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A pair of cutie watchers are in a MPV when they see a lady trudging throughout an empty lot. That babe is unrecognizable in her construction worker’s clothes. “Look at the scones on that hotty!” one of the studs hollers. “That construction dyke?” his buddy retorts. “What are u talking about?” Not at all, ever judge a book by its cover or a lady by her nice-looking raiment. Little does that pessimistic buck know that this is the one and merely Renee Ross and that an mind boggling transformation from laborer to sex bomb will commence when this babe acquires home. In the privacy of her apartment, Renee will be doing things that those 2 suckers can solely fantasize about seeing. In her bedroom and in her shower, Renee is completely hottie-ing herself up in hawt ways that would inspire them to jack like jackhammer operators. What a fuckin’ bod this female has! Will Mr. Positive get a fantasy date with this ultra-voluptuous mistress? Play the vid and watch. “Men are more shocked by my juggs than everything else,” Renee has told us. “That usually means that they stare, but they not ever come up and say smth to me. That’s a shame because I adore to be pampered. I adore a boy who will pay attention to me and treat me adore a lady. I adore to go out to dinner. I love to go out exotic dancing. I even adore to go out on dates and shop. I’m a very laid-back kind of woman.” And that is one of the many reasons the followers of XLGirls like Renee Ross.

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Bells Are Ringing

Bells Are Ringing

“I feel very pleasured when people check out my bigger in size than typical chest,” Micky says. “Not tons of honey bunnys have big whoppers like mine. In fact, sweethearts receive operations and get fake love muffins just to make ’em this big. I am cheerful that people adore what they watch when they view me. I love the attention.” Micky’s effect on the male of the species is beefy and long-lasting. “Sometimes dudes are intimidated ‘coz of my bra buddies,” Micky explains. “A lot of males have never observed breasts as bigger in size than standard as mine, so they are taken aback.” Micky likes a slow build-up and is not apt to jump into couch with a Lothario she’s just met. “I prefer to wait. I go on a petite in number dates to make sure in advance of I go all the way. I think it is more priceless when u await. I like to go out to dinner. I like nice restaurants. Maybe overlooking a lake. I love for a gent to bring me flowers and I love romantic dates.” There’s no question that Micky is worth every pont of time of contemplating for the fireworks to initial debut.

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Outdoor Knob Hunt

Outdoor Meat-thermometer Hunt

Elizabeth has one of those overweight white butts that makes you urge to spank your monkey and her cheeks at the same time. She hangs out all day in skimpy outfits; flaunting her goodies in your face until u grab her, bend her over and whack that arse. This babe loves spankings, having her wazoo massaged and rogering outdoors because that babe thinks it’s sexy to be perverted in places where people might watch her milking a knob. And when we told her that that babe was going to take a dickin’ down outside and then a load all over her milky buns, her response was, “Okay. Just make sure that I acquire to rub the cum into my arse cheeks ’cause I think it is actually moisturizing.” U got to adore a beauty who sticks to her hotty regimen.

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Slippery Nancy Navarro

Slippery Nancy Navarro

I had to congratulate u on Nancy Navarro. Not solely is her body taut, but her milk shakes look full and velvety. This babe is a 10. I actually enjoyed the gratuitous use of oil. U fellows should have all the models who pose for u pour liberal amounts of oil on their bodies previous to their images are taken. I think that oil actually highlights a woman’s curves and makes her skin look slippery and sexy. I say yeah to more baby oil and yep to more of Nancy Navarro!-C.C.

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Park Side Ass

Park Side Ass

Elizabeth James is not a valuable gal. She’s not the girl-next-door. That babe isn’t cute or lovely or the cutie u wish to take home to the folks. Nope. She is the honey bunny u hump and dump before that babe catches feelings. That babe is the vixen that u know everybody has drilled, but u copulate her besides coz this babe is kinda precious. That’s right, Elizabeth is a white playgirl with a bigger than standard a-hole that will shag you, your ally and maybe even your girlfriend ‘cuz Elizabeth James is one amorous ass ho. And that is about as real and straight up as we can be with u. This babe is no coyness and blameless cutie. This here is a straight up skank freak and hey, we are not avid at her. She rides jock glamorous decently and she sucks 10-Pounder like she likes it and those are worthwhile qualities. Is Elizabeth a philanthropist? Is that babe a worthwhile samaritan? Who the fuck cares? She’s a nice lay and that is worthy enough for us.

