at them. And maybe I’ll lay in daybed reading the comments and masturbate during the time that I am reading ’em, so it can be like we’re doing it jointly!” So says Milly Marks, a hotty with video star looks and a 36H bustine.

Milly Marks is dressed to kill in a constricted dress. In this P.O.V. scene, she widens the door to greet u and let u in for an afternoon of wanton sex. It’s been a wild ride for Milly since this girl-next-door decided to contact The SCORE Group ‘coz this babe detected we are big-bust specialists.

Milly likes to observe also. Tons of beauties receive into the adult scene just for the cash. Milly is different. Her high-intensity sex drive was a motivator. This babe was an gogo dancer living in a abode full of youthful strippers in Texas when that babe decided to send a message to a TSG editor.

“I like watching other people have sex. I’ve talked about it with the photographer. I like watching my allies have sex in front of me. Sometimes I masturbate during the time that I lay next to ’em. I receive off more on just watching. Even in my personal life when I am hooking up with people, if I’m laying in couch all day with some other lad, I like when we lay next to each other and just masturbate. I feel like a perv sometimes. I adore watching people have sex. I want to observe everybody that I care about have sex in front of me. I adore to check out a lad wank next to me, and I’ll play with myself.”

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Busty & Lusty

Busty & Lusty

Alessandra Miller is heading home when Carlos Rios calls out to her. He can’t let her walk past him out of trying to meet her. This babe turns and asks him what this chab desires although this babe already knows. He wants her and that babe loves that idea. That babe loves a dude to take the lead and be the boss.

The hawt Latin babe invites him to her place where they do not waste any time. Carlos is all over her like glue and strips her down. This chab sucks her large, tan-lined mounds and plays with her cookie, warming her up for the larger than run of the mill beef bologna.

We doubt there is any Lothario who could resist the crave to pipe Alessandra’s juggs and slide the head of his knob into her waiting throat if they were in Carlos’ shoes right now.

When they initiate fucking, Alessandra actually jacks up the heat levels. That babe likes all poses but says cowgirl is her beloved. Riding him like a pony, Alessandra bounces on Carlos to the point of explosion. After this chab thoroughly screws her and lastly pile-drives Alessandra, that babe kneels so this chab can bust a nut on her face. That babe deserves every bit of joy he’s determined to give her.

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Bedroom Breastfest

Bedroom Breastfest

Lucy Lenore wakes up to find our photographer has left a breakfast tray for her in bed. First things first. Lucy is juicy and urges to receive juicier. That babe needs a quick hand party to receive her wet cracks off.

XLGirls: Are u passive or assertive?

Lucy: I’m confident as in I will tell u I’m bonkers slutty and you have to fuck me and then I’m passive. I love being a rag doll and just having the shit banged with out me.

XLGirls: Then you are proud?

Lucy: If I am not with out breath with a sore cunt when it’s over, I’m not happy. I must be drilled and drilled real unbending. The longer the recovery time after sex the happier I am. I masturbate a lot. I am always touching myself.

XLGirls: Almost certainly plenty of boyz want to get next to u.

Lucy: Me and my ally used to get drunk at a bar and this chab would try out nerdy pick-up lines on me all night until one made me chortle enough that fellow thought it might work on some other gal. Do not remember him ever finding some other beauty. I have heard lots of pick-up lines but I do not indeed remember any.

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Kris Kelly Is Tag Teamed

Kris Kelly Is Tag Teamed

Kris Kelly, dressed and sat at the edge of the bed, talks about her sex fantasies and her sex life. What that babe likes. What this babe can’t live out of to do. Who this babe loves to do it with. Her preferences and urges. How does sex on-camera for a scene that will be watched by many make her feel? Our director explores this with Kris previous to ladies man #1 and then buck #2 come out to make Kris feel right at home…or any other place that babe likes to receive screwed.

Kris talks about bang during the time that Tony sucks and nibbles on her teat. It is not simple for a rookie to be interviewed during the time that a Lothario is sending waves of pleasure throughout her breast but Kris doesn’t lose her focus.

And then Juan steps into the picture to pleasure Kris’s other side. The question and answer period fades away naturally as this newly acquainted three-some have to explore. Her 2 new friends fill Kris’s fur pie and face hole in as many positions as they can think of. Kris said that babe loves rock hard men who can be forceful and dominant in ottoman. Now this babe can have two of ’em dedicated to serving her and vice-versa.

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A Pop For Lolly

A Pop For Lolly

JMac carries Lolly Ink into the bedroom. She doesn’t have to walk. They’re willing to rock and roll, bump and grind. They have a sexy make-out session 1st, then Lolly kneels on the floor to suck and tit-tuck JMac’s tool.

JMac positions Lolly on the daybed one time more like a human fuck doll. This chab spreads her stockinged legs wide (the nice-looking blonde is very pliant) and licks out her pink gap. Luscious throughout her dunky briefs, Lolly’s twat is primed to be impaled to the hilt.

At one point during their missionary copulate, JMac picks lightweight Lolly up anew and bonks her hard and fast while holding her up in his arms. It is a very carnal position. Skinny and stacked Lolly is the flawless hotty to carry and a gang bang! Their bodies slam jointly. Slapping sounds fill the room. She gives as precious as this babe receives.

Carrying Lolly back to ottoman, JMac sits on the edge of the ottoman, Lolly still pin-cushioned. That babe rides him faster and faster, his own pump power adding thrust. Lolly’s constricted muff is stretched and filled. She loops her hand around numerous times to rub and squeeze his testicles. Lolly will be getting all the cum this babe can swallow, but 1st this babe needs to be screwed in enough positions to fill a sex manual. The girl just inspires studs to pound her twat.

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