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The Undressing Room

The Undressing Room

American Lillian Faye is still one of the thinnest naturals to ever be in SCORE. Only several others have come close. A Ukrainian natural living in Israel named Mariana was nearly as skinny as Lillian but Miss Faye has bigger in size wobblers. Lillian is so slender that she looks extra-busty, beyond her 34DDD. Very much the girl-next-door type, Lillian always earns supplementary props for her very bigger in size than standard, meaty, thick snatch wings and her skill at areola self-sucking. That cookie acquires as many comments as her teats and fun bags. In her movies, Lillian has a happy, amicable personality, another time, very much girl-next-door. “On the outdoors, I appear more passive,” Lillian said. “But when I crave sex, I like to tease. That is my way of being confident. I adore plenty of foreplay and tit-play 1st and I love getting oral.”

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Greetings Pussy

Hello Pussy

Lola Lush wraps her lush, fertile-looking frame in a hawt leopard print suit over a red undergarment and briefs. That babe can be our catwoman anytime. As hot as she looks in her well-selected garments, Lola needs to muscly down and give us her bod. She vibes her twat with a purple toy as an supplementary. Speaking of cum-hole, Lola‘s is bushy yet neatly trimmed. U could spend plenty of time there once you manage to extricate your mouth from her nipples. Lola loves males with intelligence, honesty, personality, confidence and large schlongs. Girls! They’re also fussy. At least she got fed the big D in 2 epic scenes at that you should see to check out how nicely she worships it!

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Physical TIT-ness

Physical TIT-ness

Have you ever wondered how a SCORE goddess keeps her body and her titanic breasts constricted? Surely there have to be a science to keeping waists skinny and chests as stacked as they possibly can be. Well, wonder no more. You’re about to receive a first-row seat and a sneak-peak at an carnal exercise routine. Holly Halston is in need of a serious workout and she’s going to display you how to work HER out, also. Just take a look as hawt and sexually excited Holly works up a sweat. After some vigorous stretching, that babe begins off by whipping those humongous scoops out and oiling them up. She does a slight in number reps of this strenuous fondelling and then this babe is on to pumping metallic. (And by now you should be pumping your knob to her.) This babe lifts those heavy hand weights with her hands first, and then this babe moves on to compressing one between her giant zeppelins. How do u think that that babe receives these jugs cock-ready? These exercises ensure that when this babe wraps those things around a jock, the fit is snug and constricted and can cream any ramrod in a hardly any minutes flat. After that babe is warmed up, that babe calls in her personal trainer to give her pussy some one-on-one time. Obviously when you’re a larger than standard breasted headmistress, personal tutor is just another term for fuckslave. This lucky bastard not only exercises her bawdy cleft, but that lady-killer also receives more than a handful of her glorious rack. This is routine for Holly who can’t live without to stay in shape by screwing as much as that babe can.

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Gal Face

Angel Face

This marks Beauty Sin‘s seventh appearance at XLGirls and we’ll tell you why. She’s 47-38-46 and wears a 38FF brassiere. That babe has a fetching face and cunt. That is nice sufficient for us and we’ll tell you why. We’re old-school around here. We adore old-fashioned teat flashing, love tunnel spreading, tit-play and good ol’, red-blooded, two-balled fucking. Perverted and fetishy, we ain’t. So even though Gal Sin can’t live without to play bitch angel and get all perverted, getting kicked around by a enchanting heart doesn’t bring the pleasure here. So that’s why charming Beauty is wearing a tight, low-cut, righteously sexy costume, a sexy brassiere and skimpy panties–just the outfit for a wonderful day at the park, not at the dungeon. Add a larger than typical toy for her worthwhile cookie and it is all good. Hotty fantasizes about sex in elevators and circle jerks and used to play dom/sub games with other angels. Maybe one day she’ll work out to come back and play the worthy ol’ hide-the-salami game with an XLGirls stuntman. That would make our day.

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Butter Her Biscuits

Butter Her Biscuits

Some cuties go batty for chocolate and ice goo, but Bailey is more of a hearty eater. She’d rather clean a plate full of greasy fried chicken and downy biscuits than eat a bowl of Haagen Dazs. “Salty, greasy food is my weakness,” this babe told. “I think you can tell a lot about a hotty by the way that babe eats. These hotties who are into candy and chocolate are more dainty than I am. And I guess when they get screwed they want it more gently. Me? I eat love a ladies man and I like to receive fucked subrigid. I am not afraid to acquire filthy when I eat and I’m sure not afraid to receive impure when I screw. In fact, I encourage boys to cover me with as much cum as possible.”

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Lalin girl Woman Humps

Latina Female Humps

Welcome to BootyLicious, Ms. Havanna!

“Thank u! I am lewd to add wazoo model to my resume and to show my booty off to the fans!”

Congratulations on your newfound career. What other careers are on that resume, Rachel?

“I am a licensed massage technician and I do sports therapy sessions five days a week. I’m too a part-time retail merchandiser that does window reveals, floor set changes and freight and processing for bigger in size than standard department stores. I’ve done the one and the other of these for 10 years, but I’ve just lately started in nature’s garb modeling. I wanted to try something recent and exciting and I have always been somewhat of a voyeur and exhibitionist, so this is indeed pleasure for me.”

And do u like your a-hole worked over, also?

“You know it, baby! I adore to use my ass-plug and toys and I like to be viewed while I stuff ’em inside my wazoo. I too love to mess around with hot women while we are being watched by a bunch of excited chaps. When I know a fellow is stroking his schlong for me, it indeed makes me damp.”

