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Fapping In The XL Warehouse

Fapping In The XL Warehouse

We put Jammin‘ Jennie to work in the warehouse at TSG. We heard that babe was handy with tools. XLGirls and the eBoobStore needed some help. Why hire a boy when you can receive sexy honeys? Right? However we heard not correct. What we were actually told, and banged up in translation, is that Jennie is handy with a guy’s inflexible tool, not with tools. There is supplementary evidence of this at Since Miss Jenny had shown up for work bright and early, we put her to work for the day in any case and she did a gorgeous worthy job. A pretty wonderful job of stripping, squeezing and caressing her love melons, and opening her legs so this babe could spread her twat and fill it with a big rubber tool… right there on our machine tables. This is why they call her ‘Jammin‘. So it was not a wasted day. Fortunately, we didn’t have any truckers showing up to interrupt the flow of Jennie’s productive work. So now u know what goes on sometimes in other sections of the SCORE building. Just routine. Don’t all companies have this kind of temp worker?

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Clothed For Sexcess

Dressed For Sexcess

If Scarlett Rouge‘s tube suit was any tighter, that babe would need an Emergency Response Team to aid her with out it. Smth they’d definitely like, as would any of us. “Sometimes I like to dress up as a schoolgirl or soever for the boy I am banging. I adore it when they spank me and all that,” 38E Scarlett said Maria, V-mag’s editor. Is it the dressing up in sexy clothing or uniforms or is it the role-playing? “I would say it is the role-playing. I have a sailor dress that I have males put on for me when we are gonna have sex.” An interesting cutie, Scarlett Rouge. That babe can’t live out of Pamela Anderson, sports and this babe is always lewd. These are fine qualifications.

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Furry Between The Hips

Furry Between The Thighs

Can u handle Brianna Falcone and those 44 triple D’s? You’ll need all your strength for this green-eyed Amazon but the effort will be worth it. Brianna is different from many hawt XLGirls glamour models today ‘cuz this babe keeps a thick bush. It seems that each goddess these days across the board shaves her cunt or trims her bush to a diminutive tuft or design. Images 43-54 zero in on Brianna‘s unbelievable muff and butt-hole hirsuteness with precious close-up shots. Just now following that are extreme close-ups of her pointy nipples. “Let’s have more,” commented member Nigel. This mastix exudes sex appeal. “I don’t know why it is so hard to detect adult models with pubic hair, but I like it when you do. It’s effortless to watch why her 1st raunchy husband dropped to his knees and buried his tongue in this lady. I really love anything about Brianna, her rubenesque figure, her HORNY HOUSEWIFE appeal, and her sexual enthusiasm.” Brianna herself zeroes in on a guy’s bulge. “I always observe a guy’s package,” that babe explains. “I guess it is a fetish of mine.”

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I’m A Booty Wench

I'm A Booty Slut

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Envy. What’s worthwhile?

“Well, take a check out my body…that’s wonderful, right? My a-hole looks especially admirable, too, right? I know u lads wish to smack it, right?”

Well that depends on if u are serving that ass up!

“[Laughs.] Of course I am. You fellows know I’m a ass slut! I love to acquire butt screwed. Some beauties love to give head, some beauties love to get their slits plowed in doggie-style, but me, I like it when a chap bends me over and slips his shlong in my arse fine and slow. That is my much loved.”

Tell us about the last time you had that wazoo fucked.

“Well, not lengthy ago I moved into this condo where I have a bunch of nosey neighbors. I see ’em watching me when I come home from a date with a sexy stud. In fact, I caught one of my neighbors spying on me through my window! But I don’t truly mind because I love to be watched, so I gave them a expose several weeks agone. I brought a woman chaser home and we got bare on my balcony and banged right there! This ladies man had a king-size knob, so when he put it in my a-hole, I was hollering truly loud. My neighbors started coming out on their balconies and watching. I think they loved each rogering second of it!”

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Camille Morgan’s Double Header