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Rae Day TWO

Rae Day 2

Sarah Rae’s first official mag layout appears in XLGirls mag #236 (November, ’12). Seize this collector’s item before it sells out. The response at has been tremendous and Sarah’s just getting warmed up. We’d almost call her a girl-next-door but how many angels who look love this live next door to you? Not too many by our count! But Sarah does have the girl-next-door personality in each way. This babe likes to read, spend a lazy day at home or spend surf-and-sand time at her beloved beach. “I wanna journey more, watch fresh places and experience different cultures,” Sarah says who has a wanderlust this babe desires to satisfy. “I like going out but I really like having a night in snuggling and watching videos. I adore a skirt chaser with a precious personality and a sense of humor. And if this stud has fine hands, so much the more valuable!” He’ll need large hands. There is a lot of inches to cup with Sarah’s 38J fun bags! Sarah’s self-sucking powers are very outstanding too. We could view a goddess do that all day!

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Fit To Be Rogered

Fit To Be Fucked

There get to be over a thousand work-out episodes on the market. Scores of sexy honeys of all ages sweating, lifting, stretching, jumping and dancing. And we commend them for their dedication to health and fitness. But particular honors must go to Sarah Sunshine for this particular fitness video she did at the SCORE training room. This is the schlong work-out and if you have viewed any of Sarah’s previous vids, u know how accomplished she is in that department. This is how Miss Sunshine stays toned and taut. This babe doesn’t need machines, particular cables, treadmills or steppers. That babe doesn’t even need a leotard or skin tight pants and a tank top. In fact, Sarah starts the work-out clothed in lounge wear and sipping a gulp which is something her fitness trainer is not used to. This chab has her change into taut wazoo shorts and a halter top and puts her through her paces but Sarah would much rather do something else. Her partner wishes her to work-out but this babe would rather engulf on her trainer’s finger and hard bone than do sit-ups and jumping jacks. The brunette southerner with the hot and smoky voice is one blazing hot and breasty wench! Her tutor finds himself being put throughout the spin cycle one time Sarah focuses her experienced mouth and tight seize on his fuck muscle.

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Watch Why Big breasted Nurses Are So Popular

See Why Big boobed Nurses Are So Popular

YOU.F. recently wrote in about cuties of compassion and their effect on him. “If I had my way, you would be required to feature more Big-Boob nurses. The nurse fantasy is my prefered. Please feature more photos of adult models clothed up as nurses.” Here we’ve super-hottie Anna Kay clothed up like a nurse–well, adore a fantasy nurse. We haven’t seen a real nurse dressed adore this in years. They all wear scrubs now, sadly sufficient. Which leads us to the reasons why the Big-Boob dream nurse is so popular inside the male brain: Nurses know every inch of the male anatomy and how it works. Nurses are nurturing and don’t adore to watch men suffer with blue balls or shafts that will not go down after a Viagra overdose. By the nature of their jobs and training, nurses are health-oriented, sanitary, caring and cock-worshiping. Their uniforms are exciting, although in real life, nurses do not wear platform exotic dancer heels, corsets, split-crotch briefs, V-necked tops a size also miniature, miniskirts and strapless push-up bras one cup also diminutive. If the doctor is out, nurses can pitch in on that all-important prostate exam. Excluding hookers and massage-parlor angels, nurses are the only chicks u don’t know on a personal basis who can wash your weenie and balls. And how often do you must copulate on an electrically operated daybed?

