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Take Her To The Maxx

Take Her To The Maxx

“I’m ok with being bare, but when it comes to talking, I am timid,” marvelous beauty on the block Kelli Maxx tells the XL Cuties director. That is worthwhile. Not everybody can be talkative on-camera.

Meanwhile, Kelli can play with her magnificent greater than typical milk shakes for as long as she likes. Kelli knows tons of tit tricks and she’s not coy about playing with her hot vagina.

Kelli dresses to show off her figure when that babe goes out, but this babe says that babe usually keeps her bosoms covered. She’ll wear tight, form-fitting sexy outfit so u can tell just now that she has large fun bags.

“I adore Balconette bras. They shove my marangos together and create truly hawt breast valley. I can usually tell if a beneath garment will fit me or not so I by no means acquire a fitting.”

Kelli is an attention magnet.

“I adore tons of attention. I adore to let things happen naturally when I meet someone, but if I love or crave smth, you’ll know it.”

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Fitness Centre For Juliana Simms

Gym For Juliana Simms

Juliana Simms went to the Health Club so we could check out her workout whilst we sitting in our happy seats.

“I always wear clothing that brandishes how admirable and big my milk sacks are,” told enchanting Juliana, a Voluptuous dominant-bitch who is exceedingly pleasured of her mambos.

Juliana has no freaky-deaky side.

“I like normal sex…strong, rock hard sex. I am very assertive. I don’t have any fetishes or adore to do weird things. It does not interest me. I did have sex in a park but I have no idea if that is kinky. My beloved position is doggy-style cuz it’s so deep.”

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Dream Hotty

Dream Girl

Romanian Lavina Dream sounds exactly like mate Romanian Arianna Sinn, even the pitch and timbre of her voice.

Lavina was recent to XL Girl’s style of modeling when this photo set was shot, but this babe was a fast learner and took to it just now.

Lavina is stirring a pot of creamy, white sauce that she leaks onto her titanic funbags and licks off her nipples and finger. This babe says that babe can’t live out of to cook.

Playing around in the kitchen is much better when the clothing comes off and Lavina receives to cavort nude, showing off every millimeter of her sexy and curvacious body. She has a alluring face and a pleasant personality that displays in her pix. In one discharged, this babe gives the digital camera a naughty wink.

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Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

The mirror not ever lies. The angel in the mirror is a voluptuous dish. Lissa Hope‘s curves have curves. “I adore to wear constricted or low-cut tops to accentuate my curves,” said Lissa, who grew up on a farm. (Kaytee Carter also grew up on a farm.)

“Growing up, I was known for my billibongs. I receive stared at often. I am usually flattered by it ‘cuz I think my body is handsome and unequalled.”


“Most males usually go to my scones but then they tell me I’ve marvelous eyes. If I ask ’em on the spot what color they are they will not be pro to answer. They’ll usually tell me, ‘I just know that they’re the color of the ocean.’ But they aren’t.”

When Lissa checked out SCORELAND for the 1st time, she was interested in becoming a part of The Big Show. There was some hesitation but that dissipated.

“We were looking at Linsey Dawn McKenzie, and I was like, ‘Yeah, that babe and I are close.’ That babe is a little bit bigger than I’m. I had interviews with a web-cam service that I blew off to come here, and I thought, ‘This is a little more reliable.'”

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Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At

Amy Villainous & Her Two-Man Date At

Bra-busting superwoman Amy Villainous has a sexy date with Sam Shock. They “met” on a go out with web site and are collision for real at his place. Meanwhile, Sam eagerly exposes his housemate Anthony Gaultier a photo of Amy. Anthony says he’ll go out and give ’em some privacy.

Amy arrives at Sam’s place and gets cozy on the ottoman. They talk about her wondrous 38J wonders, nature’s bounty. Amy lifts up her shirt and flaunts Sam her bouncy bosoms in her brassiere. He begins to feel her up. Amy looks out the window and sees Anthony spying on them. Sam tells her who he’s and this babe tells Sam to invite him in. Most beauties in this situation would put their love bubbles away and walk out the door but not Amy. She tells Sam that babe likes to be observed having sex or masturbating.

This babe urges Anthony to check out her and Sam, then has Anthony join in. The boyz each aid themselves to a astronomical breast. Pants are dropped so Amy can suck every wang in turn and rub their cocks on her enormous love bubbles. That babe blows them down to the root, jerking one lad during the time that this babe is mouthing the other. They take turns giving Amy man service, screwing her inflexible and changing positions. She sucks Sam while getting the weenie doggystyle in a spit roasting. This babe sits on Anthony’s pole as she swallows Sam. This babe rides Sam facing him while engulfing off Anthony.

Soever dating app Sam uses is very effective.

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Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Brunette

Sofia Santana Bikini-Busting Brunette

Sofia Santana has curves to spare and large, enormous billibongs more common in a guy’s dreams than in real life. When we saw this stunner’s test pictures sent in by an agent, our photo team was willing for act. Sofia speaks Spanish and so does our team. Our editors added English captions to her clip.

“When I go out, I wear low-cut, sexy tops to show my breast valley,” Sofia said. “My bras are fitted for me or I’ll wear special bras that are squashy and provide gentle compression.