Camille Morgan's Double Header

Camille Morgan is back at SCORELAND, and now that she’s broken her “camera-cherry” with her first boy-girl “Camille Morgan‘s First XXX,” Camille wishes more. This babe wishes to hook up with 2 males. This doesn’t happen often and mostly with European SCORE Gals. Rachel Adore took on 2 studs in Mamazon and Daphne Rosen and Angel Gee had a foursome. Camille is watching TV with Juan and Sergio but that babe is not into the bed travel. “I’m tired,” that babe tells ’em. “I’m gonna receive ready for daybed.” “Okay,” Juan replies. “We’re plan to finish this clip and I’ll be right up.” Camille leaves and goes to the bedroom where this babe indeed is dolling herself up in lingerie. She’s not tired. Meanwhile, Sergio says, “Dude, I got to take a make water.” “The bath down here is broken,” says Juan. “You get to use the one in the upstairs hallway.” That suits Sergio just good. That skirt chaser knows it is by the bedroom. Just as Camille is about to holster her Thirty four quad-D bazookas, that Lothario walks in. Camille reckoned this and that’s why that babe is wearing the skimpy scanties. “Are you just gonna stand there and see?” she says invitingly. Sergio goes for it and begins engulfing her nipps. Camille wants his pocket pal and gives him a oral job and then rubs it between her gigantic jugs. Whilst Juan is wondering where Sergio has gone to, Camille is mounting the stiffie in bed. As that babe grinds and bounces, Juan walks in. “What the screw is going on?!” that gent says jealously. Caught with his pants down, Sergio throws Camille below the bus, an unsportsman-like move since Camille had thoughtfully thrown Sergio beneath the bust. Her bust. “I can explain…it was not me. She just pulled me in.” But Camille is the utmost peacekeeper. Anyway, this was her plan. “Come here, baby,” this babe tells Juan. “I just wanted a little 2 on one act. You know, I’ve enough titty to go around for the one as well as the other of u. If you just do this for me, I promise next time I’ll bring my friend Sheila over with the huge mangos. I crave some double dick tonight.” She puts Juan’s 10-Pounder in a adore lock to seal the deal. Juan gives in when this babe grabs his shlong. “You said Sheila, right?” Juan says. “Okay, I’m intend to let u have your fun this one time. You are such a banging slut. But I knew that when I hooked up with you.” Whatsoever Camille Morgan urges, this babe gets. Don’t ever forget that, SCORE Dudes. And tonight that babe desires 2.

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Licky Licky Sticky Sticky

Licky Licky Sticky Sticky

U know her, u luv her. Eva Notty, reigning SCORE Glamour model of the year, as voted by readers and web page members, is a hot black brown who entered those Hallowed Halls of Bazookas in basically the traditional way, which is to say the ladder approach, rung by rung. Depending on your point of view, this can be a admirable thing for a new adult model to do, especially if she plans on bare modeling for numerous years. Eva‘s 1st four appearances on SCORELAND were, in instruct, two solos, followed by getting massaged by man-hands and then doing a Fullsome funbags & Tugs scene which is what many cuties who don’t wanna do full-sex on digital camera will do, such as Janet Jade and Valory Irene. Eva waited a bit in advance of deciding to try a full-on boy-girl XXX session. As noted when that babe did the deed, “This vixen can’t live without to fuck and she’s got enthusiasm, sensuality and passion! She is not a sex machine, this babe is a sex dominant-bitch!” Trust your SCORE staffers for recognizing internal heat when they watch it. A hot hairstylist scene in the parody movie Boob Science was her next hardscore experience. A year and a half later, Eva returned to try more hardscore including a 3some with her breast ally Sarah Satori and one of the males, and a P.O.V. scene playing here at SCOREVideos. Now Eva‘s back and being a very Notty hotty anew, as if that should be a surprise to any SCORE Dude. Her wang provider this time is Troy Halston of the DVD My Wife Your Meat (likewise playing at SCOREVideos), the porn actor and director who thoughtfully gave his adult star wife Holly Halston fresh knobs to insert into her curvy butt for the first time in that video. Eva is dressed to thrill one more time as always, doing bizarre justice to her constricted blue suit and dark pumps. Her skinny and stacked figure is one of the most impressive SCORE bodies in recent years. She’s a modern-classic SCORE Angel. What red-blooded fellow wouldn’t go ape knowing he’s intend to screw Eva‘s bra buddies, mouth and constricted twat? This babe is total eyecandy. Eva treats him to a juggy feast, sitting on his lap and giving him her massive breasts to suck, squeeze and bury his face in and zone out in knocker nirvana, a condition that can turn a boob-dog into a zombie. But previous to that can happen, Eva inches lower, pulling his prick out and expertly engulfing, jacking and titty-banging it. They exchange poses tit for tat so Eva can raise and spread her legs in the air while this guy fingers and eats her out. Her cookie now wet and ready for a fill-up, it is time to shag the sensuous seductress and rock the abode down. The enjoyment of sliding the strapon into her is beyond description and so is busting a gigantic nut in Eva‘s throat. Some girls have what’s called a “cocksucker mouth” and Eva is blessed with it likewise. When that babe widens her face hole after that gent removes his penis from it, a immense glob of spunk falls out betwixt her pleasant lips, running onto her flawless funbags. That babe rubs the sticky spunk into her bouncy bosoms adore it’s a night jism. Eva knows the well-documented beautifying effects that fellow juice can have on a girl’s skin. Visit the SCORELAND Blog for a specific movie scene chat with a stripped Eva talking about this cummy agonorgasmos!