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Rigid SCORE 2: Kianna Dior

Hard SCORE 2: Kianna Dior

Look no further than Oriental sex headmistress Kianna Dior for the nastiest, dirtiest screwing and engulfing. Her very 1st appearance in SCORE was in the October 2000 issue and she’s at not time prevented since. It will be a gloomy day in porn-land when this exotic looker hangs up her platform fuck-me heels. But let’s not dwell on sad future events and let it affect us this day. Kianna’s energetic hand, mouth, bawdy cleft and boob worship of the knob and balls is with out equal. Her dirty-talking, jizz-demanding throat is one of the superlatively worthwhile in Fourty years of hardcore clip production. Rivers of drool pour from her lips when this babe is throating the knob and hard-sucking balls. Kianna’s cum-stopping skills merit an award from some adult organization. If only all porn stars could be love Kianna. She’s a true role adult model to other gals in how to jack, jerk off, spank the monkey, engulf, lick, shag and talk indecent with drool pouring out of her throat. Hairless bruiser Ding-dong gives Kianna a slam-bam throat and fur pie copulate with his rhino horn of a wang and that babe takes it love a champion in this slobbering scene from Subrigid SCORE 2. “Most of the time in my personal life, I rest a lot!” Kianna said us. “I acquire enough sex in my movie scenes. And I almost not at all masturbate. When I am excited, I’ve sex. I love jock a lot. And I love cunt, also, certainly. I was always indeed carnal. When I got mature sufficient, I used to take my boyfriend down to the peep reveals in Vancouver. He’d be adore, ‘Can’t we just have normal sex once in a whilst, love in a couch?’ but I loved having sex in the peep-show booths. It was so nasty!” What are her beloved poses to screw in? “I adore doggie-style. I adore being on top. I don’t mind reverse-cowgirl if I am not doing it for too lengthy. Reverse-cowgirl is subrigid on the legs. It’s really a workout. Although I know that dudes who like large pointer sisters like that position coz they can see my breasts and watch the guy’s weenie going in and out of my muff at the same time.” Kianna has her own opinions about being a porno star living in the LA area. “Some performers are like robots, and when you’re with them, you feel like they’re doing it for the cash. I do not wanna must that point. I’m not into porn for the money. Oh, sure, the money’s great, but I would not be doing it if I did not love it.”

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Wild Wife

Wild Wife

Bless those liberal husbands. Krissy Rose is a housewife, cam-girl and non-professional model living in Las Vegas, a place that makes people constantly lascivious as well as attracts excited people to move there. Krissy enjoys camping, shopping, plan to the vids and cutting loose at lifestyle parties. “I one time had sex in a model home while my partner and I were home shopping,” Krissy tells us. “We made a mess in the dom bedroom. The 1st time I had sex was with my future husband. We snuck into his parent’s RV and this chab had his way with me. It was the 1st time for the one and the other of us.” That babe is bi and receives off with sweethearts, usually collision ’em at lifestyle get-togethers. “I like the feeling of a soft female, the feeling of her skin and the smack of her lips,” Krissy says. What Krissy doesn’t love hearing from a lad this babe meets: “A pair of things ruin it for me. One is when I’m said ‘You know u crave this big dick.’ That acquires my blood boiling when some boyz think that stuff indeed works. They check out likewise much television.” What this babe wishes to try is double vaginal penetration–two rods inside her slit at the same time, smth merely the wildest lady will do, if she has 2 willing chaps that’s. Some couples will try it with a sex tool. “I have a very bigger in size than typical carnal appetite so I’ve to have some sort of release at least one time a day, at the stripped minimum.” No wonder Vegas is so sexy.

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Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded

Upon 1st look, u might watch Blu Diamond’s ass and think to yourself, “Damn, I would like to fill that a-hole up with my ramrod.” Well, we are here to tell you that it’s ok to think that ‘coz guess what? Blu Diamond really LIKES having her ass rammed with penis. And she also loves to have her asshole filled with cum. That’s right, this Texas hotty is one of these wazoo harlots that we all adore to love. She begins off by giving this gent a sloppy BJ followed by complete access to her cunt and her arse. She takes it from the back and rides, likewise, ‘cuz she likes it in each position. When this ladies man lastly unloads in her backdoor, this babe squeezes all that spooge out and lets it flow down her crack to her cookie. It’s definitely a pleased ending, if you know what we mean.

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