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“Gimme An F”

These who say that high-school coeds ain’t what they used to be hasn’t seen Kaytee Carter. This is the school of cushioned bosoms. Kaytee makes a classroom and a campus the place to be. That babe lights up every place that babe goes to, whether it’s the library, the rathskeller or the washing room. That see-through blouse has campus police following her with cell phone cameras. When that babe bends over and discloses her sheer knickers, faculty and students freeze like boobhounds on a hunt. Ok, so the mature biddies on the board do not approve of her style of dress but let us face it. Kaytee has got it and she’s got it to spare. One of her instructors did try to change her ways by making her write “I won’t play with myself in class!” one hundred times on the blackboard. But that merely made Kaytee wanna play with herself even more and inspired her to dom the art of nipple-sucking as well as hands-free nipple-sucking and holding. We applaud Kaytee Carter in her pursuit of higher education. Just looking at her makes a ladies man higher.

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“But Professor…I’m A Gogo dancer!”

When last we saw this squashy and bosomy redhead, curvaceous and hawt Destiny Rose was nursing a smooth operator and his penis and she looked especially yummy in her nurse’s uniform. That healing was a larger than typical success. Now Destiny is back in high-school but her nightly activities are impacting her studies so she goes to watch Professor DeSergio. That babe craves to speak to him about a grade that babe received. It is not that this babe is been partying and not studying. It’s ‘cuz that babe is stripping at a club at night and needs her tuition cash. The Professor acts surprised. “Don’t act love you don’t know,” Destiny tells him. “I’ve seen u at the club twice this week already. Sitting in the back….” That’s because the Professor is a SCORE Man and likes large bra buddies. Caught! But Destiny doesn’t adore the guys trying to pick her up every night at the lap dancing club. That babe wishes the Professor’s pointer. Right now. In his office. She decides to give him one of her popular friction dances in his office right there to prime the pump. That man goes out of his mind as she grinds his groin with her killer booty and pummels his head with her awe-inspiring bazookas. Their glamourous raiment come off and they suck, kiss, lick, stick and fuck all over the office; on the desk and on the ottoman. What a hawt shag Destiny is! It took her a during the time that to lastly give a decision to go all the way but she’s well worth the wait! That babe is the real deal. She’s rogering amazing. Better late than at not time! Destiny makes the grade and the Professor resolves to give her a peculiar surprise when it’s time to cum in “But Professor…I’m A Stripper!” Can u guess what it is?

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The XL Gal Next Door

The XL Cutie Next Door

This time, Lisa Canon flies solo and goes for the girl-next-door look and, certainly, looks each inch the wicked neighbour you’d love to live next to. She’s an outdoor girl. “I try to go outside ’cause I don’t wanna be stuck in the abode all the time, even though there is no civilization around. I just try to relish,” says Lisa, who enjoys playing ball, camping, cook-outs and swimming. And sex. “I love outdoor sex. It’s joy. I think what it is; why I have sex in public is coz if someone catches me it brings up the risk factor. It is more intriguing.” Lisa has had lots of wonderful sex here at, including interracial. “I like having coarse sex. But love any cutie, I adore the carnal, squashy, kiss-me, love-me sort of sex. But then there is times when you’re just like, ‘Fuck me!'” If we asked Lisa‘s allies to describe her, what does that babe think they would say? “They’d say I’m potty. I’m bubbly. I like to relish. I am the first one to do everything avid, whatever it’s. My Mamma truly caught me having sex once. It was not that nice. It was in the middle of the living room. I was riding the lad, and she just looked at me turned around and walked off. The next day she was like, ‘You do not need to be doing that in my living room!’ And I was love, ‘I’m sorry. I thought u were sleeping.'”

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Lengthy, Dark-skinned Hair and Bigger in size than typical Ole’ Derriere!

Long, Dark-skinned Hair and Greater than standard Ole' Derriere!

“I’m charming nice, right? [Shakes ass and laughs.] Well, I’m really from Miami. I’m a full-time dancer and I am also a big basketball fan and I view the Miami Heat play all the time. I would copulate Dwyane Wade in a heartbeat!”

So, you’ve a lot of arse and tons of hair, Neecie. What’s up with that?

“Guys adore angels with lengthy hair and I love having extra-long hair. Since I am an exotic dancer, I use it to my advantage. I plant my fat ass on a lad when I give a lap dance and during the time that I vibrate my a-hole on him, I tell him to pull my hair.”

Now, u know we have to ask u, Neecie. Is there ever sex in the champagne room?

“[Laughs.] Now u know I cant speak for everyone at the club. Have I had sex in the VIP room? [Laughs and covers mouth.] Oh, okay wonderful. Yep, I did it. But it was with my charmer at the time. I’ve always dated studs who are turned on by the fact that I’m a dancer. One time, my then Lothario asked me if I would fuck him at the lap dancing club. We started off in the VIP room. He fingered me and then that fellow discreetly pulled his 10-Pounder out and I sat on it and started fucking him right there. Then, we had to stop abruptly cuz another dancers came in there with their lads.”

Oh, that’s not kewl. We hope you gave that guy a pleased ending!
“[Laughs.] Certainly I did. But I had to take him to the ladies’ room to make him cum. We ran up in there and this lady-killer screwed me against the wall really rock hard. The whole time, the bathroom attendant was in there watching! It was hawt!”

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Slurpin’ Noodles

Slurpin' Noodles

Dawn can’t live with out her pasta the same way she likes her pricks-nice and firm and with tons of creamy sauce. And even if your noodle may not be quite al dente, Dawn will make it unbending with her beautiful face, curvacious body and cock-sucking skills. She’ll slurp your dick as sloppily as that babe slurps up her noodles, which is a sight to behold in itself. Scarcely any babes can make eating look as hawt as Dawn does. “Eating and rogering are two of the high reaching pleasures of life and I do both with plenty of excitement,” this babe told. Watch it for yourself in these photos. Dawn munches on noodles and spreads ’em over her full milk sacks while riding dick.

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