“I hope everyone loves seeing me wear my bathing dress. I am interested in reading what the boyz have to say. I have always gotten lots of attention but it doesn’t trouble me so much anymore because I’ve gotten used to the looks and questions from people and I am pleasured of my body.”

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Lovely, Hawt & Stacked Anna Blaze

Sweet, Sexy & Stacked Anna Blaze

Anna Blaze plays tit-games, lifting and dropping her large billibongs, shaking and jiggling them in her undergarment cups. This babe giggles and eye-bangs the digital camera, enjoying the tanalise of tit-titillation.

Anna wraps her meatballs around a vibrator molded love a wang and acquires busy. Getting on her back, that babe fucks her milk shakes some more during the time that she rubs her bald, pink love tunnel fingers.

The blue-eyed brunette hair hottie has a hawt, cooing voice, sultry and whispery. She’s facile on the eyes, elementary on the ears. Whatsoever this babe does is a pleasure to check out.

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Trinity’s Jailhouse Pecker

Trinity's Jailhouse Cock

Jail is no pleasure. Unless the prisoner is XL Hotty Trinity Michaels in this spectacular XXX screw scene. Trinity is prisoner number 42-32-40-38DDD. She’s still waiting for charges to be pressed against her. The wheels of justice move lazily. In the meantime, something else is plan to be crammed against Trinity.

Standing by Trinity’s jail cell, guard JMac eats a chocolate bar. Trinity wishes some of that. She’s a got a lovely tooth for candy. That babe likewise has a sweet tooth for penis that’s as hard as her cell’s bars. JMac is in a bartering mood. This chab tanalizes Trinity. A boob feel for a bite. Trinity eagerly acquiesces. Bartering is how it is done in and out of the hoosegow.

It doesn’t take long for Trinity to switch from the candy bar to JMac’s beef bar. This nasty-hot brunette can suck the paint off those prison bars and her greater than typical fuckin’ mounds were made for fuckin’ shlong. JMac breaks the rules by entering Trinity’s cell but this lady-killer cant assist it. He’s got to show Trinity why jail is called the slammer and sink his rod into her! Case dismissed!

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The Lady In Red With Larger than average Melons & A Toy

The Woman In Red With Bigger than run of the mill Mammaries & A Toy

Always in impressive shape and always hot, big breasted Amber Lynn Bach is a special lady. This babe can’t live without porn and masturbating. “I like to have sex at least four times a week,” says Amber.

Amber enjoys giving bucks hard-ons and living in Florida gives her more opportunity to tease and show off her toned and shapely body. “I figure out a lot to stay in shape and keep sexy. When studs tell me they blow their loads over me, I know I’m successful.”

Amber has let her pubic hair grow out and that babe says this babe likes the feel of her furry wedge. This babe has a fetching, thick-lipped cum-hole, whether it is bald or trimmed. How much of this mammoth cock-toy can that babe take in her hot aperture? Larger than any flesh and blood schlong she is taken in her copulate reveals, it’s got a hand-bulb attached so she can pump it up and make it even bigger. “I’m glad you need to view me try it,” Amber says, as this babe licks her snatch juice off of it.

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Shanie Gaviria: Princess of Colombia

Shanie Gaviria: Princess of Colombia

“Come here. Do not be shy. I wish to brandish you something.”

Princess of large hooters and greater than average wazoo, Senorita Shanie Gaviria requests your attention. This babe has something all lads crave.

Our team went to watch Shanie anew. They couldn’t stay away. In this scene, she wears a tight mini-skirt and a taut, white top that makes giant cleavage.

“I am pleased the people from SCORE came to watch me. They speak my language. We have a priceless time and anything flows.”

Shanie discussed watching her SCORELAND videos.

“The sensuality I felt at the time of making the scenes was reflected in the vids and pictures. They are spectacular. I viewed them alone. I used my fingers last time. This time I brought my greater than typical toy. It’s in the shape of a thick 10-Pounder with bigger than average balls.”

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Tessa Orlov: Tempted At The Spa

Tessa Orlov: Enticed At The Spa

Tessa Orlov has a rock hard neck so this babe goes to a spa to see a massage therapist. As Tom massages Tessa’s neck, that ladies man receives stiff himself and it’s not his neck. Sweet, juvenile Tessa has that effect on studs and it is effortless to watch why. She’s obese, hawt and glamorous and her mellons are large and full. The 21-year-old blonde has an innocent and wholesome look.

Tom takes a chance and not fast brings his massaging hands lower to Tessa’s big funbags. The neck and the fullsome funbags are connected. That’s what Tom learned in rubdown school, or so this chab tells his woman clients. Tessa welcomes his breast massaging and creaming. The tingling feeling his hands produce gives her a juicy snatch.

The massage can wait. Tessa feels Tom’s bulge and desires the contents of his trousers right then and there. This ladies man is been hard since they met and his wang pops out willing for her pleasing mouth. Tessa is an erotic kind of angel and makes love to his jock and balls with worshipful licks and sucks. She treats it adore a candy cane. Tom places Tessa on her back on an air-mattress and bonks her juicy cum-hole, the first of a few positions this chab puts her in. They’ll receive back to Tessa’s neck later.

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