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Foxy Fox

Foxy Fox

For the LARGE VOLUPTUOUS LADY lover in you, Simone Fox fills out your app for face smothering. Tit-fucking Simone requires stamina but one time you bust your wad all over her bronzed gals, u will be happy u came. Simone wishes to try rogering in a space shuttle. Maybe one day this babe will realize her fantasy of zero G floating juggs and gazoo in space although getting a face-full of zero G man juice may not meet NASA guidelines. Simone loves screwing and tons of it. This babe is a greater than standard hotty with a larger than average appetite for sausage. “If my boyfriend is coyness, then I need to step my game up and reveal him how it is done,” says Simone. “I’m hot! I can’t help being a diva. My favourite number is 69! I adore intensive sex! I think I already tried almost all of my fantasies.” Miss Fox too can boast of having super-wide areolae as big as pancakes. Got any nut butter for her?

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Pink And Marvelous

Pink And Pretty

Dors is beautiful in pink and even prettier out of her pink dress in this matching glamour photoshoot to her XLGirls episode. “Facially, this babe is perfection. I’ve at no time seen a more gracious face,” wrote regular XLGirl aficionado Tom. Dors has been in the top Twenty rated section since her 1st day here. Our V-mag and BootyLicious editor Maria blogged about Dors and wrote, “I will openly admit that when I 1st saw Dors Feline, I kind of sorta fell in love with her. Maybe it was her pale, British skin, perverted accent and her hot face; whatsoever it was, this England babe has made me one smitten kitten. Okay, nice…it was her multiple tattoos and her ginormous bouncy bosoms! I know tattoos are not for everybody, but I say it loud and satisfied…me likey the inked ladies!” We’re solely sorry that Maria missed collision Dors when Dors was vacationing in Miami. And so is Maria!

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Blow & Trim

Blow & Trim

Kayla Kupcakes has been a SCORE Cutie since the June 1995 edition. The golden-haired showgirl, lap dancer and model is a Florida girl born and bred. “I used to spend almost any of my time at the beach, love majority Florida beauties. It is also hot to wear lots of garments. I’ve been to many states. Florida is still the topmost place to live. I was a cosmetologist before I became a dancer and a model. I’ll probably stay a cosmetologist here when I avoid showing my pointer sisters to u.” This hardcore scene took years to shoot. Kayla turned down many suggests to try boy-girl action. This babe is not a Puritan; that babe just wanted her sex life kept off-camera. She was kewl with vibrators and anal beads but no photos with pecker. But we kept at it periodically and that babe lastly decided to try it. We discovered the ideal lad for her. JT has a large shlong and enjoys fucking the brains with out big titted strippers so this was a admirable blind date for the 2 of them. Kayla invited us to discharge the action at Beach Babies, a hair salon she was involved with. Since this babe is too a hair stylist in real life, the scene had a nice feel to it. After all, haven’t we all thought about screwing a big busted hair cutter at one or more times in our lives? It is a natural. They bow over you, fullsome funbags six inches from your face. They usually wear hawt, revealing sexy outfit coz they’re in the grooming business and they all like to doll themselves up. They’re touching you. At least your larger than run of the mill head if not the little head. So JT banged the blond without Kayla right in her stylist’s chair and gave her a valuable spunk rinse to finish her off. A gentleman, JT usually politely asks a beauty if that babe “wants his screwing cum” in advance of that lady-killer releases his ball cream all over her. Kayla did anything this chab said her to. Turned out that this babe is a pushover for lads with large rods. This scene is too on crisp DVD in Enjoyment Bag Fuckers. After Kayla had her on-camera cherry popped, this babe found that babe liked show-fucking so much this babe did another scene with Nick Manning for SCORE Sexplosion. Miss Kupcake’s no-sex zone had finally been penetrated.

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Get Off The Sofa And In My Booty!

Get Off The Daybed And In My Arse!

Ambrosa likes to receive it taut and acquire it right and that’s why she does lots of asscercize. That just means that babe likes to keep her utmost asset in shape. And how does this babe do that? By getting busy and getting dicked down as much as possible! “Sex is a workout. It is a total body workout and I like to be totally worked out by a larger than run of the mill penis. It’s not fun unless you break a sweat and get your heart rate up! Whenever I feel stressed or fatigued, I like to stretch and then receive my freak on. And yep, sometimes that means that I ask a boy to fuck my wazoo. I cant aid it if it feels nice. Some gals do not love it, but this gal right here does. Tap, stretch and fill that butt, baby!”

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Christy Marks’ Chat With Isis Haze

Christy Marks' Chat With Isis Haze

In this never-seen episode chat, Christy Marks welcomes Isis Haze to SCORE for the first time. That babe and Isis hit it off like birds of a feather. “I dance at a undress club in Wisconsin, fully exposed, and there is a photographer who comes in on our VIP nights, and this ladies man said this chab had the ideal job for me cuz I’ve natural bouncy bosoms, and that’s how I came here!” Isis said Christy.

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